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Book Brief: The Heat of the Moment by Ruby Moone

heat of the momentTitle ~ The Heat of the Moment

Author ~ Ruby Moone 

Publisher ~ JMS Books

Published ~ 17th September 2016

Genre ~ Historical Erotic M/M Romance





Milo Callan is convinced the disease that ravaged his legs and left him in a wheelchair as a child has damaged something inside him because, as he grows to adulthood, he only becomes aroused by men. His secluded life means he’s convinced he is alone in this until the day Robert Grange, his temporary valet, rescues him from his life inside and takes him into the summer heat, changing his life forever beneath the shade of an ancient tree.
Overwhelmed, confused, and helplessly in love, Milo struggles to deal with his feelings and pushes Robert away time after time.
When Robert can bear it no longer, he decides to leave. Beside himself with grief, can Milo find the strength to believe in himself and accept their love? Will he be able to convince Robert to stay, or has he pushed Robert away for the last time?


Sally’s Book Brief

This short but sweet historical covers a surprising amount of emotional ground in a small number of pages. There are comparatively few books with protagonists who face physical challenges, still fewer in the historical genre, so this one was a nice surprise. It was also nice that there were no quick fixes for the protagonist’s plight, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

Protagonist Milo is in a very difficult position. Since suffering an accident as a child that has left him permanently affected, his family have been keen to keep him both out of sight and out of mind. His home is reasonably comfortable but he has no mental stimulation, no friends, and no hope of improving his lot. Add to this his realisation that he is attracted to men – not that he sees many – and it’s no wonder that he has become a bad tempered and bitter tyrant to his helpers.  The story begins as his bad temper bounces back when his valet, goaded beyond bearing, snaps and abandons him face down on the floor. A new valet is what he needs, one with the patience of a saint, and so Robert comes to live in the household. Robert is sunny-natured and strong and isn’t prepared to take any nonsense. That he fancies Milo just as much as Milo fancies him is apparent and he soon adds providing sexual favours to his list of duties.

The rest of the story describes how the love of handsome, patient Robert slowly thaws Milo’s icy heart, though they have many problems to overcome – mostly of Milo’s making.

I felt a great deal of sympathy for Milo, even when his behaviour was appalling, but felt it a bit harder to warm to Robert. There were some moments where his handling of Milo got a little too close to non-con for me to find it either sexy or amusing, but such moments of discomfort apart it was a good read. This was a sweet and simple story with some lovely secondary characters to back up the mains.  

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