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Review: Faking It (Metropolis #1) by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack

faking itTitle ~ Faking It (Metropolis #1)

Author ~ Riley Hart and Devon McCormack

Published ~ 17th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





There’s never a dull moment at Metropolis…the condominium known for having the hottest openly gay tenants in town. The boys of Metropolis are always on the prowl for a good time. They like their drinks heavy and their tricks easy.
Gary should be living it up in his South Tower unit of Metropolis, but he’s having a hard time adjusting to his newly single status. It’s not easy to walk away from five years with his ex, who he discovered was cheating on him with some North Tower twink. After a night out partying, licking his wounds, he goes to bed alone. When he wakes the next morning, there’s a naked guy in his bed. Not just any guy. A stud from North Tower. But hot as he is, what the hell is he doing in his room?
Travis Waller doesn’t get why Gary’s freaking out. So he went home with Gary’s roommate and accidentally crawled into the wrong bed. It’s not the first time he’s woken up in a strange place. Maybe Gary would loosen up a little if he gave it a try as well. Travis has more important things to deal with though…like his meeting with an investor who could give him the money to start his massage parlor.
They’re both sure that’s the last time they’ll have to deal with each other until a mix-up leads Gary’s ex and Travis’s investor to think they’re an item, which Gary and Travis use to their benefit by posing as a couple around town. Soon, they discover the chemistry between them is off the charts. Travis brings out a sexual confidence Gary didn’t know he had—one Travis enjoys exploring with him. But as the two keep up their boyfriend hoax, Gary realizes Travis isn’t as shallow as he thought. Gary’s starting to develop feelings for him. But Travis doesn’t do relationships, and Gary should know better, considering they’re just faking it…


Debra’s Review

The Metropolis is an apartment complex with a large population of gay men who thrive on gossip, sex and working out (if you follow Devon McCormack on Facebook, it might sound familiar). This does little to help Gary get through his breakup with his longtime cheating boyfriend Peter, who promptly moved in with his new lover at the Metropolis, so they can’t help running into each other and being the hot topic of gossip.

Gary has seen the super sexy and hot Travis around and knows him by reputation, but he gets the full-on up close and personal when he wakes up with a naked, hungover Travis in his bed. They make the best of an awkward situation (spurred on by Gary’s best friend) and the next time they meet Travis jumps in to save Gary from an awkward moment with his ex by claiming Gary as his own. And soon the plot is hatched; Gary will pose as Travis’s boyfriend to help him with a business deal and Travis will be Gary’s new, super sexy boyfriend to rub Peter’s face in things. Oh how I love a good fake boyfriend story and this one worked very well for me.

Of course, as the fake relationship progresses a real one develops. Gary is insecure and can’t believe someone in Travis’s league would ever want him. Travis is outwardly confident, but has his own insecurities based mostly around his family drama. A friendship with benefits is wonderful, but soon other feelings creep in. Jealousy, possessiveness and a genuine affection are things Travis has always balked at and something Gary has always wanted. There wasn’t a dull moment as both Travis and Gary help each other gain confidence in areas where it is sorely lacking.

Clich├ęs abound, but I found the story fun, sweet, sexy and very entertaining. It’s not all fun and fluff as Travis’s family issues come to a head. His brothers are lovely but his parents are horrible. Gary is also having some family issues of his own making and has to decide if he’s finally going to completely be himself and open up to his parents.

Told in alternating points of view, the collaborative writing flowed seamlessly. There was great banter between Travis and Gary and a cast of secondary characters begging to tell their own stories. Most of them come off at first glance as shallow, sex starved men, but there is more to that lurking under the surface. I especially adored the sweet and supportive Hayden and the snarky but vulnerable Derek.

If you enjoy the fake boyfriend trope and are looking for a sweet, sexy and fun read, take a trip to the Metropolis and just enjoy.

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Riley Hart

Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a hopeless romantic. A lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together. If she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her reading.

Riley lives in California with her awesome family, who she is thankful for every day.



Devon McCormack

11138153_1593415330904492_829124014577912187_nDevon McCormack spends most of his time hiding in his lair, adventuring in paranormal worlds with his island of misfit characters. A good ole Southern boy, McCormack grew up in the Georgian suburbs with his two younger brothers and an older sister. At a very young age, he spun tales the old fashioned way, lying to anyone and everyone he encountered. He claimed he was an orphan. He claimed to be a king from another planet. He claimed to have supernatural powers. He has since harnessed this penchant for tall tales by crafting whole worlds where he can live out whatever fantasy he chooses.

A gay man himself, McCormack focuses on gay male characters, adding to the immense body of literature that chooses to represent and advocate gay men's presence in media. His body of work ranges from erotica to young adult, so readers should check the synopses of his books before purchasing so that they know what they're getting into.



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