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Blog Tour: Ash (Don’t… #4.5 A Prequel to Book 5) by Jack L. Pyke with Excerpt and Giveaway.

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Today we have an exclusive excerpt and a giveaway for you to celebrate the release of Ash by Jack L. Pyke. Check it out……….



“You—” he tried, but a gag bit into his mouth, tangling some of his hair as it was knotted tight, forcing out a wince. Then he grunted as his arms were pulled behind his back as he shifted to tear the gag off. A hand held both of his in place, dwarfing Ash’s, reducing his struggles to nothing more than an itch that packed about as much bite as a red ant, especially with the weight crushing into him.

He cried into the gag, feeling the cold steel of handcuffs flick around his wrists. Then the pressure was gone from his back, and he struggled, grunting out his fear as his feet were grabbed and cuffed.

Everything stilled except the footsteps that moved away, back over to the car and through ruffled grass and dirt. Noticing his phone lying in the grass a few feet away, Ash breathed hard into the gag, conscious of parts of his breath steaming away the night through the edges.

“Ah.” The lights to the Rolls were switched off as he tried to worm his way closer to the phone. “No you don’t, flitter.”

Ash grunted as he was pulled to his feet and the threat of the man’s voice so close to his ear had him stilling.

“The only talking you do from here on in—” He was pulled back into a body that seemed to swallow his. “—is a non-verbal yes-no nod. We clear?”

Like fuck. He struggled, giving a quick snap back with his head, enough to break someone’s nose if it touched down, but a handful of his hair was grabbed, and Ash was forced down to his knees.

This time the man never lowered himself to Ash’s level, just kept him there on his knees, at the man’s feet. The grip in his hair forced his head up, back into the man’s hip, but still not allowing Ash high enough to get an ID. “Yes or no replies, that’s all I need. We clear, flittermouse?”

Not a fucking mouse. Ash snarled and again another tug came at his hair. This time enough to make Ash cry into the gag as he was nearly tipped over.

“I said is that clear?”


Ash (A Prequel to Don’t, #5) by Jack L. Pyke

Ash_CvrMEDTitle: Ash

Author: Jack L. Pyke

Publisher: ForbiddenFiction and Imprint of Enspire Publishing

Release: 19th March 2018

Genre: contemporary M/M Romance, Suspense/Thriller



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“You up for that, hm, Ash? A lesson from an old soul to youth? From me… to you?”

Ash Thomas and his gameplay with other men is vicious, cruel. Better to fuck someone over than be the one who’s on the floor, fucked up, right? But his latest cruelties are about to catch the eye of the Wraith, someone who’s been brought up to play professionally in the shadows. For Ash, beauty and rage aren’t the kind of sins to win him any favours anymore. Life and lessons of the heart never did come easy, especially when they’re about to walk in off the darkened streets, bringing bloodied footprints in their wake.


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ForbiddenFiction an Imprint of Enspire Publishing





"Don't... open me." Three simple words that tease Jack, taking him places from his dark past. For Jack, BDSM is a way to resist his worst impulses. Yet, the stranger calling himself The Unknown seeks to use that to seduce him. As Jack slips further down into the abyss, two men hold the power to save him. Will it be Gray, the Master who knows Jack's every secret? Or Jan, the first man to give Jack a reason to hope? With deadly ghosts coming out to play, Jack may lose everything, even his life.


antidoteAntidote (Book 2)

“No head games, no tests. Just us, Jack.”
Videos of Jack having sex with a man who brutally mutilated teenagers for fun should have stayed dead and buried, just like the man who filmed them. So when footage of Jack’s past starts showing up on internet port sites, Jack’s whole world is again turned on its head.
At first, the videos merely unsettle Jack’s fire-and-ice world of Gray Raoul’s BDSM kink and Jan Richards’ gentle, vanilla touch. But when the videos of teenaged Jack get more extreme, even Gray becomes suspicious, leaving Jack isolated from the protection of the Masters’ Circle.
Jack soon finds himself at the mercy of a group of men set on altering Jack’s perceptions of BDSM as brutally as possible. Jack’s sex life is now on camera for a whole new audience, and the only thing he has left to lose is himself.


breakdown dontBreakdown (Book 3)

The evidence is there in his hands: the DVD and notepad convincing Jack that Gray is responsible for his kidnapping and torture, tearing Jack and Jan brutally apart. But with Jack trapped in his own mind, lost to blackouts and self-harming, getting away from Gray must take a back seat to getting away from himself.
While locked away in a secret facility run by the Masters' Circle, a new beast is unearthed from the depths of Jack's tormented past. Martin only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide, a psychopath as capable of ruining Jack's life as he is of defending him. Martin is the repository for Jack's most horrifying memories, protecting him from the bloody tasks Jack can't handle. Martin's purpose is to drive everyone Jack fears - or loves - away, before they get the chance to hurt Jack again.
Now Jack hurts more than he ever has before, Martin is back, and Jack has to figure out what Martin knows that Jack forgot, before it's too late.


backlashBacklash (Book 4)

In the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit, Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible for financing Jack’s and Jan’s torturous psychological reconditioning. However, that person plays the game dangerously well, and knows exactly how to manipulate everyone in Gray’s life. To help negotiate this delicate situation, Gray contacts ex-Diadem Doms Trace and Gabriel Hunter. But the more Gray seems to regain control, the clearer it becomes that there’s something not quite right about Jan Richards. Jan quickly unravels, taking Jack and Gray with him, and bringing out one particularly deadly player. Gray is left with one last defense: break Jack down in order to partner up with his alter ego, Martin. But once freed, Martin has plans of his own, and he wants to make it personal with Gray. Complete trust between Master and sub, between Gray and Jack, will be tested to the absolute limit.



Meet Jack L. Pyke


Jack blames her dark writing influences on living close to one of England’s finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits her neck of the woods is renowned for, Jack takes that into her writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is Jack’s drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tension between two or more guys in a D/s relationship, Jack’s the first to let nature take its course.





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