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Book Brief: Nevermore, Dude by L.J. Hamlin

nevermoredudeTitle ~ Nevermore, Dude

Author ~ L.J. Hamlin

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 14th April 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Jamie joins his parents and sister for one last family vacation before his summers are his own. But he's unhappy he has to share a room with Chris, a football playing jock. Jamie has been bullied by jocks his entire life. Chris is everything Jamie isn't and doesn't want to be.
Chris is immediately attracted to his roommate Jamie. But Jamie proves to be elusive and non-communicative.
When an incident with their sisters breaks the ice, Jamie and Chris discover they have both stereotyped the other. To their surprises, they have much more in common than they first thought.
When the vacation comes to an end and they have to go back to their separate universities, will they be able to manage a long-distance relationship?


Freya’s Review

Jamie, the drama nerd, is blackmailed by his family into attending the last family holiday, at Camp Hope. Once there, Jamie is told he’s bunking with Chris, a jock from another family. Jamie groans because not only is Chris everything Jamie is not, but Jamie spent his childhood being picked on by people just like Chris. Similarly, Chris is assumed to have no brains, by nerds.

Both go to camp with preconceived ideas and experiences to back them up. They automatically judge each other. A tasteless prank gets them talking. And as they say, the rest is history.

This short story is a feel-good tale with a couple of standard aspects, like the wise sister. As it is around the 13k mark, there are jumps in the timeline. Where it jumps to, I’m not going to tell as I’d end up giving away too much plot. One of the main things I like is that neither of the main characters is a wilting flower, each willing and able to stand up for what is right. If anything, Jamie is the mentally stronger of the two. He is proud of who he is, with no contemplations about what he isn’t.

For a story of this type and length, if you are a reader out for a little something that will warm your cockles without giving you palpitations, this could be for you.

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Connect with L.J. Hamlin

LJ is a disabled queer writer in her late twenties, she loves writing all kinds of different books with a romance twist and has been writing all her life. Writing can often be hard due to pain but can also often be an escape from it and it’ll always be part of her life.


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