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Blog Tour: 415 Ink: Rebel by Rhys Ford with Giveaway


Hello and welcome to the 415 Ink: Rebel Blog Tour. I’d like to say I’m Rhys Ford, your host but the truth is, I am merely a stealer of space and time. Their space, your time. BUT I hope I can make it worth your while.

Because dudes, I’ve got a book I want to tell you about………


If you know me at all, you know I have a few tattoos and well, have a hardcore love for art. Skin art to be exact. It’s a difficult medium and well, there’s a culture surrounding it as well. Being a tattoo artist is more than a profession, it truly is a calling, or it is for the great artists, the ones who push at the boundaries of skin and ink and do fantastical things on a living canvas.

The 415 Ink series hopefully will capture a part of that culture and also showcase five foster brothers who have made their own family. Set in San Francisco, I will introduce you to each of the five in a series of books where they find love and in some cases, their true path in life. The first, Rebel, is about Gus, the true middle kid in the bunch, and the man whose love he’d won, lost and hopefully will love again.

As all of my blog tours, I want to present you with something unique at each stop as well as a giveaway. So, for each blog, I will give you a story (or part of a story as I’ve split most into two pieces) about a tattoo… involving a character from one of my series. Check out the blog stop list to get a sneak peek at the characters!

The giveaway? You’ll be entering to win a $20USD gift certificate to the online retailer of your choice!

Now, onto the tales of tattoos and where you can find Rebel, on sale December 29th through Dreamspinner, Amazon and other fine bookstores.


San Francisco — Kane Morgan
Part Two of Two

Lucky Cat Tattoos was, for all intents and purposes, contained within a large cinderblock box.

It shared a bathroom with the restaurant, a Jack and Jill situation that led to several confused Asian women opening the connecting door then apologizing profusely before slamming it shut behind them, disappearing back into the buffet. Its long wall opposite of the hallway to the front door faced the street, a long row of cracked-open jalousie windows letting some of the muggy night air into the closed off space.

“Did you notice, Da, the windows are the kind that let air in but you can’t jump out?” Kane ducked behind his father’s shoulder, whispering into his ear. “Just in case you are having second thoughts.”

“Keep up with that line of thinking and ye’ll make inspector one day.” Donal replied. “I tried to talk yer mum into putting those kind of windows into yer rooms but she didn’t like the look of them. Wasn’t worried to too much about Quinn but ye two got up to some nonsense with Sionn and Rafe that put some of the silver in my hair.”

“Those days are long over, Da. Well, for me at least. Not like I’m Rafe running around with rock stars.” He snorted, thinking of his younger siblings. “Although Kiki and Riley gave us a run for our money but Braden… that’s the one that’s going to be giving you trouble.”

“And yet here I am standing waiting for my oldest to get a tattoo in Chinatown by a man named Bear.” Donal scratched at the back of his head, returning a smile he got from a slender man at one of the other stalls. “I hope yer brother knows what he’s doing. He said the man came highly recommended so let’s see what he’s got.”

“I like the art he’s done and the tattoos he has in his portfolio are nice. But just a spot of advice, Da, unless you want to have a date tonight, you should probably stop smiling every time you make eye contact with that guy.” Kane was proud he kept a grin off his face when his father’s expression went from thoughtful to confused. “You’re an attractive guy. And the smiling isn’t helping.”

“You’re insane, son. I’ve got to be at least twenty-five years older than that boy.”

“Yeah, Da, that’s a thing.” Kane patted his father’s broad back. “And it’s probably not helping that you’re calling me son. Flash your wedding ring at him. That’ll either help or seal the deal.”

“Yer more like yer mother every day.” Donal gave him a light push towards the stall at the far end of the shop. “Let’s see what yer brother is up to. And keep your mouth shut to yer mum about the young man. She gives me enough of a hard time about the women at the PTA meetings.”

It was interesting to see the different kinds of tattoo examples each artist had hanging on the walls of their stall. It seemed like most people in the shop specialized in American Traditional with a few spots of Japanese here and there. Connor’s tattoo artist was different. His stall was decorated in a variety of styles although the classic eagle, anchor and hula girl were present, there were also whimsical drawings of teddy bears and unicorns.

