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Review: Three Dates of Christmas by KC Burn


Title: Three Dates of Christmas

Author: KC Burn

Release: 17th November 2016

Genre: M/M (Christmas)


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Dean Murphy hates Christmas a little more each year. His job as a pharmacy manager requires him to festoon his store with seasonal cheer, but his distaste for the lurid commercialism is only topped by his irritation with the syrupy sentimentalism. Being alone sucks, but he’s managed just fine without friends or family for years; why should December 25 be any different?

When the tattooed Tony Delvecchio walks into his store, Dean hopes that maybe Tony’s different. Maybe Tony’s the man who won’t be driven away by Dean’s Scrooge-like tendencies. But Tony loves the holiday season, and he challenges Dean to three dates. Three dates to change his mind about Christmas.
Despite knowing it will all end badly, Dean does the unthinkable. He agrees.


Mark’s Review

If you’re looking for a sweet, angst free, Christmas read then you’ll love this novella by KC Burn. It’s full of wonderful caring moments that will get you right in the mood.

Tony walks into a pharmacy for some supplies but what he doesn’t expect is to meet the manager, Dean, who also makes it on his shopping list – lol! No, seriously. Tony is immediately smitten by Dean and the connection can be felt straight away. No this book isn’t insta-love, it’s about how you just know someone is right for you, it’s about instinct. After Tony invites Dean for a coffee after work it becomes clear that he has a little bit of persuading to do. Dean hates Christmas, Tony is full of the joy of Christmas. So two MCs at opposite ends of the Christmas scale.

However, Tony is intrigued and wants to know where this hate of Christmas comes from. I must admit I wanted to know myself too. There is something that runs a lot deeper than the first explanation he gives Tony which is working in retail than you have enough Christmas cheer forced on you whether you want it or not. OK, I could go with that. Working a shop where the Christmas songs are playing on a loop in the background all day. Where you have to be nice and polite to customers who don’t deserve it. Having no time off at all from the middle of November onwards only seeing the worst of the commercial side of Christmas. Yeah, I could understand where Dean is coming from. However, that annoying, irritating feeling that there is something a lot more to his hate for Christmas than just his work. He has trust issues, sees only how people can disappoint and let others down which in turn affects his confidence somewhat. Therefore a bit of a loner and social recluse who also has no family. He’s definitely not a morose or depressing character in his own way he is also cute and I could see why Tony is smitten and intrigued.

Tony has his work cut out to try and get to the bottom of Dean’s issues with Christmas. Upbeat, ever the optimist, cheerful and gregarious,comes from a large family with Italian roots, he is the polar opposite to Dean. But he sees something in Dean that makes his heart swell. So he challenges Dean to go on three dates to see if he can change his opinion about Christmas. At this point I was worrying a little that this could become your normal clichéd take on Christmas, à la bah humbug, Scrooge and all the trimmings. I was pleasantly surprised however how the story unfolded.

Due to Tony’s caring and loving nature he eventually manages to break down Dean’s barriers and get behind the true story of Dean. Once we get the whole story on Dean my heart did go out to him and completely understood where he was coming from. I just loved seeing how Dean as a character changed from being sceptical and afraid of getting hurt to taking a chance on Tony and learning to love. For me that was the best part of the story seeing how Tony changes Dean. Tony obviously is adorable, would have to be to gain Dean’s friendship, then his trust and ultimately his love. Also Tony’s ardour for sticking to his three dates, this gave Tony for me a very traditional quality, dating and getting to know someone before jumping in bed. Old fashioned? No, I like to think romantic! Needs to happen more these days.

Ms Burn does a wonderful job of writing although on occasion there was the odd pronoun confusion or should I say I found it difficult at times to relate to who was doing what. This can be a little pitfall when writing about two male characters. However, it was still a nice writing style that lended all the necessary emotion to the story, giving it the necessary feelz.

If you’re looking for a sweet romance that will leave you full of warm Christmas thoughts and in no doubt as to what Christmas is about then you’ll really like this book.




Meet KC Burn

I’ve been writing for what feels like my whole life. I’m a sucker for a happy ending (get your mind out of the gutters!) so it’s been romance almost all the way. After moving from Toronto to Florida for my hubby to take a dream job, I discovered a love of gay romance and fulfilled my own dream — getting published. After a few years of editing web content by day and at night, neglecting my supportive hubby and needy cat to write about men loving men, I was uprooted yet again, and now reside in California.

Writing is always fun, despite the hard work, but writing about my guys is more fun than I’ve had in a long time. Love between consenting adults is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I love writing them.


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