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Book Brief: Improvise by Iyana Jenna

improviseTitle ~ Improvise 

Author ~ Iyana Jenna

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 24th February 2018

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery





Stage actor Tim Gregory finds someone has broken into his dressing room and turned everything upside down. When police detective Brent Sullivan and his partner arrive, Tim thinks it’s because of the vandalism. But it turns out the detectives want to question him about a missing necklace that was stolen some time ago.
After seeing the destruction in Tim’s dressing room, Brent is convinced the police aren’t the only ones who want the necklace. Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t remember what happened to it. But someone doesn’t care if he remembers or not. As romance sparks between Tim and Brent, time is ticking. Will Brent be able to solve the mystery – and keep Tim safe, too?


Freya’s Book Brief

Tim is a celebrated actor. When he arrives at the theatre to find his dressing room wrecked, the investigation drags up an old case involving his father. The incident still haunts him, as does the perseverance of the police, and his father’s cohorts.

Tim is caught between not getting killed and stopping his father getting more jail time. Whatever he does the outcome isn’t good.

Improvise is a short story told in the third person from Tim and Detective Sullivan’s POV. It is fast paced, and each dramatic event follows in quick succession. It also means that it is difficult to get into the deep emotions of the characters, but given the length, the author does well to pack in what she does. Heat is also there, but in the background and the details skimmed over. While reading, a couple of over the top reactions sneak in, too, but it’s not like a short story has time for the extras to build.

I found Improvise to be an entertaining short, involving a little bit of everything one would see in a lengthier investigative novel. Imagine a movie edited to fit an hour-long feature, and this is what you have.

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