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Review: Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit #3) by Jamie Lynn Miller

hunted soldierTitle ~ Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit #3)

Author ~ Jamie Lynn Miller

Published ~ 12th May 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Romantic Suspense





The hunters become the hunted when the past returns to haunt Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller with deadly vengeance.
In the wake of the harrowing missions in India and Pakistan, Connor struggles to come to terms with causing the accidental death of a child, while Shawn tries to put Julian’s betrayal behind him.
Adding to the emotional fallout, new trials arise - the appearance of a young man from Connor’s past turned stalker may have fatal consequences for him, while Shawn must confront his former heroin addiction and break free of the hold it still has on him.
The challenges continue when a Shadow Unit undercover op in Bangladesh to shut down the pipeline of terrorists being smuggled into the UK draws Shawn and Connor into a web of lies and deceit from a man hell bent on exacting revenge on the two soldiers - demanding a life for a life.
Will Connor and Shawn survive? Or will the jungle become their final resting place?


Freya’s Review

Once again, I was treated to a story involving the British Forces world of the Shadow Unit, following Connor Finley and Shawn Weller.

What can I say? If I had to sum up this book in one word, I believe it would be – intense. Intense imagery, intense situations, intense action, intense lovemaking. After all, this is a tale where lives are put on the line in the name of national security. The good guys are jaded by life, and the bad guys are the epitome of their professions. Every time the boys make love, it could be their last. To that end, sex us used here in all its forms, stress relief, rough, soft, need, want, lust and above all, love.

Onto the technicals. Although written in the third person, I still find myself questioning areas where body parts have a mind of their own, and there are some instances in here, e.g Connor’s eyes tracked him - instead of Connor tracked him with his eyes. Another example, Connor’s mouth opened under Shawn’s - instead of Connor opened his mouth under Shawn’s. Also, Shawn’s eyes scanned his partner. So, I guess it depends on whether technicalities like that affect your reading pleasure as to whether it will cause a stutter in your enjoyment. Sorry, but, it did mine. There are also some passive gestures that could have had more impact if they were active. Such as – began to x, or started to y. If one begins something there’s a stop motion too, like, he began/started to do x when y happened. Otherwise, they are, or are not, doing the action. The phrases, long minutes and long moments are somewhat favoured, too.

Back to the story.

The first chapters are a roller coaster of emotions. Training is fraught with events that bringing to the fore, past actions, and proceedings. The scenes ensure that the reader, even one who hasn’t read any Shadow Unit books before, are up to date with the soldier’s past, and current lives. It also showed how close a unit they have become.

During training, I got my first glimpse of the newly formed Ghost Unit, who I wouldn’t mind betting will have their own spin-off series. If it happens, I look forward to reading about them.

I have enjoyed every book in this series so far, and Hunted Soldier is no different. The characters are people I came to care for. But, a story wouldn’t be a story without something hitting the fan. So, I read with anticipation, wondering what would happen, and when. And oh brother, does it happen.

Someone is out to get Connor. Couple with that a new mission to take down a cartel in Bangladesh, specialising in trafficking drugs and terrorists and things get juicy. It’s an operation fraught with danger, and incomplete intel. Shawn battles addiction, courtesy of a previous mission. Connor has guilt issues involving events in his past which serve to make both men feel rather mortal.

As I read, adrenaline coursed through me. Connor, Shawn, and the Shadow Unit are masters at their craft. I was treated to a story full of action and emotion. There are twists in it, too, that caught me off guard. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Partners in the field and out, they had been through hell together for the last four years and made it through standing side by side. But when their latest undercover op to bring down an arms dealer plunges them into a world of drugs, sex and violence, Shawn must literally get in bed with the enemy in order to complete the mission. And Connor is forced to watch, helpless, as his partner is broken into pieces.
Will love be enough to put them both back together or will this be their final mission?
WARNING: Contains scenes of drug use, graphic sex and realistic situations


rogue soldierRogue Soldier (Book 2)

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But the arrival of Julian Montgomery, Shawn’s former CIA handler and lover, threatens to tear them apart. Julian knows all of Shawn's secrets as well as the past Shawn has kept hidden from Connor. Now the self-serving Julian wants Shawn back—with the CIA and with him. No one will get in his way. Including Connor.
When the joint Shadow Unit/CIA mission to stop the supplier of a deadly biological weapon goes sideways, Connor is captured, tortured, and used as a human test subject. It’s a race against time to save his life. But who can Shawn trust?
And who has gone rogue?



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