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Review: Regret (Under My Skin #1) by Christina Lee

Regret-KindleTitle ~ Regret (Under My Skin #1)

Author ~ Christina Lee 

Published ~ 26th June 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





When Brian “Brin” Schubert’s condo floods, he takes his co-worker up on the offer to stay on his crappy futon for a while. The last thing he expects is for his friend’s roommate to be the one guy he despises the most. The same guy who stomped on his heart senior year of high school. And by the looks of the girl on his arm, the same man who’s still deep inside the closet.
Nicholas Dell never predicted that eleven years later, one of his greatest regrets would show up on his doorstep down on his luck. Nick has made some terrible mistakes—story of his life—and he’s been paying for them ever since. And if the guilt and shame aren’t enough, his first crush had to turn into one of the sexiest men he’s ever laid eyes on.
Nick and Brin have weeks to steer clear of each other. Weeks to avoid strangling each other. But when stubbornness leads to skyrocketing sexual tension, hate-sex doesn’t seem like such an awful way to work through their frustration. Except hate is a powerful emotion, especially when it’s turned inward. And in Nick’s case he’s been drowning in a sea of self-loathing for so long, he can’t see his way out.
As Brin reconnects with Nick, his perception of what really happened in their past begins to change. He’s finally ready to forgive him and take a second chance on the one guy who stirs him like no other. But Nick’s demons are complicated, heart-wrenching…demanding. So devastating, he might never allow himself true happiness—even with the one man who’s always owned his heart.


Lisa’s Review

Regret is the first book in Christina Lee’s new series entitled Under My Skin. This author has proven to me that she can write some seriously awesome M/M contemporary romance. I had high hopes when I hunkered down and got to ready this one. In my personal opinion, I think that Ms. Lee once again has done a wonderful job penning a somewhat angsty and tender-hearted tale about two young men who find their sizzling connection too hard to ignore despite what transpired between them in the past.

Brian “Brin” Schubert finds himself in a bind when his condo floods. His good friend and co-worker offers him the spare room in his apartment that he shares with a roommate. Brin accepts the offer not knowing he would be walking right back into his past, a past that he has tried to forget. The roommate turns out to be Brin’s high school crush, Nicholas Dell. He’s someone who hurt Brin deeply, someone who Brin despises with all that he is. With both young men living in close quarters, there’s only so much ignoring one can do. Brin is trying hard to keep the hate he feels so strongly at the forefront. No matter how gorgeous Nick is, Brin just can’t go there. Forgiveness is not a possibility… or is it?

Brin may have started off down the rocky path of animosity but it does not take long for him to see another side to Nick that makes him want to give in to his lust-fueled fantasies. Pretty soon the stolen kisses shared between our two protagonists and the sizzling hot passion building between them has Brin and Nick wishing for things they know they can never have. Too much has transpired between Brin and Nick. How can they even move forward to a friendship much less a romantic relationship? That ship sailed long ago. Can the pair ignore the insane attraction they feel for one another and look the other way or is the temptation to take things to a different level too strong to walk away from? Can Brin truly forgive and let go? Can Nick forgive himself and be strong enough to fight against his own emotional turmoil that has him secretly sinking?

As their profound connection becomes deeper, they both have to learn to be vulnerable and completely open up to one another. There are so many layers that need to be delved into and shed before they can even attempt a lasting relationship. Finding their way may not have been an easy venture for either one of them; however, Brin and Nick discover that what matters in life is often what we have to fight the hardest to obtain. I loved adored this book. Watching two very different men open up and become utterly vulnerable with one another was beyond beautiful. The volatility of their relationship was explosive as both deal with their insecurities and inner turmoil regarding their profound connection. I loved watching their feelings grow even stronger for one another. Both men fell hard and needed to come to a conclusion as to whether they could actually make it work.

The sex in this book was hot, raw, sweaty and erotically passionate. When Brin and Nick give in to the escalating tension between them... HOT DAMN! Pair these two together you most definitely get fire-inducing sex that would leave anyone with a pulse panting. You get rough, dirty, and passionately scorching sex! The dirty perv in me loved every minute of it. Lol!

All in all, this author has delivered a wonderful love story that also managed to keep me intrigued as I rooted for our two sexy protagonists. As they begin to discover one another and explore what they could share, you could unquestionably feel the palpable and profound bond they shared. Regret turned out to be an enjoyable read. I can’t wait for more in this series!

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  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation. After reading this I had to get it, great read!!

    1. Delighted to know you enjoyed the book as much as our Lisa did. I'll have to try and find the time to read this one myself now :-)