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Your Sinfully Team



Monique Flag

From: Llandudno in Sunny Wales! Ha… I’m kidding, it’s always raining.

Role: Blogger / Reviewer

Likes: Coffee… I couldn’t possibly get through the day without it ☆ My family, I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband and two great kids ☆ My two dogs; an aging and very dignified old man and a pesky pup who thinks she’s the boss of all of us ☆ My friends who keep me sane ☆ Sun, sea and sand. Luckily I live on the coast which indulges my other love of walking on the beach ☆ I’m sure I have forgotten something… Oh yes… READING, be it audiobooks or my kindle, you will never find me without either.

Dislikes: Intolerance of any kind ☆ Condescension and disdain grate on my nerves ☆ I really dislike the cold, which makes me think I should be living in a warmer climate ☆ Bad coffee… I’m such a coffee snob ☆ And not forgetting my own OCD tendencies, I can be such a pain in the arse… haha… something I’m sure the rest of the team can attest to.

Favourite Genres in M/M: The reason I fell in love with the genre is because of the diversity within it. So I’ll read pretty much anything apart from historicals and high fantasy, for some reason they just don’t appeal to me. If I’m honest, I tend to be drawn more to the darker side of any sub-genre but really, what I look for in a book is a story that makes me feel.

Why I read M/M: For me, getting a kindle and having so much more choice at the click of a button was an innovation in itself. It opened up a whole new world for someone who usually just picked up her reading fix from the best sellers on the supermarket shelf. So when I fell in love with Vishous and Butch, from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, who I’m still convinced should be together, I just started searching for gay romance and stumbled on Cut & Run by Abigail Roux and from that point on it turned into a full blown obsession and I was like a kid in a sweetie shop. So much choice and lots of flavours and I’m still working my way through them all. Plus… there is just something about the honesty and raw passion between two men that I don’t think you find in het romance. I just LOVE IT!


Macky Flag

From: Northern lass from Manchester, UK

Role: Blogger / Reviewer

Likes: Reading (of course!  - lol) ☆ My Kindle, iPad and laptop (anything happens to those...PANIC STATIONS!!!) ☆ My PJ’s ☆ Spicy food ☆ Sour fruit ☆ Cats ☆ Moleskine diaries/notebooks and Kipling handbags (erm...slight obsession with both)

Dislikes: My curly hair! ☆ Homophobia, intolerance and bigotry of any kind ☆ butterbeans (Ugh!) ☆ The sort of ‘big misunderstanding’ that could be easily be resolved by just communicating—but NO ONE does—OMG! That drives me potty!!! ☆ And Zombies...Sneaking WAY underage into the cinema to see the original “Night of the Living Dead” back in the day gave me nightmares for life! *shudder*

Favourite Genres in M/M: I'll read most things M/M but I especially have a love for Slave Fic ☆ Paranormal (especially urban fantasy/ALternative History) ☆ Psychological thriller ☆ and Ménage/Poly relationships

Why I read M/M: I just love to read full stop! But when I discovered the world of gay romance in 2011, something clicked into place and I fell hard for this amazing genre; devouring everything I could. I much prefer the dynamics and interactions between two (or more) men, and call me shallow but the love scenes?...HELLO! Haha. Plus I love the diversity within the genre; lots of sub genres to choose from, so whatever you're in the mood for, you can always find something to satisfy it. Over the last couple of years I've found myself leaning more towards the darker side of M/M but I still love a sigh worthy HEA where the “Prince gets his Prince” and I get the warm and fuzzies! ;)


Mark Flag 2

From: Cologne, Germany. Originally from Camborne in Cornwall, UK. How I got to Germany? Long story.

Role: Blogger / Reviewer

Likes: My garden and sunny days ☆ German beer (It’s seriously the best.) ☆ Marmite (Google it if you don’t know what it is - lol!) ☆ Geocaching (basically hunting for Tupperware in places you would never believe and trying not to get lost) ☆ Teaching English (have to as it’s my job) ☆ My mother-in-law (Yes, really! One fab person).