His portfolio included the first police patch Connor had shown them as an example as well as a couple of others, each with its own flare and take on the force’s beloved emblem. The artist definitely had his name passed around through the department because Kane found more than a few St. Michael’s in the mix. A sketchbook was open on the table in the stall and they’d interrupted the artist when they’d come in, pulling him away from a screaming eagle with its talons clenched into a torn-up banner.

Kane had to admit when Connor introduced them to Bear Jackson, he had his doubts. The man was Connor’s age or a couple of years older and about nearly the same size if not bigger. Bear had a warm smile and a quiet peace about him, a short scruff of beard accentuating his strong features and his dark blue eyes sparkled as he spoke about the sketch he’d created for Connor. The artist and cop bonded for a few moments about being frost giants, chuckling over having younger and smaller siblings, then focused on the artwork Bear had done for Connor’s tattoo.

If Kane ever got a tattoo, it would be the one Connor was going to get in a few minutes.

There was an Irish feel to the lines, a subtle Celtic flair to their curves. The shield’s emblematic phoenix could have been lifted from the book of Kells, the fire of its feathers knotted and turned and the lettering on its banners were a fine balance between delicate calligraphy and masculine strength.

He coveted the tattoo as much as he’d wanted the fully loaded metal fire truck with flashing lights and working sirens Connor got for Christmas when he was seven, a fire truck Kane eventually inherited and still held a place of honour in his bedroom.

“Oh, son,” Donal dropped his voice to a hushed whisper. “That is a beautiful piece of art.”

“You know, Da, the three of us can wear this together,” Connor said quietly. “It’s something that connects us. Not that I love the rest of them any less it’s just that none of the others understand what it means to go through a door or to hear the crackle of a call come across the radio. It defines who we are in a lot of ways.”

“It’ll go nice with the Saint Michael I have in my shoulder,” their father mused. “What do ye say, Kane?”

It was a singular beautiful piece of art done with such passion Kane could feel the love of the artist in every line. But his star was new, untarnished and clean, a silver seven-point symbol of who he’d always dreamed could be. His father and brother deserved to wear the phoenix and to have Oro en paz. Fierro en guerra emblazoned on their skin. He hadn’t earned it yet. He needed to have more cop in him first.

“I’d like to one day, but I haven’t bruised my star yet,” he confessed. Tapping at the original art, Kane asked Bear, “In case I can’t find you when I’m ready, can I have a copy of the art? But if you’re around, I’d like you to put it on me when I’m a Lieutenant. Because I think by that time, I can say I’ve earned the right to have this on me.”

“Sure.” Bear broke out into a wide grin. “I’m actually opening up my own shop in a little bit down by the pier. Signed the lease today so when you’re ready, or if you want to get any tattoo, come find me at 415 Ink. I’ll be looking for you.”


Rebel (415 Ink #1) by Rhys Ford

!415_Ink_Cover_RhysFord_CroppedTitle: Rebel

Author: Rhys Ford

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release: 29th December 2017

Genre: M/M (contemporary)

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The hardest thing a rebel can do isn’t standing up for something — it’s standing up for himself.

Life takes delight in stabbing Gus Scott in the back when he least expects it. After years of running from his past, present and the dismal future every social worker predicted for him, Karma delivers the one thing Gus could never—would never—turn his back on; a son from a one-night stand he’d had after a devastating break-up three years ago.

Returning to San Francisco and to 415 Ink, his family’s tattoo shop, gave him the perfect shelter to battle his personal demons and get himself together… until the firefighter who’d broken him walked back into Gus’s life.

For Rey Montenegro, tattoo artist Gus Scott was an elusive brass ring, a glittering prize he hadn’t the strength or flexibility to hold onto. Severing his relationship with the mercurial tattoo artist hurt but Gus hadn’t wanted the kind of domestic life Rey craved, leaving Rey with an aching chasm in his soul.

When Gus’s life and world starts to unravel, Rey helps him pick up the pieces, and Gus wonders if that forever Rey wants is more than just a dream.

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Meet Rhys Ford

!Bioheadshot_Rhys FordRhys Ford is an award-winning author with several long-running LGBT+ mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and was a 2016 LAMBDA finalist with her novel, Murder and Mayhem. She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.

She’s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn’t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio? She shares the house with Yoshi, a grumpy tuxedo cat and Harley, an off-kilter flower-faced grey and white cat-dog , as well as a ginger cairn terrorist named Gus. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird and enjoys murdering make-believe people.





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