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Review: The Slow Road to Hell by Grant Atherton

the slow road to hellTitle ~ The Slow Road to Hell

Author ~ Grant Atherton

Published ~ 25th May 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery





Forensic Psychologist Michael MacGregor returns to his old home town when his estranged father, the local priest, is murdered in the first of a series of killings. Nathan Quarryman, the lover he walked out on years before and now the local Chief of Police, is tasked with investigating the crimes. The two men must find a way to settle their differences, repair their broken relationship, and work together to bring the killer to justice.


Freya’s Review

A detective story set in the UK is what I found between the covers of this novel. Forensic Psychologist, Mikey, returns to home after a friend calls him with concerns about his estranged father. Discovering the man of the cloth murdered, an investigation is launched headed by Nathan, the police chief and lover he walked out on years ago.

In London, Mikey has a radio show where he looks into old investigations. This earned him minor celebrity status. Thus, the press soon picks up on his father’s death, follows him to his childhood seaside town, and pulls apart his personal life. Nathan too is understandably cold towards Mikey, which has its repercussions.

It seems weird to have the words gentle and dramatic in the same sentence. But, the opening chapters are gentle with a dramatic edge. They set the scene for the story as a whole. So, if you are looking for high-octane, guns blazing style action, you won’t find it here. Though it most certainly has its moments of action and drama. This story has a typically British charm of its own, one that I found extremely engaging, and in places - spooky. The investigative tone is more along the lines of looking around darkened vicarage lanes and country houses that have no lighting. I found it a refreshing change.

The Slow Road To Hell is told in the first person. I understand the need to take the reader into the world provided, but I found descriptions of every house visited, a little too much, just the important ones would have been fine. In other areas, the sudden way Mikey left the town and his lover, deserved some backlash, but the way the locals treat him, including his so-called friends, evoked my protective side. At the hands of his father, Mikey endured years of emotional conditioning. So, I was waving my pompoms when Mikey stood up for himself, and I loved the way he did it.

A year isn’t mentioned, but a tape recorder is used in interrogation, so……

The small-town investigation highlights many of the things visitors to the UK see as quaint village life. But this village has a dark side the local force is unaware of. The characters are varied, and it took me a while to figure out who the big bad was. Nathan is the deliciously strong silent type, but my flags were secured in Mikey’s corner. Add in the heat rating, other relationships, and some country investigations, and I found this to be a very satisfying read.

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Meet Grant Atherton

Grant lives with his partner in a small seaside town on the east coast of England not unlike the Elders Edge he writes about. The major difference between the two being that Elders Edge has a higher murder count.

When he's not dreaming up new ways to kill people, Grant tends his hens (the best way to enjoy eggs) and relaxes by stargazing in the early hours.



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