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Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway: How to Heal A Life (The Haven #2) by Sloan Parker


We are delighted to have Sloan Parker with us today who has kindly given us an exclusive excerpt of her latest addition to The Haven series, How to Heal a Life, and is giving away two backlist e-books and a $15 Amazon.com gift card to one lucky winner. Go check out the excerpt to whet your appetite and enter the giveaway.pink-divider (1)[12]

Exclusive Excerpt

Vargas fished out the key card from his wallet. He slid it across the table. “This is for you. It opens all the doors in the Haven and the ones here at the apartment. The hallway outside leads to a set of stairs. At the base is a door that goes out into the back parking lot, so you never have to walk through the club if you don’t want to.”

Seth nodded.

“You got your phone with you?”

He pulled his phone from his pocket and handed it over.

“This is the number for the main security office.” When Vargas had the number saved, he gave the phone back and added, “Like I said before, if you need anything and I’m not here, you talk to Carter.”

“Okay, thanks.” Seth slipped the key card into his back pocket. “Does your accountant ever come to the club?”

It took Vargas a second to adjust to the shift in conversation. “He usually stops in a few times a week. He’s got an office downstairs. Not that he needs to be here that much, but it gives him a reason to come by sometimes, check out who’s here.”

“He’s gay?”


“Is everyone who works here?”

Vargas laughed. Then he sat back and considered that for a minute. “Pretty much. Tucker doesn’t actually work here, but he’s straight.”

Seth seemed to be thinking that over. “When did you know for sure?”

“About Tucker?”

“About yourself. That you were gay.”

“That day by the pool with my mom’s neighbor.”

Seth leaned forward and planted his elbows on the table, propping his chin in one hand. “Did you have a hunch before then?”

“I guess I kept trying to tell myself all the thoughts I’d been having about men were just normal guy stuff. That noticing another guy was just me wanting to be like him, admiring his body and his life, that it wasn’t about attraction. But once I had a taste, once I made that guy come with my mouth, there was no going back.”

Seth grinned. “It’s kind of powerful.”

“Was it like that for you?”


“Who was he?”

“A guy who lived down the street from me during my freshman year of high school. One day after school, we both missed the bus home and had to wait until someone could come get us. We ended up hanging out in this alcove at the back of the building near the band room. We talked shit for a while, shared a cigarette. My first one. My first experience in a lot of ways, I guess. He was two years older and started going on about how much it sucked to be hard up all the time and not have a girlfriend.”

Vargas snorted out a laugh. “Smooth.”

“Yeah. It was his idea to jerk off at the same time. He was also the one who touched me first, but I was the one who turned it into a blowjob.”

“Did it freak you out how much you liked it?”

Seth met his stare. “No.” His gaze shifted to the arm Vargas had draped across the empty chair beside him. “It did him, though. He wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t even look my way on the bus. I made myself a promise after that day. I’d never date a guy who thought he was straight or wasn’t out.”

Vargas wondered if that was the reason Seth had joined the club. Especially with his limited financial means. Walter had said once that it had something to do with Seth feeling safe there. The shittiest irony of all ironies.

The silence between them was back.

Vargas cleared the plates and silverware from the table and began loading the dishwasher. He heard Seth approach behind him.

“Vargas… I’m sorry if this is weird.”

“If what is weird?”

“Having me here in your space.”

Vargas closed the dishwasher door. He snatched a towel off the counter and turned to Seth. “It’s not weird at all.”

Seth was intently watching him work the towel between his hands as he asked, “Have you ever lived with someone?”

“No.” Vargas returned the towel to the counter. “Came close once, but it ended before we got that far.”

“Did he end it, or did you?”

“It was me.”


“I didn’t love him. I cared about him, but I knew that wasn’t enough.”

“Have you ever been in love?”

He hesitated. “Real love? Only once.”

“Do you still think about him?”

“All the time.”

Seth nodded as if that confirmed something for him. “Do you still see him?”

“Yeah. A lot.”

“Then maybe you guys could try again someday. Maybe you could work it out.”

Vargas took a step forward, and they spoke at the same time.


“Could you—”

He gestured for Seth to go ahead.

“Could you show me how the control panel for the safe room works?”

At first Vargas couldn’t find his voice. He didn’t want to push too hard, didn’t want to scare Seth. He had to trust his gut when it came to him. Like he’d always done. He replied simply with, “Sure.”

A minute later they stood at the exterior panel situated on the wall of the guest room, Vargas explaining the various functions on the screen. Seth concentrated on each word as if he’d be tested on it later. Or maybe that serious expression was about something else.

Seth gave a try at opening and shutting the door, then locking it, and when he finished, he moved to sit on the foot of the bed, looking tired and worn out.

“You hurting?”

“No. Which is weird. All the walking with the cane… I thought I’d need a pain pill by now, but I feel pretty good. Just tired.”

“Want to turn in early?”

“I might just read for a bit.”

“All right. I’ll leave you to it.” Vargas started for the door.


He halted in the doorway.

“Thanks for letting me stay here, for the safe room, for everything. I couldn’t have faced this without you.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll always be here for you. Always. Anything you need.” He almost left, but he stopped short again, his hand on the doorjamb, practically squeezing the wood trim into splinters to keep from marching over there and climbing into the bed with Seth. Not to start something physical, but just to be near him. “I’m glad you’re here, Seth. And not just because I want to help you.” He looked to him again. “But because I want you here with me. I want to be with you.”

Seth’s eyes widened. His lips parted. It took him a moment to respond. “I’m really glad I came.”

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How to Heal a Life (The Haven #2) by Sloan Parker

SP_HowToHealALife_coverLgTitle: How to Heal a Life

Author: Sloan Parker

Release: 18th October 2017

Genre: M/M (contemporary)

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Seth Fisher has been to hell and back, but he has no intention of letting the torment of his past destroy his future. He thinks he's doing good. He's working again, talking, laughing, living. But everyone else still sees him as broken.
Except for one man. Raymond Vargas.

If only Seth could leave his apartment alone without a panic attack, then he could prove to everyone he's going to be okay. And he could tell the one man who has never let him down that he wants him.

Raymond Vargas has spent the past two years trying to make up for what happened to six young men who were tortured at the hands of a member of his club. He'd do anything to keep them safe, to help them heal and move on, to help them forget they ever set foot inside the Haven.

If only he hadn't fallen in love with one of them.

If only Seth wasn't still in danger.

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Meet Sloan Parker

SloanParker4_BW_500hAward-winning author Sloan Parker writes passionate, dramatic stories about two men (or more) falling in love. Her greatest moments in life are spent with her family, her friends, and her characters. To contact Sloan, find out about her books that are available for purchase, and read free stories, visit: www.sloanparker.com. If you'd like to be notified of new releases and get exclusive sneak peeks, be sure to sign up to receive Sloan’s newsletter via her website.


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