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Audiobook Review: A Threefold Cord by Julie Bozza

51xQEXnHOPL._AA300_Title: A Threefold Cord
Author: Julie Bozza
Published: 30th October 2017
Length: 5 hrs and 51 mins
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Grae Edwards and his co–stars Chris Willoughby and Ben Clyde work together well. Maybe they even have a chemistry. Certainly they are friends and Grae is tempted to ask for more … After the beautiful tart Chris has the temerity to turn him down, Grae settles into a comfortable loving relationship with the more chivalrous Ben. But the idea of Chris never quite goes away – and when Chris finally suggests the three of them spend a night together, Grae glimpses a solution he hardly dares hope for.
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Mark’s Review

Two’s company, three’s a crowd or is it? Well, with this audiobook I must admit to have branched out into a sub-genre that until now hasn’t really tempted me because I just couldn’t imagine how a three with can end up with a happy ending, thinking that there must always be one left out playing the spare wheel. Not in the sack but in the relationship stakes at least. Well, I decided to go for it after hearing a number of good things about this book and so picked it up and started listening with an open mind.

Anyway, I’m delighted to say that I liked it very much, a thoroughly enjoyable story. For me this was a friends or colleagues to lovers story. Grae, Ben and Chris all meet on a film set as they are actors. All three very different in their own way, Grae is your “straight gay” in my opinion infatuated a little with Chris but takes the opportunity with Ben when it presents itself. Ben is closeted or at least until now has only had women but falls for Grae. Chris is your typical slut and not necessarily the one you expect to have a long lasting relationship with. During an after show party Ben and Grae hook up and from there on in are inseparable until Chris arrives on the scene. As Grae has always had the hots for Chris, then Chris suggests something that neither had contemplated until then, a threesome in the sack. After this event then there is no looking back.

Of course I was intrigued how Julie would bring these three together and how they could work out their differences character wise. Having a threesome in the sack is a totally different kettle of fish than trying to make it a three-way relationship. So I found it fascinating to hear how they talked things out, laid the ground rules based on mutual respect and decided to make a go of it. So I loved the interactions on how this all worked out, it was intriguing and fascinating at the same time. Can three-way relationships work? Well, after listening to this book from Julie then yes everything possible. I was invested in the characters from the beginning and this stayed the whole way through the book. I can definitely recommend this book for any M/M/M virgins, like myself. A good start to another sub-genre that I can now tick off my list as having branched out into.


This was my first book narrated by Christopher Preece and it’s always a good sign that his narration style is easy on the ears and I was able to concentrate on the story very quickly without having to adjust to the narrators style. This is always a good sign for me who needs to be able get the narrators feel and style quickly in order to enjoy the book.

His British narration style was perfect for this book. As this book deals with a lot of dialogue with three MCs then it was wonderful to hear three very different and distinct vocalisations of each character which meant it  made it easier to hear who was speaking. So a big thumbs up from me on that score. I could then concentrate on how Grae, Ben and Chris developed from all being friends to being in a committed relationship.
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Audio Excerpt

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Meet Julie Bozza

4442817I have been writing fiction for over thirty years, mostly for the enjoyment of me and my friends (that is, fan fiction!) – and writing is my love and my vocation, so of course that’s where my dreams and ambitions are. In the meantime, technical writing (mostly eLearning) helps to pay the mortgage.
I was born in England, and lived most of my life in Australia, before returning to the UK a few years ago; my dual nationality means that I am often a bit too cheeky, but will always apologise for it. I love the Australian lifestyle, but I also love Britain’s very real sense of history, and it’s so wonderful to have the rest of Europe so close by. We enjoy roaming ruined castles and Tudor mansions, and I am delighted to visit (and even occasionally work!) where John Keats and other literary heroes lived and worked.
I am fascinated by film and television, both the product and how it’s made. I have been greatly enjoying the BBC’s most recent take on the Arthurian legends. These interests, along with my love of the English and Welsh (and indeed French) countryside and castles, have combined to form the web siteMerlin Locations.
Two bits of paper I’m particularly proud of are a Diploma of Communication and Media (multi–media strand) from the Canberra Institute of Technology (2004), and a Certificate in Social Sciences from The Open University (2006).
You will have gathered by now that I have fun with photography, web design, reading, and watching film and television – but no list of my interests would be complete without knitting and the imbibing of espresso.

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  1. Thank you, Mark! I really appreciate you trying a genre new to you, and I'm very happy that you enjoyed it. :-)