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Cyrus by Frey Ortega

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kl2LKJ


A jaded creature of the night—immortal, blood-drinker, vampire...
Cyrus has lived millennia in solitude, a jaded creature of the night; immortal, a blood-drinker, vampire... He has long since given up hope of finding his Kindred, the other half of his soul. The one who will give meaning to his lonely existence and make the rest of eternity bearable.
A beautiful young man destined to be his Kindred…
Then fate delivers Bastien Durand, to Cyrus’s home—the Chateau Sanguine, an opulent gambling establishment in Monte Carlo. Within hours, his father lays dead and Bastien’s life is forever changed at the hands of a creature he never knew existed. Distraught and conflicted, he finds himself falling helplessly under Cyrus’ spell.
A cruel twist of fate…
Plans within plans threaten Bastien and Cyrus’ budding relationship. There are those determined to see Cyrus’ empire fall…by any means necessary. Can their love survive a bloody feud threatening not only their relationship, but the lives of the people around them? Or will they both pay the ultimate price for love?
Cyrus, the first book in the Kindred Series, is a gay erotic paranormal romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.


Slow Like Honey by R. Paone

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2jKuhlY


First, “love” was found. Next, “desire” was questioned. Now, time moved “slow like honey.” The “Only If” Saga continues with this climacteric tale of sexual rebirth and incitement of one soul.
In 2004, Robert found himself sexually experimenting with his co-worker, Mitch. Together they faced long-hidden secrets and insecurities that challenged a new found passion growing between one another. They were falling in love. But that was in the past...
Now, it is the year 2014. Ten years have passed. Robert is now living the life as a single gay man entering his thirties in New York City. Passionately conflicted about whether he is going to make the right decision, Robert has thrust himself into a chance meeting with a stranger he meets online. Just when a carefully, calculated encounter turns out to be much more, a new door has been opened for Robert. This new man wants nothing more to gain complete control of Robert’s desire.
There was this stranger, this break in morality that drove Robert to forge on past his own insecurities while discovering what lies beneath the surface of his own pleasure.
Conscience-stricken and torn, Robert must make the choices of a grown adult. Will he continue on this road protecting the love of Mitch inside his heart or is this true sexual awakening risking everything? Watch as the heart grows fonder but also while the years ripen with time.
This contemporary work of fiction is approximately 33,000 words and contains strong thematic material involving sexuality that is intended for adult readers only.
“Slow Like Honey” is Part III in the "Only If" Series but can also be read as a standalone work. It will also contain excerpts from both of the previous two novels, "Love is Found" and "Is This Desire?"


Love in the Line of Fire by Michael Murphy

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2j6BT0d


Agent Jonah Pratt heads the Secret Service team guarding the President’s husband. When a routine day turns into a dangerous assassination attempt, the stranger who dives into the melee and takes down the assassin complicates the situation, sparking Jonah’s anger.
Just back from multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Benji hides the fact that he brought the war home with him and that it continues to haunt him. His actions in stopping the would-be assassin are more instinct than strategy. And his first conversation with a furious Jonah doesn’t end well.
Losing a member of his team turns Jonah’s world upside down. And if Benji seems to know exactly what Jonah is experiencing, it’s because he went through the same thing in combat. Jonah’s work consumes him, leaving little room in his life for anything else, and Benji focuses on his studies, working to keep his nightmares at bay. But when they get together, Jonah and Benji recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for love and happiness—one worth fighting for.


Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out by Joe Cosentino

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kkLDZW


It’s time for another summer of sun, sand, suntan lotion, sandals, and Speedos on Cozzi Cove at the New Jersey Shore. Cal Cozzi’s seven bungalows are once again open for love.
This summer, sexy Cal welcomes back his brother and sister, who are confronted with people from their pasts. Connor, the maid packed with muscle and mayhem, becomes the subject of a handsome young psychologist’s study on human sexuality. Tommy, the strapping, bald and tattooed local bartender, is captivated with guest Cory Magnum, a police officer with a secret. Another guest, Bill, a disbelieving pastor, is inspired by a vision of two sexy male angels on the cove. And Cal and Michael reach a plateau in their relationship.
What secrets, humor, tragedies, mysteries, and passions lie waiting to unfold in this magical place called Cozzi Cove?


Dearly Stalked by Allison Cassatta

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2ka4JhK


Writing crime novels catapulted Memphis native Silas Cooper to fame and fortune, but when his words backfire and he becomes trapped in what could be one of his books, he needs a hero of his own.
Silas’s publicist insists he hire a personal assistant, and Silas chooses Scott Kramer. But before Scott starts, he already has a round of steamy phone sex to hold over Silas’s head, and his interest in his boss isn’t decreasing.
Benjamin Logan joined the Army to see the world, and while deployed he read every one of Silas’s books. With his military career over, Ben is back in Memphis working for the police department—and attempting a deeply closeted relationship with fellow cop Morgan Brown.
Over coffee, Silas and Ben become friends who support each other as relationships fall apart, and the attraction between them slowly emerges. When a dangerous stalker threatens Silas, it’s up to Ben to stop him.
If Ben fails, Silas might not live to tell this story… and Ben might not be able to live with himself.


