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Book Brief: Nothing in Common, Except … by Edward Kendrick

nothing in commonTitle ~ Nothing in Common, Except …

Author ~ Edward Kendrick

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 1st July 2017

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance, Mystery





Braxton “Brax” O'Hara is a shifter, a PI ... and an art thief. He has no problem with being all three. As a matter of fact, he likes his less than legal job.
Kyle Grayson is a member of an all-shifter art crimes team. He does everything within his power to catch the thieves he's after, and believes he's found his next quarry -- Brax O'Hara.
Things take a turn for the worse when Russo, Brax's partner in crime, wants him to retrieve some blackmail pictures instead of a piece of art. At the same time, Kyle comes into the picture. When the two men meet, they discover they both know the blackmailer -- and they both hate him, too, for different reasons.
Can they stop Russo, a powerful Alpha shifter? More to the point, can they deal with their attraction to each other when they have nothing in common except Russo?


Freya’s Book Brief

The enemy of my enemy is my friend – and that’s what bonds security system installer/PI/thief, Brax, and Art Crimes Investigator, Kyle. Kyle is investigating some recent thefts which he is sure Brax has committed. However, while on his trail, they meet and put their cards on the table. In the discussion, they find they have a common enemy.

Brax and Kyle are wolf-shifters – shifters who live for a very long time, heal quickly, conjure up clothes from nowhere, can read minds and teleport in a blink. An interesting concept that, if one thinks too hard, and looks too closely, can prove disrupting to a storyline. Therefore, a few assumptions needed to be made, especially on the mind reading front.

The minute the boys decide to work together to slay their common foe, Brax and Kyle get on seamlessly. Witnesses, conveniently know more than they should and are willing to divulge the information. So, in some respects, the investigation is straight forward with few twists and turns that notch up the heartbeat a little.

I found Nothing In Common, Except …, to be a no frills and whistles tale. The story facilitates the coming together of two men who wouldn’t have met under normal circumstances. And the story doesn’t deviate from that line. So, if you like a detective story, that doesn’t leave you hanging, about to have a heart attack, then you will love this.

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