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As M/M Reviewers, between us we have read thousands of m/m romance novels over the years and we would like to share our favourites with you, those reads that have been 4+ stars for us. So every Monday we bring you our Quick Bites, short reviews of our recommended reads.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We have four great Quick Bites to brighten up the start of your week from Mercy Celeste, S. Davidson, Jay Northcote and E.M. Lindsey. Don’t forget you can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Kindle eBook of your choice from this weeks Quick Bites.


Any Given Sunday (Southern Scrimmage #6)

by Mercy Celeste

513AoRCrZ9LRating ~ 4 Stars 

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Love and death and Levi Brody.
Bowen Murphy loves two things, football and Dylan Sunday.
Dylan left football and Bo behind to walk a different path.
Life goes on and six years is a long time to be without the one you love. The stress of war and the lure of fame changed Bo and Dylan. They grew up. They became different men. Their love stayed strong.

When tragedy takes the man he loves, Bowen Murphy is forced to carry on alone or risk losing football. Without football, Bo has nothing.

Fate sends Bo a shoulder to lean on... or maybe love.
But Fate has a wicked sense of humor. And Bo is left to choose between the love of his life and the one who saved his life.
The story began in Six Ways from Sunday and continued in Sidelined. This is the story that fills in the gaps.
Readers sensitive to the perceived cheating in the original two books should avoid.

Debra’s Quick Bite

Although labeled book 6 and the latest published in the series, Any Given Sunday is best read as book 3 in the series as it fills out the story of Bo and Dylan and runs concurrent with the first two books.  Although a number of people have issues with Bo and Levi’s story, many more adore the storyline and AGS fleshes out what occurred during the six years Dylan was in the service and the details of Bo and Levi/Liv’s romantic relationship. There’s plenty of hot sex here, but also plenty of real emotion.

I was thrilled to have the fuller story and I think this might also change some minds on the Bo and Levi front when you see just how important this relationship was and how heart-breaking the whole situation turned out to be. It also gave me a better understanding of how it affected the three men even after couples Bo and Dylan, and Tracy and Levi were happily together. It also provides more insight into how Bo and Dylan dealt with their relationship during their long separation.  A must read for fans of the series!


The Ties that Bind by S. Davidson

41d9vu 5nELRating ~ 5 Stars 

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Flashback 1990's - Rollerblades, bungee jumping, the laptop, cellular phones the size of bricks, and AIDS
- the gay men's cancer.

This is a story about love, friendship, and family. It is a story about growing up, about trying to change the
past and the realization that no matter how fast, or how far we run, that The Ties That Bind us as children,many times come back to haunt us as adults.

We become part of the life of a young counselor, Morgan, who specializes working with homeless, male hustlers. He seems like an angel from heaven to many. He cares deeply for every one of his boys and would literally die to save them from harm. He deprives himself of life's basic needs in order to reach just one more, but why?

Morgan has his own agenda to work out, his own demons to exorcise. While avoiding his own past, he meets a particular young man, Greg, who is able to see through this well-crafted, public image. Greg sees Morgan's pain and denial. It is in this discovery, this role reversal that Greg, a life-long hustler begins to heal himself. He helps Morgan come to terms with his own violent past. Greg becomes his strength, the knife to cut
the rope and release the guilt Morgan has denied for years. Just as they both begin to heal, Greg discovers the

The Ties That Bind can sometimes be very restricting but many times we find that The Ties That Bind can also provide our strength.

The Ties That Bind are necessary for the sustenance of life.

*Trigger warning: This story deals with the 1980’s AIDS epidemic. If you lived through that, there may be multiple triggers. Otherwise, this story does deal with prostitution, drug use, abuse, and unsafe sex. It was the 1980’s – things were very different.

Jane’s Quick Bite

This book is breathtakingly devastating in both its brutality and beauty. It is a real emotional rollercoaster that left me bereft. It follows the lives of  3 characters, Greg, Tomi and Morgan and the ways they are bound together. There are many different relationships explored in this book, but the one between Greg and Morgan is patient, enduring and all encompassing. At times harsh and cruel, at others touching and romantic. This is not for the faint hearted it deals with the difficult subjects of childhood sexual abuse, drug addiction and AIDS among many others. It is set at a time in history that is so devastating, the HIV/AIDS crisis. It shows what it was like to live with the fear, the uncertainty and the scary realisations, it shows a reality for many. The subject matter may be hard, but it is brilliantly written and the ending just ripped my heart out. I loved it for the impact it had on me, I will never forget this one.


Verismo by E.M. Lindsey

514UrpQrTgL3Rating ~ 4.5 Stars 

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Two men, shaped by the demons of their past, find their lives inexplicably intertwined.

