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Book Brief: Please Don’t Go by Felice Stevens

please don't goTitle ~ Please Don’t Go

Author ~ Felice Stevens

Published ~ 5th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Danny Friedman knows all about loss. His father left to start a new family and now that his mother passed away, he's even more certain love is only temporary. People always disappoint him in the end, a lesson he learned years ago when his summer camp best friend and secret crush disappeared without a trace, never to be heard from again. Until now.


Debra’s Book Brief

This isn’t a second chance at love story, but a story of reunited friends who have to overcome their past pain and feelings of loss in order to take their first chance at real love.

I was immediately in love with Danny. His loneliness and lack of self-confidence stemming from the fact that everyone he loved in the past has left him, whether of their own choice or not, was heartbreaking. Fifteen years ago, the only friend he had also left him without a word. That pain has stuck with him. Though they were only teenagers and only friends, Danny’s hero worship/crush on Paul has colored so much of his life. When Paul shows up to work at the same office all the hurt comes back and Danny is skeptical of Paul’s attempts to rekindle their friendship and of his apparent attraction.

Paul has thought of Danny often since he was forced to leave his home at 16. He is thrilled when he finds Danny working in the office he just transferred to, but puzzled by his cold reception. Paul is determined to show Danny just how he feels, but for some reason he is hesitant to open up to Danny about why he had to leave. I’ll admit this bothered me a little since I was firmly in Danny’s corner from page one. Paul expects Danny to welcome him back with open arms but he holds back on talking about why he left and that refusal is the one thing that keeps making Danny push him away.

Each segment opens with a flashback to interactions between Paul and Danny as teens and sets the tone for understanding Danny’s grief over Paul’s disappearance and his hesitance to jump right back in to their friendship. It also managed to pour a lot of emotion into this short tale. Danny really makes Paul work for it, but when everything is laid bare, it’s all worth it. Clearly meant to be together, the two have a passionate and intense bond and are very hot together.

The story is short, but it’s a wonderful friends-to-lovers story that’s emotional, sweet, sexy and of course quite romantic too.

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Meet Felice Stevens 

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. While life is tough, she believes there is a happy ending for everyone. She started reading traditional historical romances as a teenager, then life and law school got in the way. It wasn't until she picked up a copy of Bertrice Small and became swept away to Queen Elizabeth's court that her interest in romance novels was renewed. But somewhere along the way, her reading shifted to stories of men falling in love. Once she picked up her first gay romance, she became so enamored of the character-driven stories and the overwhelming emotion there was no turning back. Felice lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. Although she practices law, she daydreams of a time when she can sit by a beach and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be some angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.



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