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Blog Tour: Holeshot 2 by Lynn Michaels. Includes Guest Post & Giveaway


We are delighted to welcome Lynn Michaels to Sinfully today as she celebrates the release of Holeshot 2, the second book in the Holeshot Series. Go check it out and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.



Hi, I’m Lynn Michaels and I write MM Romance with a twist! Recently, I released a new romance novel titled Holeshot 2, and I’d like to take a moment to share a bit.

But, first let’s start with a few fun facts to get to know me better:

· I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

· I love kayaking

· When I write, I have to have the right mood music playing to match the scene I’m writing

· I fell in love with Supercross while writing The Holeshot

· I’m a coffee addict

· If I’m not writing about sexy men, I’m reading about them

· I only write part time, I have a RL job, but I get to work from home

· I love love love talking about books, especially the ones I write (seriously, I won’t shut up! Message me and find out!)

Now that you know me, I’d like you to get to know some of my friends. I’d like to introduce my three main characters in Holeshot 2 (yes, I said three).

First, we have Tate Jordan, Supercross racer who supported Davey during his trials in the first book. He has shaggy blond hair and green eyes. He’s also a little boy crazy. He’s fun and frantic and wants someone to love him.

Second, we have Pilot aka Sean Mahan. He was hired as a bodyguard in Holeshot to protect Davey and Tyler when they were shoved into the spotlight, and receiving death threats. He’s back in book 2, guarding Tyler, and falling for a sexy blond racer. Pilot has more to him than his hunky muscles, though. He’s built like a tank, but underneath he’s fighting for love.

Third, we have a little spitfire, Bryce Nickel. He’s a new Supercross racer in the 250 league, and he jumped on the page with the intent of stealing the show. He wants everybody to love him, but he also wants to do it his own way. He’s the youngest of the three, just turning a legal 18 and he’s ready to be on his own and he’s ready for love.

You’ll have to read Holeshot 2 to see how these three work things out. Enjoy!



Holeshot 2

Lynn Michaels

Holeshot2Publisher ~ Rubicon Fiction

Published ~ 31st March 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary Gay Romance



In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. Supercross racer, Tate Jordan, wants to take his holeshot on and off the track, but no one else seems to cooperate. His love life is in turmoil and his sponsors don’t expect him to win. Will Tate find someone new to love and a team that believes in him?

Pilot Mahan is a bodyguard and a street fighter looking to build a future, but his plans get derailed when a Supercross racer catches his eye. Can he make a go at a life with Tate Jordan, on the road?

Bryce Nickel is new to Supercross and adulthood. He’s young and fun, but super serious about what he wants. And what he wants is to win races and Tate Jordan. Will he be able to take his holeshot or will the big Apex bodyguard get in the way? Or perhaps, the three can make a compromise?

A super sexy MMM romance set in the Supercross industry – 18+ please.

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Meet Lynn Michaels

Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love.

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  5. Yes it does and apparently I need to get the first one.

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