Nicolas Michaud, the prodigy composer and pianist, grew up apart from the world. A mother who neglected him, and a father who never met him. But when he's suddenly orphaned, Nicolas is taken from his comfortable home and thrown into a life where no one understands him. Consumed by his desire to find the perfect musician for his Magnum Opus, he turns away from human relationships, and it turns him cold. Taking a job at the University in the United States, Nicolas is met with disappointment and regret.

Until he meets Cedric Blum, a young chemical engineering student with a secret talent for music like Nicolas has never seen. But Cedric has his own past to overcome. With the help of an old friend, and new relationships, the pair begin their journey toward love, life, and the Magnum Opus.
In the end, will Cedric's happy nature thaw Nicolas' icy exterior, or will Nicolas find himself consumed by his fear of love?

Mark’s Quick Bite

O mio babino caro, mi piace, è bello bello. Yes, this book is worth an aria, I loved it. It’s been out a while and I have eventually got around to reading it and boy am I delighted I did. It sometimes takes me a little longer but I get there in the end. I love books that accompany characters from childhood to adulthood. Why? Well, when you understand where the characters have come from and what they have been through then it gives the reader a greater depth of their behaviour and the reasons behind it when they become adult.

This book is a wonderful character study on how two people develop over time, how the people around them affect their lives and in the end how they both affect each other. Like a musical composition itself, always in transition with undulating tones, fluid and flowing, a juxtaposition of overtones that are constantly criss-crossing each other, a relationship that starts off very dissonant but then harmonises to form something wonderful. A love that is never ending.


Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

SummerHeat1Rating ~ 4.5 Stars 

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A summer fling is an ideal cure for a broken heart. But when it’s with your best friend, things get complicated.

When Adam is dumped by his boyfriend, a week away at a beach resort seems like a great opportunity to get over his ex. Sun, sea, and no-strings sex will be just the boost he needs to move on with his life.

Adam’s best friend, Finn, agrees to accompany him at short notice. Finn’s had a crush on Adam for years, but is determined to put his feelings aside and be the perfect wingman in Adam’s time of crisis.

A spontaneous threesome with another guy forces Adam and Finn to confront their attraction to each other. Having a holiday fling together wasn’t part of the plan, and as their trip heats up, they soon realise that one night of fun won’t be enough for either of them.

The passion might be scorching, but their hearts and friendship are on the line. If their romance is going to survive the flight home, they have to be honest about what they want.

Sue’s Quick Bite

This is a super friends-to-lovers novella based around a summer vacation. Finn tries to help his best friend recover from a recent break-up by accompanying him on holiday to a gay resort in Spain. The aim is to make the most of Adam’s newfound freedom, but both men’s feelings for each other takeover, but not before a delicious threesome takes place.

What I loved about this story, apart from the hot make-out sessions and possessiveness about each other, were the main characters themselves and their internal struggle with taking their friendship further. Both men were afraid intimacy might ruin the relationship they already shared. At the same time, they were fearful this special time together would be restricted to the week in Spain. Jay’s writing always sparks lots of lovely tingles, often edged with a touch of angst. Summer Heat is a quick, easy read, with a great mini epilogue that worked well. Very enjoyable!



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  1. Any Given Sunday, by Mercy Celeste

  2. The Ties that Bind by S. Davidson and Verismo by E.M. Lindsey look great! But I think I may end up choosing a lighter read in this Summer break time with Summer Heat by Jay Northcote.
    Thanks for the chance.

  3. Any Given Sunday by Mercy Celeste. I have the other books in the series already so I would love to have this one as well.

  4. Summer Heat by Jay Northcote. I love friends to lovers.

  5. The Ties that Bind by S. Davidson

  6. 3 of these are insanely tempting. I've read the others in the Any Given Sunday series but it was a long time ago. I'd almost have to reread them and get caught up again. Summer Heat sounds good too!

  7. They all sound great but The Ties That Bind would be my pick this week.

  8. I agree they all sound great. But Summer Heat by Jay Northcote is my choice it's sweet his friend is there when he needs him and is putting his friends needs ahead of his own.

  9. Oh, I haven't decided. They all sound awesome for so many different reasons ...

  10. Torn between VERISMO and SUMMER HEAT...


  11. I think The Ties That Bind.

  12. The Ties that Bind by S. Davidson, haven't read that author.

  13. either
    Any Given Sunday (Southern Scrimmage #6)

    by Mercy Celeste or Summer Heat by Jay Northcote

  14. The Ties that Bind by S. Davidson

  15. Thanks for the bites. I've been wanting to read The Ties That Bind from when I first saw, b/c of, as put by Jane, the "hard subject matter." - Purple Reader,
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com