Dislikes: Bad grammar and editing (goes with the job!) ☆ My typing skills! No they are not spelling mistakes in my reviews I just can’t coordinate my fingers – lol! ☆ Anything too technical (that includes math!) ☆ Spinach ☆ Stress ~ normally leads to me having a flap, ask the girls! ☆ Also I’m with Macky on the bigotry front.

Favourite Genres in M/M: ☆ Contemporary ☆ Historical ☆ Crime / mystery ☆ Thriller.

Why I read M/M: As a teenager of the 80s although the Gay Rights Movement was gaining ground in strides there was still a considerable lack of gay literature at least on a fictional basis. No stories of love and gay couples coping with the daily emotional stresses and strains of being in a relationship. Why did James Bond always get the girl at the end and not the boy just for a change? - lol! You know you’re gay but the whole media world is telling you something different. If there were any books out there with gay themes at this time they never ever really had an “happy ever after” anyway, especially considering AIDS was at its peak too. When M/M fiction started to take off then I discovered a world of gay characters and stories where people like me also got their HEA and James Bond does get his guy ~ YES! I guess I’m making up for a time when such wonderful literature wasn’t ready available about gay characters. I’m now so happy that there are so many wonderful authors and their books out there making this guy a very happy one!


Debra Flag

From: I’m a lifelong New Yorker.

Role: Blogger / Reviewer

Likes: Reading of course! I’ve been a reader as long as I can remember and they’ll probably have to pry my kindle from my cold dead hands ☆ There’s always music on in my house or car and I love going to concerts ☆ I like snark and sarcasm and am raising my daughter to appreciate it as well ☆ I look forward to our family beach weekend each summer although I like sitting by the ocean more than getting in it ☆ If I open a bag of potato chips it’s done for!

Dislikes: I don’t like drama for the sake of causing drama ☆ Dressing like a grown up (I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl) or talking on the phone ☆ I’m also with Mark on bad spelling and grammar.

Favourite M/M Genres: I’ll read almost anything contemporary ☆ My favorite genre depends on my mood ☆  I like dark and disturbing as much as sweet and fluffy ☆ Mystery ☆ Humor ☆ BDSM ☆ Paranormal ☆ poly ☆ Horror ☆ Second chances and broken MCs all have spots on my favorites list ☆ I don’t generally read high fantasy or historical, but I never say never!

Why I read M/M: It’s hard to pinpoint just why I fell in love with this genre, but in 2012 when I read Bear, Otter and the Kid by TJ Klune a whole new reading world opened up for me. Growing up my circle of friends has always been more guys than girls and even now I feel more comfortable hanging out with the guys.  I’ve read plenty of M/F romance but often found the heroines hard to relate to as they rarely reflected the way I thought and acted.  I just love the dynamic of the m/m relationship.  It often feels more realistic with more to overcome than "will they or won’t they". 


Lisa Flag

From: Chestermere, Alberta, CANADA! I think I win the prize for living in the coldest country out of the Sinfully team.

Role: Reviewer

Likes: READING, READING, READING! ☆ I try and throw in a few other activities everyone once in awhile. Kidding…..sort of ☆ I do enjoy a good run as well as spending family time with my hubbie and two amazing kiddies ☆ I am a little bit of a foodie and love creating different dishes that are healthy and free of everything I am allergic to. :)

Dislikes: I don’t dislike much ☆ I’m a pretty easy going individual who is able to shrug most things off ☆The one thing I can not stand is any sort of prejudice or bullying, particularly towards one of my children. I can be a mean mama bear if I have to be.

Favourite Genres in M/M: I truly love reading most genres; however, I am definitely a romantic and love super gushy and sweet romances ☆ Those are definitely my favorite! ☆ If it’s light, fun, sexy and sweet - I am all over it!

Why I read M/M: I am not sure I can really pinpoint a reason as to why I love reading the M/M genre. I do also read M/F books and everything in between. If it is a romance, I will read it! I guess you can say that I love romance and love. I love getting wrapped up in a book where I get to experience a passionate love story.


