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Review: #FinishLine (GearShark 5) by Cambria Hebert

#finishlineTitle ~ #FinishLine (GearShark 5)

Author ~ Cambria Hebert

Published ~ 22nd February 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Every race has a finish line.
Where you go after you cross it is what matters most.
And sometimes, that's the most intriguing.
Here at GearShark, we've featured lots of drivers.
All of them are well acquainted with the finish line.
And as race fans, we're well acquainted with cheering as they cross it.
What we aren't privy to is riding shotgun, seeing where they drive once the race is over.
Our interviews barely scratch the surface,
offering just a glimpse of the men and women behind the wheel.
The discovery of vanished Motocross sensation Jayson Hamilton,
who has been right under our noses for years, proves secrets abound.
It's time to dig deep. Look beyond the racetrack at the drivers who continue to pique our interest. In addition to scoring an exclusive, all-access interview with the elusive Jayson Hamilton (his first and only since the death of his fellow racer and partner Matt Lewis),
we've caught up with some of our most popular featured men and women in the racing world.
Where are they now?
Who are they now?
What do these hot commodities do when they escape the spotlight?
Rumors of weddings, babies, and new tattoos swirl through the media on a weekly basis.
And though we're headlining the hashtag #Finishline, we're far from finished.
In fact, we're just getting started.
This newest issue of GearShark is jam packed with everything you've been dying to know...
and it just might be our biggest page-turner yet. 


#FinishLine is book 5 in the GearShark series, you need to have read #Blur and #Swag to understand this book.


Jane’s Review

#FinishLine follows on from the ending of #Blur which is Arrow and Hopper’s story. It also has a section that features Lorhaven and Joey and so to really understand this book, you should probably have read #Swag and #Blur first. Actually to truly appreciate it you should start at the beginning of this excellent Gearshark series because #Junkie and #Rev which are Drew and Trent’s story are brilliant reads themselves, maybe my favourites, and we do get a bonus Gearshark rapid fire round interview from Drew and Trent at the end of this book.

In this book we see more of Hopper and Arrow, they are still healing each other and still very much in love. With this for Hopper, comes the guilt of moving on from his first partner Matt, who was killed in a motocross accident that Hopper blames himself for. He feels like he’s somehow betraying Matt and what they had together by even thinking of marrying Arrow, which he really wants to do. I loved the scene when Hopper asks Lorhaven, Arrow’s brother, for his blessing. We see a slightly different side to Lorhaven, he still has that protectiveness of Arrow, he wants to be sure that Hopper understands what Arrow has been through but we see him being slightly more welcoming to Hopper, a slightly softer side coming through that is usually reserved only for Joey.

We know that both Arrow and Hopper have some heavy emotional baggage that they’re carrying round, none more so than Hopper’s real identity. Since Matt’s death Hopper retired from a promising motocross racing career as Jayson Hamilton. The press expose Hopper’s real identity and the fallout from this creates some real issues for the couple to work through, but their love for each other helps them deal as does their family around them. We then get a beautiful proposal and a gorgeous wedding, new tattoos, lots of intimacy and lots of hot, sexy times. Plus the obligatory Gearshark interview. I loved it all.

Family is a running theme throughout this book, tying the two sections together, Arrow and Hopper and Lorhaven and Joey. We catch up with Jace and Josie (Lorhaven and Joey) right after Hopper and Arrow get wed. We get to see another side of Jace, his romantic side which was beautiful and exactly what Joey deserved. We get another wedding and then we get a baby! Jace acted exactly like I thought he would with the labour and his new baby. I was chuckling away to myself at this part. The endings to both parts of the story are just right, we leave each couple just ready to go on with their lives, loves and families and then we get a bonus interview with Trent and Drew. I was slightly disappointed not to see more of them in this issue, but the author has said she may return to them in the future, so I will look forward to that. #FinishLine is a great addition to the Gearshark series. It is a series that I love and will read over and over again.

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