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Audiobook Review: Wrapped Up in Chains by Cindy Sutherland

o-wrapped-up-in-chainsTitle: Wrapped Up In Chains

Author: Cindy Sutherland

Narrator: John Anthony Davis

Released: 17th May 2017

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Gerne: M/M (BDSM)

Length: 8 Std. 39 Min.

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Devon West is a professional Dom who runs his own club, doesn’t believe in romance, and has never been in a long-term relationship. All this changes when he rescues Chase Mackenzie.

Chase is a runaway who has been kept as a slave since he was sixteen. Now twenty-three, he’s still innocent and sweet despite being severely abused and left behind by his Dom.

When Devon finds out that the man who held Chase hostage is the same man who hurt him terribly when he started learning about the sub/Dom lifestyle, he knows he has to keep Chase safe.

Spoiled rich boy and sociopath James Kingston is obsessed with Devon. He’s convinced Devon would be his perfect sub and Devon only thinks he’s a Dom because he needs proper discipline. Losing Chase to Devon is like rubbing salt in the wound, and he’s determined to get them both under his thumb. This time, Chase may need to rescue Devon.





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Jane’s Review

I really enjoyed this book as it runs a gamut of emotions. There is a bit of everything, angst, suspenseful drama, happiness, sadness, anger, sweetness, hot sex, BDSM, and love. Chase is a traumatised young man who ran away from home at sixteen because he knows he’s gay and wants to spare his parents any disappointment or embarrassment in their community. He is picked up on the streets by an evil, unscrupulous man, James Kingston who masquerades as a Dom. Chase is kept captive and abused for the next seven years. It is painful reading/listening to what Chase has had to endure, your heart will go out to him.

His Dom takes him to a BDSM club where the evening unravels spectacularly, resulting in the club owner and Master, Devon, entering his club to see Chase being beaten on stage. He immediately rescues Chase and vows to take care of him. When he gets the full background on Chase, on who his Dom is and how he's been treated, Devon finds his past catching up with him. The relationship between Chase and Devon is one that starts with Devon just giving Chase lots of time to recover from his ordeal but gradually with the passage of time they become more involved and I loved that there was no instant relationship or immediate ‘fixing’ of Chase. Devon really does have Chase’s best interests at heart, especially where Chase’s family are concerned. The trust they build between them, especially in the master/sub dynamic they have is explored beautifully and it's also extremely hot!

Devon knows he has to find a way to get James Kingston out of their lives for good and this is where the drama comes in and we find out a little more about Devon's background. Devon sends Chase away for his own safety, thinking it's a great sacrifice on his part but in the end it's Chase saving Devon and not the other way round.


This narrator is new to me and I loved how he voiced Chase throughout this audiobook. He started with a very young, vulnerable sounding voice but as the book progressed and Chase became stronger so it appeared, to me anyway, that Chase’s voice matured and became a little stronger. I’ve no idea if that was intentional at all but it sounded that way to me. The voices of the other characters were distinct and definable, the only slight drawback for me was the occasional random pause, sometimes midway through a sentence, which threw the phrasing off slightly. Overall this is a great story, well narrated, that will make you feel all of the emotions.

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Audio Excerpt

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Meet Cindy Sutherland

I'm a writer and a reader and I'm completely in love with m/m fiction. My family thinks I'm absolutely bonkers but they love me and are very proud of me. I've always been an advocate of equality but it wasn't until lately that I've actually come to understand what that means...and I'm still learning.

Around my 40th birthday I discovered something that changed my life. I was a big fan of Torchwood and was looking around Youtube for fan vids when I discovered the Luke and Noah story on As the World Turns. I sat and watched the whole story in less than a week and I was hooked. But the writing was terrible...really really terrible and I got so frustrated and though "I can do better than that!" I sat down and wrote my first story and I never looked back.

From there to being published the first time felt like it took forever, but it really happened so fast my head is still spinning to this day. These days I'm reading and writing and working and I love sharing myself this way with others. I have met amazing authors and received fantastic messages from people who have read my books. I hope to keep doing this for a long time!



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