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Book Brief: Everything Comes Back to You by Tess Keeler and Saundra Keeler

everything comes back to youTitle ~ Everything Comes Back to You

Author ~ Tess Keeler and Saundra Keeler

Published ~ 20th August 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, YA/NA





River and Aiden had been inseparable since Aiden’s family moved in next door to their West Seattle home, nearly seven years prior to their senior year of high school. River Saxton was a seventeen-year-old who loved music and comics. Aiden Jacobs was a sixteen-year-old who loved painting and girls. They both bonded over their dysfunctional families and the love they shared for their small group of friends.
After another uneasy breakup and a moment of vulnerability, Aiden was in River’s room, and suddenly they were kissing.
With River’s innocence and Aiden’s identity on the line, two best friends struggle to define the line between friends and lovers.
When River leaves for an incredible opportunity in Florida, Aiden is left wondering what more he could have done to keep his best friend from moving on.
Five years of experience, growth, and suffering passes before they see or speak to each other again. River moves back home, but he’s brought someone with him. Aiden wedges himself in the middle of everything. Are they getting a second chance at friendship, love, or both?


Freya’s Book Brief

River has loved his best friend Aiden for years. It’s a shame Aiden is straight. A bad breakup sees Aiden in River’s arms, and the encounter almost destroys everything.

Everything Comes Back To You is a classic friends to lovers story that I greatly enjoyed reading.

In the early years, Aiden is River’s self-confessed protector. It’s a role that Aiden performs at the cost of denying the female flavour of the week, and at the price of his own happiness. Because, Aiden is always looking for the female love of his life. River knows who the love of his life is – Aiden.

Both boys have dysfunctional families. They also have a close group of friends one of which is that classic voice of reason.

The story is told in the third person, past tense, following the POV’s of Aiden and River in alternating chapters. The technical aspects of the story are, for the most part good. There are detailed descriptions of scenery and events throughout which lends itself to some repeated elements like eyes and smiles. Smirking is also a fav. As well as the odd autonomous body part. E.g. River’s eyes watched, there are lots of phrases which could have been written better, e.g. He slipped his glasses on and started gathering his keys to leave.In this instance, a person either gathers their keys, or they don’t. There was no stop action that required a start action. Therefore, he gathered his keys.

Technicals aside, Aiden and River are beautiful together. However, secrets cause suffering, which is written extremely well. The anguish of hurt, love and separation come through clearly.

The story contains many dramatic moments that I love to see in this genre. The events of their early lives affect the actions of River and Aiden in their later lives – especially ramping up the uncertainty factor, with walled emotions.

In all I found this to be a goodie of the friends to lovers’ kind worth adding to the library.

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