Hipster Brothel by K.A. Merikan

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2jqchMB


--- The lumberjack of his dreams is now available for rent. ---
Mr. B
has always been a safe guy for Jo to crush on. He’s the cutest bearded lumber-god to salivate over. Add to that his friendly, outgoing personality, and Mr. B might just be the first guy Jo would be willing to kiss. Fortunately, Mr. B has been in a relationship for years, and Jo is no home-wrecker.
But when Mr. B breaks up with his partner and all of a sudden is single, available, and talks about his plans to be sexually adventurous, Jo isn’t so sure anymore if he has the guts to come out as bisexual.
After a sour breakup, Mr. B wants to show his ex that he’s independent, exciting, and can do very well without him. His best friend Jo is there to the rescue, and they come up with a great new business venture. One thing they lack to start their own line of artisanal boozy jams - money for the investment.
After a drunken brainstorming session, Mr. B finds a way to both gather the cash and show the middle finger to his ex. He will create a one of a kind Hipster Brothel - The Lumbersexual Experience - offering wood chopping lessons, pipe smoking, and a reclaimed wood bed where the magic happens. It’s bound to be a success… if only Mr. B can go through with it, because the mixed signals from Jo are making him wonder if his best friend is as straight as he always seemed.


Fairy Wings (Scales & Wings #2) by Sasha L. Miller

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kl7pbR


No doubt there are worse fates than being blood-cursed, but if so, Vadka doesn't know, because he's got his hands full being forced to drink blood to survive—especially with isolation of the life it brings, and the unlikelihood of ever finding a cure.
The last thing he needs is trouble, but that's exactly what he gets, by way of saving a broken-winged fairy that would have wound up butchered for spell components. So what's a blood-cursed mage to do with an unwanted guest? Take him home of course—but that's easier said than done for a man who drinks blood and a fairy who can't use his magic. 


Snapdragon by Michelle Woody

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2j6NFaT


Private detective Chris Mason thought he only had to worry about his brother Dylan discovering he was dating Homicide detective James Harris. Dylan and their best friend, Ron Abrams, don’t like James, and Chris has to handle their animosity towards his lover. But then Chris is targeted by a serial killer who leaves snapdragons with his victims.
James leads the Snapdragon investigation as head detective. As each murder links Dylan and Ron to the killings, James questions Ron’s motives and his connections to Chris. Ron’s pet name for Chris has always been Snapdragon. Could there be more behind Ron’s playful teases than Chris knows?
When Ron’s attraction to Chris is exposed, their friendship totters. Is a darker side to Ron revealed? Could he be involved with the Snapdragon murders? And will Chris be able to solve the case before he becomes the killer's next victim?

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Voyageurs by Keira Andrews

Amazon (99c/99p –> http://bit.ly/2jRQIYm


Two men battle the wilderness—and their desire.
It’s 1793, and Simon Cavendish needs to get to his station at Fort Charlotte, a fur-trading outpost in the untamed Canadian wild. The fort is only accessible by canoe, and there’s just one man daring enough to take him on the perilous, thousand-mile journey from Montreal this late in the summer.
Young Christian Smith, the son of an Ojibwe mother and absent English father, is desperate for money to strike out on his own, so he agrees to take Simon deep into the bush. As they travel endless lakes and rivers, the arduous expedition takes its toll.
Yet the attraction between Simon and Christian, two men from vastly different worlds, grows ever stronger. Locked in a battle against the wilderness and elements, how long can they fight their desire for each other?
Note: This gay historical romance from Keira Andrews features adventure in the wilderness, outdoor sex, and a happy ending. Standalone, free romance novella.

Tuesday 24th January


Plying with Fire by Jambrea Jo Jones

Amazon (99c/99p) –> http://bit.ly/2jS0cD6


Ranch cook against restaurateur—who does it better?

Hayden McGrath has the formal training and knowhow to run one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the city. This year he wants to prove his worth by entering the barbecue competition at the American Royal. It has nothing to do with a certain cowboy from the Flying P…

Amos Vasquez has been the ranch cook at the Flying P Retreat since it was an actual ranch. Now it’s a place tourists flock to so they can have a taste of his food. This year he is going to win the barbecue competition and nothing will stand in his way, not even a certain sexy redheaded restaurant owner who has caught his eye.

