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Release Day Review: A Royal Miracle (The Royal Series Book 3) by Elaine White

a royal miracleTitle ~ A Royal Miracle (The Royal Series Book 3)

Author ~ Elaine White

Publisher ~ Encompass Ink 

Published ~ 12th January 2018

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Fantasy, MPreg





Miracles happen when they are least expected and most needed.
Now an adult and ready to take on the world, Jaycob has found himself at a crossroads. Full of loneliness, an eagerness to find love and abilities that no one else can understand, he feels alone in a world full of life mates.
Then he stumbles upon a street fight, during a late night walk, and a young man he nicknames Silent Boy flips his world upside down.
On his winter journey, Jaycob must separate himself from the helpless child he once was and become the adult he knows he can be.


Cheryl’s Review

This is book three I in a series. I haven’t read the prior books but I didn’t find that too much of a problem. There were a lot of characters to get straight, some of which were only briefly explained, but I was able to allow my mind to simply skate over most of that. I think it’s a shame if you only read Book 3 because switching off every time a character is mentioned is not the best way to enjoy a book. I intend to read the others then come back with the benefit of knowing the side characters a lot better. Apart from this, I am not aware of anything that raises issues.

I enjoyed most of this book, although I will say from the start that, for me, it would have been better if it had ended about 2/3 in when the main story arc concluded. What followed felt added on. That being said, the story, as a whole, was great.

I won’t rehash the story, but there was a freshness about it that stood it apart from most other fantasy books I’ve read. I liked that, although royalty, Jaycob and his father routinely visited a brothel to play chess, and Jaycob’s best friend at the beginning of the book was a prostitute. There seems to be no separation of royalty and subjects.

Jaycob is a lovely character, well rounded and likeable. He grows and develops through the book, although one of my few complaints is that he changes so much it gets confusing and I’m still none too sure I understand everything. In fact, I’m sure that I don’t.

His two fathers, one a pure vampire and the other a hybrid vampire/human, are as different as day and night, yet they work. This difference is echoed nicely in his own relationship with Averie. I love how the fathers complement each other perfectly and provide counters to one’s over-romanticism and the other’s sternness. 

I’ve been told that revisiting a scene from a different point of view is a cardinal sin of writing. Yet again limiting story telling through arbitrary “rules”. In this book, I believe, that device is used to great effect and I particularly enjoyed seeing both perspectives of their first meeting.

The world the characters inhabit is rich and unusual. In some ways it is the typical fantasy medieval town, but there are differences. I won’t spoil them by telling you what they are, but I think they mark this world out as being something special.

I think the thing I liked most about this book is the way the characters relate to each other. The focus is very much on relationships – father/son, brothers, ruler/people, friends, family and lovers. The book is full of relationships – successful and failing – of all kinds and the sheer variety added to the richness.

My biggest criticism of the book is that, in places, it is highly confusing. In particular, the changes that occur in Jaycob are, I think, badly thought out and explained. I am still at a loss over why some things happened and the significance of other things that appear to have been highlighted. I believe a lot more time should have been taken to explain one change/understanding, before moving on to the next. It didn’t spoil the story for me, but it could have if I’d been less blasé about understanding everything that was going on.

One of the things I liked most about the book was how ordinary everything was. That is to say, despite being the family of the King of the Vampires, their everyday life was so normal. The King’s consort was a surgeon who worked at the local hospital, which is attached to the place where they live, which is never called a palace or mansion or anything grand at all, even though there are suggestions that the living quarters at least are very grand. In fact, in one place, the disregard for antiques and ostentatious tastes of a noble is criticized. Although a prince, Jaycob serves in a soup kitchen, where one of my favourite scenes in the entire book takes place, involving a small child and the tooth fairy.

I can’t comment on the story vehicle too much, as the ARC I read was unedited, but it is at least good enough to allow the reader to take an extraordinary journey into the lives of extraordinary people. This is not a traditional fantasy novel and I liked it all the more for that.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable book and one I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who loves fantasy or who would like to give it a try but is put off by the sweeping scope.

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