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Review: Slade by Kade Boehme

sladeTitle ~ Slade

Author ~ Kade Boehme

Published ~ 26th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Johnny Slade wasn't looking for a vacation, nor was he looking for love. A nomad, a journalist, an activist, a man who wants to change things for others even if he couldn't for himself, Johnny was just looking for his next story.
Shane Moore lost a chance at college, but he's never been weighed down by his lot in life. Working for his grandmother, helping his injured single father on the ranch, these are things that fulfill him. But now he wonders what his future might hold. Especially since everyone else is moving on around him.
But things happen in Abernathy, TX. Johnny gets stranded, Shane's desire to help this guy who blew his mind is strong. After a few weeks in their own bubble of sex and surprising mutual interest, one will find home, the other will find adventure, and both will find that the future is most fun when you stop trying to hold on to your own way.


Lisa’s Review

Slade is the newest stand-alone M/M romance by Kade Boehme. I have really come to enjoy this author’s tales of romance and his style of writing and this particular story was a wonderful balance of sweetness and piping hot sexy times.

Shane Moore’s life hasn’t really turned out like he planned. He’s missed out on college and city life, giving up his dreams to help his injured father take care of his ranch and also help his grandmother with her corner store. He’s not the type to wallow in self-pity though. Shane is an all-around good guy who sometimes gets a little lonely. He’s not exactly thinking someone like Johnny Slade would waltz into his town and into his life. But, that is exactly what happens and it sure turns Shane’s world on its axis.

Johnny is a journalist with a nomadic spirit. Despite having a home in New York City, he’s never really in one place for very long. When circumstances having him experiencing an extended stay in a small town in Texas, he’s not really sure what the hell he’s going to do with this turn of events. Turns out that Shane is the answer to his queries. In more ways than one.

Shane and Johnny are most certainly attracted to one another which is evident from their first encounter. They develop a somewhat tentative friendship and soon discover that they get along famously. Their sizzling attraction is hard to ignore and the pair soon venture down some lusty waters. As both men get to know one another in more than a physical capacity, they’re both unsure if they can keep their feelings in check when it comes to the other. The closer they get, the harder this becomes. But, is there really a future for the small town boy who seems rooted in one place and the experienced and older nomad who can’t seem to stick it out and stay in any one location?

I loved how Johnny and Shane could not seem to stay away from each other and keep things platonic. Their connection was simply too strong. It was all there and so realistically done. This is not an overly long story and our two protagonists don’t reveal how they truly feel about one another until close to the end of the book. We get a nice HFN ending that left me smiling.

I really did enjoy reading Slade. It is a sweet tale put a huge smile on my face. Definitely a recommended read for M/M romance lovers.

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