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Review: A Worthy Man (The Men of Halfway House #5) By Jaime Reese

AWorthyMan-500x750Title: A Worthy Man

Author: Jaime Reese

Published: 30th April 2017

Genre: M/M Romance (contemporary)



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Vannguard Shaw has spent the last ten years serving a life sentence and adjusting to the ache of solitude. He accepts his fate, a sacrifice for the only man he ever loved and the one person who saw beyond his rough edges.

Drayton grew up with a trust fund and pre-planned future, but an unexpected encounter one night forces him to abandon everything and start from scratch. He is now a self-made man and developer of one of the most sought after electric exotic automobiles in the world with a fortune greater than that of his birthright. Yet, he’d surrender it all—again—for the only man who’s still ever-present in his heart.

After a decade and entirely too much distance between them, Vann is suddenly released back into a world that has been nothing but cruel. Drayton never lost hope they would once again reunite and pick up where they left off, but Vann’s stubborn nature and repeated encounters with a heartbreaking world prove to be a challenge.

Vann needs to tap into his fighting spirit’s reservoir of strength and hope life doesn’t punish him for taking a chance. Only then will he realize his own value and feel worthy enough to finally have Drayton’s heart. And their chance at forever.


Mark’s Review

I have loved this series, every single book, there hasn’t been one book for me personally that hasn’t failed to come up to the mark. Book #5 in this series is no exception. Once again Jaime Reese delivers a read that is riveting and fascinating as all the others in the series but you never quite know what you’re going to get until you open that first page. In the previous book the mood was dark and brooding, in the third upbeat and in places funny with the character Cole. In this book we have a story that is relatively low on the angst factor but both our MCs have a long journey ahead of them to get to their HEA.

A Worthy Man sums up the whole concept of this book. As is the general theme running through this book; Vann was sent to prison, has been there for ten years and after all hope for him had about died is now getting released. But how? What did he do to land there in the first place? Questions upon questions that are gradually revealed and once again we learn that Vann has been nothing but an unfortunate victim of a justice system that doesn’t always see the real circumstances, doesn’t always play fair and people with more money and power than he has decides his fate unjustly. There is a saying in German, “Recht haben und Recht bekommen ist zweierlei” basically translated means, “Being in the right and getting justice are two different things.” and this for me was most definitely the case for Vann.

Due to this Vann has been totally separated from his teenage lover for ten years and upon release is met by Drayton the man he thought he would never see again. Vann didn’t want Drayton vising him in prison, a selfless act, which meant Drayton’s life could move on and wouldn’t be hindered. But both men had never lost the ever undying love they had for each other. Now the hard work starts. Can they find a way back to each other after ten years of separation have divided them? Well, this book shows us, where there’s a will there’s a way. We met Drayton first in book three and now he gest his story told, Drayton has a successful car company based on a successful model designed by Vann when they were teenagers. He now wants Vann to be part of the company, he see it as Vann’s right, but more than that Drayton wants to rekindle the love they once had for each other and hopes they can put the past behind them. Here we get a beautiful story of a love so strong that it survives time and distance. Is it realistic? Well, it’s a romance and a beautiful story to be told. If the cynics can suspend belief for a while and just go with the story then you’ll be treated to something truly wonderful. My motto is, ….and why not? Everything is possible.

Vann arrives at Halfway House after his release where we once again meet the characters from previous books and some new ones too. I just love how Jaime manages this idea The Halfway House is like a focal point for all characters and their stories.

I loved Vann, a caring and loving person, intelligent and empathetic, but who has been dished a shitty hand in life. It’s a wonder he manages to keep going. Just when everything starts to go right for him he has always been kicked in the gut by fate. He first of all needs to learn that this time he will not  be a victim of circumstances anymore. Drayton’s constant support and love is unconditional and this is exactly what Vann needs to get him back on his feet. Both men come from very different backgrounds, Vann’s is one of poverty and an uncaring drunk for a father, Drayton’s is a privileged one with money but no love from his parents either. Whether rich or poor, love can be absent for children in both cases, this was and is the common ground that had always bound them together. Together they are a perfect match despite their different backgrounds. For me it’s a story that shows us love can prevail and overcome many obstacles as long as understanding and patience for one another is present.

Once again another wonderful addition to The Men of Halfway House series and I will be looking forward to whose story we get next. Do I have a wish? Well, yes. I would love to hear Ben’s story the new guest at Halfway House. I got the feeling that there is a story to be told here about this wonderful, sensitive and caring character.


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Connect with Jaime

Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.



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