This will be the barbecue competition to beat all competitions at the American Royal.


Gaining Trust (Kiss of Leather #5) by Morticia Knight

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2jjigFn


Book five in the Kiss of Leather series

Chuck isn’t sure what he needs and Master Jordan can’t wait to show him.

Stone’s shy junior investigator, Chuck, can no longer deny his interest in the BDSM lifestyle. The beautiful connections and raw emotions he’s witnessed between so many of the Doms and subs at Kiss of Leather leave him yearning for something he’d never dared hope he could have—unconditional love and care from a man. He isn’t sure if he can take the chance of having a real relationship when he’s not out to his meddling parents yet, but the sexy Master Jordan, Gavin’s friend and the owner of Club Consequence, makes him want to take that chance.

Master Jordan has been biding his time until he can get next to the super-fine Chuck. Gavin warned him that Chuck isn’t in the lifestyle, but there’s something special about him that speaks to Jordan’s heart. When they’re finally alone, the chemistry is off the charts and Jordan can tell it won’t take much to bring Chuck willingly into the world of BDSM.

An unexpected development in the case of Corey’s kidnappers shocks them all, but not as much as what happens with Chuck’s family. Jordan teaches Chuck that secrets hold power over the person keeping them, and that gaining trust can only be achieved through complete honesty.


Joshua by Caitlin Ricci

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/2kkKd1s


Book one in the Faeted series

There’s only one place to go for a guaranteed happily ever after…

Joshua, a dragon shifter, hates having to go to the Faeted Matchmaking Agency, but he’s running out of time to find a mate, and he’s failed everywhere else. He only has a few more months before he enters the next stage of his life, and he’s getting desperate. Dragon tradition states that he must have a partner to help him transition into independence from his clan. A long-time friend would be sufficient, but Joshua doesn’t have any of those, either. Faeted is his last hope.

Rex expected Faeted to set him up with someone fun and sexy, but he was never expecting a dragon. As Rex is an eagle shifter, a dragon would be a good match for him, since they’re both born to fly. Joshua is far more cautious than Rex expects a dragon to be, but Rex knows he can get Joshua to loosen up with a bit of a push.



More Than Anything by TT Kove

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/28LNdua


He might’ve been the right person—if I hadn’t been so damaged and he hadn’t been so young.

One day Jørgen comes home from work, he spots a young man in front of the gate to his flat—a young man who falls over in a seizure on the sidewalk. Jørgen takes him in and when his efforts to find someone who can take the kid off his hands fails, he’s left with him for the night.
Geir’s always been bullied for his epilepsy, and now for being gay. But he can’t change either of the facts, because they’re not ever going to go away. All Geir wants is a friend, and he thinks maybe he can have one in Jørgen. Except the lines blur between friendship and something more.
What started out as helping someone in need, slowly turns into something much more when Geir keeps appearing in his life. But can someone as damaged as him, with so much trauma in his past that are ruining his present, ever manage a relationship with another person? When just a simple touch is enough to bring on a flashback, it isn’t promising.
More Than Anything is a gay romance novel of 51,000 words. It’s the first in a series and it ends in a cliffhanger, and as such should not be read as a stand-alone.


Wireless by L.A. Witt

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1KlafEZ


Skin to skin contact is illegal. Sex? A felony. Insulated suits and gloves keep people from even the most platonic touches. Citizens line up in droves at simhouses for their rationed, prescribed orgasms in virtual reality machines.
Keith Borden has worked in a simhouse for years, and he's never been tempted to break the strict no-contact laws… until Aiden Maxwell comes along. The attractive and dangerously flirtatious patient invites him into the seedy underground where people engage in real, wireless sex. Though Keith stands to lose his career and his freedom, he's curious and Aiden is irresistible.
From the moment he sets foot in the wireless lounge, Keith is in a world of flesh and fantasy. He's hooked. On the sex, on the atmosphere, and most of all, on Aiden. Years of keeping everyone in his world at arm's length have left Keith craving a human touch, and Aiden offers all the contact—scorching sex, gentle affection, and everything in between—Keith can handle.
That is, until an unexpected act of betrayal throws Keith's world into chaos, and he finds himself more alone than he ever imagined possible…
This 55,000-word novel was previously published, and has been extensively revised and rewritten from its first edition.

#99c/#99p Reads

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  1. Thank you for including Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out, book three in my Cozzi Cove series published by NineStar Press in such good company. I'm excited to report that Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back (book 1) received a Rainbow Award Honorable Mention and TBR Pile Favorite Book of the Month Award. Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward followed, and Cozzi Cove: New Beginnings releases March 27. See you at Cozzi Cove. Cal Cozzi has a bungalow waiting just for you! Joe Cosentino http://www.JoeCosentino.weebly.com