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Urgent Care (Hearts & Health #3) by DJ Jamison. Includes Excerpt & Giveaway.


We are thrilled to welcome DJ Jamison to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of Urgent Care, the third book in the Hearts & Health series.


My new release, Urgent Care, is a second-chance love story. Today, I’ve brought an excerpt that is a bit of a turning point for these two characters and how they feel about each other. – DJ


“I regretted the way things ended,” Trent said. “This was my chance to start over, and I wanted to start over with you.”
Xavier started to shake his head, and Trent leaned in and brushed his lips against his cheek. He wasn’t about to push for the kind of kiss he really wanted after Xavier’s many rejections, but his lips lingered on Xavier’s skin. He breathed him in and reluctantly drew back before Xavier pushed him away.
“I messed up my life in so many ways,” Trent admitted. “I set myself up to be alone and isolated with nothing but my job to satisfy me, and it started the day I walked away from you.”
Xavier studied his face for a long moment. “I believe you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Me too.”
“Do you think we could ever …?”
Xavier rolled his shoulders, looking far too tense for a good answer to be forthcoming. “I don’t know.”
Trent looked down, disappointed. He’d given it his best shot, finally gotten Xavier to listen to an apology. It wasn’t enough, it seemed.
Xavier’s large hands cupped Trent’s face, his fingers spanning Trent’s cheekbones and reaching into his hair and his thumbs pressing under his jaw. He tilted Trent’s head up, and their gazes connected.
“Maybe,” he said. “Give me some time.
Trent attempted to nod, but Xavier’s hands held him firmly in place. He watched, held captive but not wanting to escape, as Xavier’s lips descended on his. Xavier brushed their mouths together, just a quick appetizer of a kiss that whetted his desire for more. Even that small touch lit up Trent’s insides.
Hope and love and gut-twisting fear all collided. His emotions threatened to burst of his skin, and all he could do was close his eyes and endure it.
It was a brief, sweet kiss, but one filled with promise.
It felt like a second chance.


Urgent Care

(Hearts & Health #3)

DJ Jamison

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Published ~ 4th May 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary Gay Romance



Nursing student Xavier James is shocked to run into the first man to ever break his heart while at a gay club. His ex is sexier than ever, but Xavier is not going down that road again ... only, when they end up working together at an urgent-care clinic, his willpower will be tested.

Trent Cavendish made a huge mistake at age 18 when he walked away from his first love. Twelve years later, Trent is rattled when his friend suddenly dies. He takes a hard look at his life, realizing how empty it has become. Determined to re-evaluate his priorities and make amends, he returns to his hometown to win Xavier's forgiveness and maybe even his heart.

Times have changed. Instead of the sweet but tame boyfriend he left behind, he finds a smoking hot man dressed in bits of lace and silk. Trent's good intentions turn to lust, and love isn't far behind. But Xavier is wary. The villain of his memories is proving to be a decent guy, but has he really changed or is Xavier just a new goal to chase?

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Connect with the Author

DJ Jamison worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which helped tremendously when she began her series centered on The Ashe Sentinel, a fictional small-town newspaper in Kansas. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish.




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