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Blog Tour: Kiss and Ride by Teodora Kostova. Includes Guest Post, Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

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Today we welcome Teodora Kostova to Sinfully as she celebrates her latest release Kiss and Ride. Have a look at the guest post and exclusive excerpt and when you’re done, don’t forget to enter the fabulous giveaway!snowflake-divider-transparent22

Love at First Sight

I write a lot about love at first sight – or lust at first sight if you prefer – because I believe in it. Not only that, I’m living it.

My husband and I met nearly 13 years ago and fell in love on the spot. After spending a day together he had to go back home, a two-hour drive away, and I was miserable. We talked on the phone every day, and he came to visit me a couple of times, before, three months later, we couldn't stand it anymore and moved in together. And we’re still going strong 13 years later.

I’m not trying to say that is possible for everyone. But I’ve seen plenty of my friends leave their partners after years of ‘taking it slow’. There’re no guarantees in life, and I’ve learned to listen to my gut.

The thing is, humans are deeply intuitive beings. We know if we like someone the moment we meet them, without even saying a word to them. Have you ever hated someone on sight, even if they seemed like a perfectly lovely person? And then you suppress that feeling because it doesn’t make any sense – you don't even know that person! And then, days, weeks, months later you realise you’d been right all along.

Same goes for attraction. We’ve all felt that warm feeling of being really attracted to someone the moment we lay eyes on them. And a lot of us have suppressed the feeling of falling fast and hard for that person because it’s not logical. We just met them! It can’t be love.

Yes, actually, it can. Love has no processing time. There’re no rules, no logic. Sometimes it blooms from a long-lasting friendship; other times it hits us hard and fast like a speeding truck. We don't get to choose. What we can choose to do, however, is ignore those butterflies, that euphoria, that gut feeling screaming ‘That’s the one person for me.’

Personally, I’d rather take a chance.

And that translates into my characters. I have written couples who needed time to sort out their feelings, but deep down they always knew they were head over heels in love, even if they were too stubborn to admit it.

In Kiss and Ride, Vin and Luca meet and fall in love in the space of a few days, and neither of them doubts their feelings. There are other circumstances standing in their way, but love is never a problem.

In my heart I know that’s not just fiction. I know because I’ve been there.

Love is beautiful. It’s unique. It can be gentle, like a shallow stream in a forest, or dangerous and all-consuming like an ocean. It can last a lifetime or a few days. It has the power to shape us into a better person or destroy us. It can make us feel as if we’ve grown wings and can do anything, or throw us into despair. It’s illogical, uncontrollable and oh so magical.

But love, in any shape or form, is always beautiful.  


Kiss and Ride

Teodora Kostova


Published ~ 1st December 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Christmas



What happens when you meet the right guy at the wrong time?

When Vincent Alesi’s estranged father dies, he gets on the first plane from New York city to Rome to be at the memorial service. Even if he has to max out his credit card. Even if he hates the man for leaving him. Even if it’s a day before Christmas.

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and Vin ends up trusting a complete stranger with all his secrets, even the ones he didn't know he had.

Luca Romano’s job as a flight attendant takes him all over the world. But a jet-setting lifestyle is not what he wants. His dream of opening his own restaurant is being placed on hold over circumstances beyond his control.

Timing is everything...

When Vin bursts into Luca’s life, both men fall fast and hard. But their lives, their dreams, even the cities they live in couldn’t be more different.

Their few days together in Rome are romantic, emotionally intense, and leave them both wanting more.

Can a fleeting love affair change their lives forever?

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Excerpt #4

“No,” Vin said, flinching away from the keys. “I have four more days left in Rome before I have to go back to New York. I don’t think that’s enough time for me to come to terms with everything, let alone go to my father’s apartment.”

Donati studied Vin, his brows drawing down. “Either way, take the keys. They’re yours. Whenever you decide to use them.”

Vin took the fucking keys and dropped them in his pocket as if they’d burned him. He’d made enough of a fool of himself today, there was no need for any more embarrassment.

Thankfully, the lawyer didn't mention the apartment anymore. He set the documents Vin needed to sign in front of him, explaining each of them carefully, answering any questions Vin had. That done, he shook both Vin and Luca’s hands and let them out of his office.

Outside, Vin could take a deep breath to fill his lungs for the first time today. He’d never felt more trapped in his entire life, not even when he’d been stuck in that elevator with Luca.

“I think gelato is in order,” Luca said, reaching for Vin’s hand.

Vin smiled at him, ridiculously glad Luca didn’t want to discuss anything that had happened today.

“And a shot of tequila,” Vin said, grabbing Luca’s outstretched hand.

“I think I know a place that serves both.”


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Meet Teodora Kostova 

teodora kostova auth pic

Hi, my name is Teodora and I live in London with my husband and my son. I've been writing ever since I can remember, but it became my full time job a few years ago when I decided that everything else I've tried bores me to death and I have to do what I've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to fully embrace. I've been a journalist, an editor, a personal assistant and an interior designer among other things, but as soon as the novelty of the new, exciting job wears off, I always go back to writing. Being twitchy, impatient, loud and hasty are not qualities that help a writer, because I have to sit alone, preferably still, and write for most of the day, but I absolutely love it. It's the only time that I'm truly at peace and the only thing I can do for more than ten minutes at a time - my son has a bigger attention span than me.

When I'm procrastinating, I like to go to the gym, cook Italian meals (and eat them), read, listen to rock music, watch indie movies and True Blood re-runs. Or, in the worst case scenario, get beaten at every Nintendo Wii game by a very inventive kid.

Don't be shy and get in touch - I love connecting with my readers. E-mail:





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