Sally Flag

From: Abergavenny, Wales UK in one the the lush green places that are so lovely other people go there on holiday

Role: Reviewer

Likes: Peace, quiet and lots of reading time ☆ Learning new things about new people

Dislikes: Cruelty, whether physical or verbal, drama and posing. I’m not fussed on it in fiction either.

Favourite Genres in M/M: Sci Fi ☆ Historical ☆ Military, but anything where masses of plot balances the romance

Why I read M/M:  I’ve always read those fantastic testosterone heavy genres with massive casts of male characters, most of whom would willingly die for each other. It’s great to have finally found a genre where they are equally brave but would prefer to live for each other instead. 1a_thumb4_thumb_thumb11

Freya Flag

From: Birmingham, UK is my local.

Role: Reviewer

Likes: OHHHH - there’s not enough space here to tell you them all. But, I will say - I love my computer. I’m lost without it. ☆ Other than the TV, it’s the last thing I switch off at night and the first I fire up in the morning. I know that makes me a sad B******, but meh.☆ Of course I love reading, and am a filmoholic. ☆ Oh, can’t forget bamboo, shoes and stationery, either. ☆ Lastly, for this list anyway, please don’t offer me profiteroles - it’s like a scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Dislikes: This could be a long list too. But, I’ll give you the short version ☆ White Van drivers ☆ The words smirk and taint (with a vengeance) - I think there’s so many better words out there ☆ Gaping holes in stories ☆ Intolerance, and people who always believe they are right ☆ The cold - I’m a heat seeking bunny ☆ And, driving in the frost/snow.

Favourite Genres in M/M: I’ll read just about anything with a good plot and a dose of angst. ☆ I love crime stories ☆ sci-fi ☆ friends to lovers ☆ occasionally sword and sorcery ☆ the odd historical.

Why I read M/M: I read M/M because I got bored reading the Sinner meets Saint style HET stories. When I read my first m/m it was like the doors opened to a new world of reading and I haven’t stopped. I think m/m books are seriously underrated, and belong in every bookshop. I’ve also found that the stories are so much more interesting. 1a_thumb4_thumb_thumb11

Sue Flag

From: Northamptonshire, UK.

Role: Reviewer

Likes: Visiting places of historic interest, exploring new places, especially castles, stately homes, and the surrounding landscape. I also enjoy walking near water: lakes, woodland streams, reservoirs. As much as I like travelling to somewhere new, I prefer spending time at home, gardening, or just relaxing or reading in the garden. I also enjoy swimming and walking my dog.

Dislikes: ☆ Posers and people who lie to impress others ☆ Ignorance and the intolerance associated with it ☆ Poorly edited stories ☆ People who friend me on social media only to plug their own work ☆ Loud music ☆ Days where I feel I have wasted my time, although as I get older this seems to matter less.

Favourite Genres in M/M: I’m willing to try most genres under the romance umbrella. I love stories with angst as this concentrates the emotions the guys are feeling for each other and gives me lots of lovely tingles. ☆ I tend to mostly read contemporary stories, some with paranormal elements such as shifters and vampires ☆ Friends to lovers and enemies to lovers ☆ Taboo, kinky, and dark stories ☆ May/December relationships ☆ Mysteries where the romance is a prominent part of the storyline. ☆ Not a genre, but I adore listening to audiobooks too.

Why I read M/M: I discovered M/M stories via fanfiction over six years ago and in that time I’ve read more books than I’d read previously in my entire life. What grips me is the connection and the dynamics between two (or more) guys. I love the emotions and intensity of feelings that men can share, along with the sizzling ‘bedroom’ scenes.1a_thumb4_thumb_thumb11

Cheryl Flag

From: South Wales valleys. I’ve lived here all my life but plan to move in the next few years when my son goes to university..

