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Book Brief: Accept My Surrender by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

accept my surrenderTitle ~ Accept My Surrender

Author ~ Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

Publisher ~ Loose Id

Published ~ 7th August 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, BDSM





Moving on after his wife leaves him, middle-aged John explores a side of himself he'd pushed aside since college, and dates men. It's not working out too well when Logan, a local professor looking to rent the apartment over John's garage, enters his life. John doesn't expect Logan--younger, pierced, tattooed--to be anything more than a monthly rent check, but he accidentally overhears Logan's steamy BDSM session with a casual partner and he's turned on like never before. He can't stop thinking about what it would be like to be the one on his knees.
It doesn't take much to persuade Logan to teach John how to be a sub, but the experiment in submission quickly turns into much more than John ever dreamed of. The sex is sizzling but it's the sense of fulfillment John feels when he yields control to Logan that he craves. Despite Logan's struggle to adjust to being in a relationship and John's inexperience, they're moving toward something good when John's faced with a choice. Two paths lie before him, both offering happiness, but only one calls for his surrender, body and heart, to the one he loves.


Debra’s Book Brief

John is 39, bisexual and lonely. His wife walked away from their marriage one year ago and he has had some dates, but there are a few things lacking. One he is aware of and the other comes as a big surprise when he hears his new tenant’s D/s scene through the wall. John is ready to explore sex with men, but submission is a big surprise to him.

Logan is 27 and seems to be somewhat new to Domination. He’s had scenes with men and in a prior relationship, but that was about the extent of it; his Domination never went past the scene, but he has considered it. He thinks he has John pegged as a submissive pretty quickly, but he didn’t expect John to be so willing. Being a tenant in John’s home makes it easy for them to explore things and soon they are fully immersed in a D/s relationship.

The story is told in alternating POV and it started off really well with Logan and John, seemingly complete opposites, feeling each other out as landlord/tenant and potential friends and then starting a D/s relationship. After their first few scenes though, the relationship felt very rushed and the story started to feel scattered. The timeline has gaps where we’re told that time passed and things have happened and I feel like I missed out on them building up to things both emotionally and physically. John surrenders completely fairly quickly and considering his prior inexperience I expected more of an internal struggle. Within just a few weeks John is ready to jump into a 24/7 relationship and I found that just a bit hard to understand. There are some external stumbling blocks, John still has to get divorced and a tragedy shakes up Logan’s life, but overall things go almost too smoothly for the two men.

I did like having a smaller, younger Dom and there is an interesting switch that is introduced in the middle of the book and I would have liked to have seen these aspects explored a bit more. These authors write kink very well and the first half of the story had me fully on board, but ultimately the relationship here felt a bit rushed with the gaps in the timeline taking away from its development. Not a bad story, but not my favorite from Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow.

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