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Blog Tour: Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette by Killian B. Brewer with Interview & Giveaway


We are thrilled to welcome Killian Brewer to Sinfully today as he celebrates the release of his new book Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette.


Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Killian Brewer author of Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette.

Hi Killian, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Hey, y’all! I’m Killian Brewer, though most people just call me Brew. I’m a Southern boy, raised in the land of peaches and peanuts. I grew up in a tiny little town in a house where we would entertain each other by telling stories. My father can spin a yarn with the best of them and taught me early to enjoy the fellowship of storytelling. I went to college and earned my degree in English Literature, mostly because of my love of a good story. Of course, like most English majors, I don’t use that degree at all in my day job, but it does come in handy for my writing.

My current novel, Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette, was inspired by the people I grew up around in South Georgia. I wanted to explore what life could be like for a young gay man who is suddenly transplanted in a small town with little understanding of the way of life there. In particular, I wanted to follow his search for love and a sense of family in a world where he feels like a fish out of water. I also wanted to write about older southern women, because I think they are awesome.

Where do you find your inspiration?

For my current novel, I found inspiration in the small town where I grew up. Many of the characters in the book and the stories they tell are amalgams of people I knew when I was little and things that really happened with them. Of course, they have been heightened for comedic or dramatic effect, but there is a kernel of truth in everything I wrote. While I enjoy reading and writing about fantastic worlds, I think that the real world around us is the best source for inspiration. A character based on reality, even if he combines traits of several real people, will speak to the author and the reader with so much more truth.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I had written poetry and short stories throughout my childhood, but it wasn’t until I began working in writing classes and workshops in college that I felt like a “real” writer. There is something about the community aspect of writing groups that lends a sense of importance to what you write. Knowing that others were going to read something I wrote with a critical eye made me take more care with my words, plots and characters. Also, the feedback from writers I admired and respected made it feel less like I was just dabbling with words and more like a true writer.

Do your characters become like real people to you?

As I mentioned earlier, I often base my characters loosely on real people I have known. This helps them feel more like real people to me. Each character has a definite “voice” that I can hear in my head when I am writing dialog and often knowing the way they would react to a statement helps me know where the plot should go. But I also enjoy taking some of the character traits of the real person and twisting them around to imagine how they would react in a different situation or a different world. I feel that if you haven’t created the character as a real person in your mind, then the reader will feel this and see the characters as flat or stereotypical.

If you weren’t a writer, what else would you like to have done?

I am going to cheat a bit on this question. I would love to be a travel writer. I know that still involves writing, but it would be a much more journalistic and autobiographical style of writing than I have ever written. I love to travel and I find this world we live in to be ultimately fascinating. My partner, who has travelled extensively, says he enjoys travelling with me and seeing things again a second time through my eyes. I would enjoy having a blog or a column where I could show people things that are off the beaten path or not that types of things a tour bus would drive past. I would enjoy taking time to meet and interview people everywhere I could travel. Also, I love to try new foods and this job would give me an excuse to do just that.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

First of all, I hope the second date is many years away from the first date carved on the front. But mainly I would want it to reflect that I lived my life trying to make the world a little bit happier place. So maybe something like, “Here Lies Brew. He helped the world increase its capacity for joy.”


Lunch with the Do-Nothings at the Tammy Dinette

Killian B. Brewer

Do-Nothings 900px FRONT reviews (Tumblr)Publisher ~ Interlude Press

Published ~ 12th January 2017

Genre ~ Contemporary M/m Romance



When Marcus Sumter, a short order cook with dreams of being a chef, inherits a house in small town Marathon, Georgia, he leaves his big city life behind. Marcus intends to sell the house to finance his dreams, but a group of lovable busybodies, the Do Nothings, a new job at the local diner, the Tammy Dinette, and a handsome mechanic named Hank cause Marcus to rethink his plans. Will he return to the life he knew, or will he finally put down roots?

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Meet Killian B. Brewer

Killian B. Brewer lives in his life-long home of Georgia with his partner and their dog. He has written poetry and short fiction since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Brewer earned a BA in English and does not use this degree in his job in the banking industry. He has a love of greasy diner food that borders on obsessive. Lunch with the Do Nothings at the Tammy Dinette is his second novel. His first novel, The Rules of Ever After, is available from Duet Books, an imprint of Interlude Press.




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