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Review: A Pirate’s Honor by Tricia Owens

pirateshonorTitle ~ A Pirate’s Honor

Author ~ Tricia Owens

Published ~ 4th October 2016

Genre ~ Historical M/M Romance





When Jaime takes to the sea, it's not for money or for pleasure: it's for revenge. Leaving his peaceful life on land behind is the only step he can take when his future is brutally destroyed and his heart is shattered.
Captain Gareth West is a feared pirate with a reputation for kidnapping and ransoming men and women. He's also known for bedding them so well that no one has a reason to complain. However, a terrible incident has left him scarred and reluctant to become involved with anyone ever again...until one day he comes upon a shipwreck.
When Jaime's ship is attacked by pirates and he is left for dead, Gareth sees an opportunity to banish the ghosts from his head. He decides to take the young man on board and use him as the prostitute that Jaime pretends to be. But Gareth quickly determines that his attractive captive is not a whore despite his apparent eagerness. Though he responds to Gareth as no lover ever has, there's a fire in him that worries Gareth. Jaime is a dangerous mystery, and Gareth knows it's essential that he learn his secret.
But he's caught off guard when Jaime's secret turns out to be the very nightmare that Gareth is running from.
This is a standalone m/m historical romance featuring gorgeous pirates and graphic sex scenes.


Sally’s Review

All I have to do is see a tall ship on a book cover and I’m SO there!! I love books about the sea in all eras, but there’s something so compelling about the Age of Sail, when with technologies that we would consider primitive, courage and the most amazing mental arithmetic, men managed to navigate their ships around the world despite all the hazards posed by geography, the weather, hostile nations and, of course, pirates. Pirates have existed since there have been seafarers and probably always will for as long as there are cargos to steal but when one mentions pirates one tends to think of those buccaneering types who haunted the sea lanes of the Caribbean in the 18th century and especially the flamboyant Hollywood version.

Well this book doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Captain Gareth West is definitely from the Hollywood stable of sea farers. He is far more concerned with pleasure, specifically his own pleasure, than with the safety of his ship. Luckily he seems to have a competent crew who can deal with business while he picks out new captives to roger. In this case it’s a young man called Jaime who, unbeknownst to West, is dead set on revenge for West’s abduction and murder of Jaime’s lover, Frederick. By allowing West to use him as he wishes, Jaime hopes to get close enough to him to put a blade across his throat. Much of the action of the book concerns Jaime’s continually thwarted attempts to find a moment to kill West between bouts of not-strictly-consensual sex.

I think for readers who enjoy the angsty,  “booty plundering “ type of pirate this is probably about as good as it gets. Both main characters suffer a lot, both thrash and kick and scream as they are drawn oh so unwillingly into a passionately angsty attachment to each other.  Both are wildly handsome, both find the other compelling in ways they have never felt before which leads them to the type of very specific heroisms that you find within relationships. It’s Romance and therefore the relationship has to be front and centre and the most important part of the story, so ten out of ten in that respect. If you like your piracy fruity, highly spiced with a sprinkle of quasi-BDSM and very little of that tedious ship-sailing business then I think you’ll love this book.

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