Role: Reviewer

Likes: My children. Coffee.  Writing is my main love (after my children). It’s like air; without it I can’t breathe properly. Coffee. My animals - three cats, a dog and a dragon. Reading. Coffee. Helping people. Coffee. Anything gothic. Coffee. I drink far too much coffee.

Dislikes: Bad grammar and editing! It’s one of the few things I rant about. Injustice. Inconsiderate people. Prejudice and discrimination. Rules. (I’m the sort of person who if I see a sign saying “Don’t press the button” I HAVE to press the button.

Favourite Genres in M/M: Young adult, adventure, contemporary (although I’m not too keen on sex and won’t read slushy romance. I need something to get my teeth into, especially angst and torture)

Why I read M/M: This is a little hard to explain. I have written stories since I was old enough to write. They were short on the romance, and when I did write romance it felt wrong. Then a friend read an m/m scene I’d written as a one off for my brother, who is gay, and he suggested I try to find somewhere online to post. I discovered Gay Authors and started to write prolifically. I also started to read the other stories and loved them. I went through a phase of reading only the stories on GA and it spoiled me for m/f forever. 1a_thumb4_thumb_thumb11

Jane Flag

From: Newcastle in North East England. A Geordie!

Role: Reviewer

Likes: My family. I am married with 3 children 15, 12, & 7. I love being a full time mum. However I was a psychologist pre kids & would love to get back to it at some point. Wine & cheese. A large glass of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc is my tipple of choice & any cheese ( though not with fruit in it). I love watching all sport, especially rugby and Formula 1 & I have an M/M reading obsession & also love watching films & tv shows featuring gay couples.

Dislikes: Ignorance, prejudice and bullying of any kind. Films & tv shows which kills off one of the gay characters. Also cheese with fruit in it.

Favourite Genres in M/M: Contemporary, YA, BDSM, Sports, Music, Military, actually, I’ll read pretty much any genre. I love books that are slightly darker & angstier too. Any book that makes me ‘feel’ something is a winner.

Why I read M/M: I fell into reading m/m after a friend recommended the  Cut and Run series way back. At the time there were 5 books out and I read them back to back in 3 days. After that I was hooked, don't think I've read a het book since. I just love the emotions and the feelings of guys together, something about the dynamics melts me. The relationships they have seem to bring out the psychologist in me and then you get the hotness! Holy hell *fans self*1a_thumb4_thumb_thumb11Jay Flag

From: Currently in the New York City area. Grew up in Las Vegas and have also lived in Southern California and Ohio.

Role: Reviewer

Likes: Reading! (How could I not put this first?) I’m a pretty quick reader and consume a lot of books - it keeps me occupied on my commute to work on the train ☆ Music, as I’m a classically trained cellist, pianist, and composer, though I took a trip on the wild side being a rock cellist in a band for many years ☆ Watch too much TV, and I was a binge watcher before it was even cool ☆ Cake decorating ☆ Travel, though I’ve not to been to too many exotic locations lately. I need to fix that situation.

Dislikes: As the rest of my fellow reviewers have said, bad spelling and poor grammar drive me nuts and many days I end up being an accidental proofreader at work ☆ Idiocracy ☆ People with annoying habits - loud gum chewing, drumming on things, talking loudly into cell phones in public, etc.

Favourite Genres in M/M: I’m more a contemporary guy ☆ Angst and some grit are usually appealing as is a good comedy ☆ Not a huge BDSM fan ☆ Secretly a M/M/M+ fan (but no one knows) ☆ Also, throw in some sci-fi, crime, and thrillers ☆ Generally any well written story that isn’t hiding as porn will get my attention.

Why I read M/M: I would say that after reading most of the classics, I began to start reading a few gay fictions, but my options were thin, and then I started reading some gateway books that led to M/M (my reasons are very similar to Mark, so just read his Why I Read). My dive in to the genre proper only started in late 2016, which tickled the rest of the Sinfully Crew as I’m such a newbie to the world of M/M, so my Quick Bites are usually a first read of older books that everyone else has read. I just love that there are so many stories I can relate to personally.

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