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Review: Shameless (The Finn Factor #6) by R.G. Alexander

shamelessTitle ~ Shameless (The Finn Factor #6)

Author ~ R.G. Alexander

Published ~ 5th September 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author R.G. Alexander
Who knew he’d be so Shameless?
Seamus Finn is a bar owner, a single father of four and the center of the Finn family… And he hasn’t been with anyone since his twins were born. An all-expense paid trip to Ireland for a firsthand lesson in brewing beer turns into a different kind of holiday as Seamus rediscovers things about himself—and his sexuality—that don’t fit into the carefully controlled balancing act his life has become.
Giving in to a fling is one thing, but when risk-taking, over-the-top billionaire Bellamy Demir follows him home and meets the family things may get crazy…
But crazy might be just what Seamus needs.
Warning: Explicit m/m erotic romance full of awww, oooh, and oh my. Oh and some super-hot naked wrestling in a basement, a British television fetish, and maybe a little Billy Joel…is that weird? You may be right.
(This book is a stand-alone romance but in the same family as the rest of the Finn Factor. Read them all!)
(M/M, Gay Romance, Erotic Romance, Beauty and the Beast, Boxing, Turkish Wrestling, Gay For You)

Lisa’s Review

4.5 “Beauty and the Beast” Stars!

Shameless is the sixth book in R. G. Alexander’s series entitled The Finn Factor. There is just something about this series that I find so wonderfully engrossing. Each book leaves a huge smile on my face, not to mention leaves me all hot and bothered. This author writes fantastically sexy, humourous, endearing and all-around sweet romances and I am so excited that Seamus FINALLY found his happy forever.

Seamus Finn is the eldest of the Finn siblings. He’s thirty-nine years old, has four children, owns the family pub, is the “fixer” of the family and has never been had that real, bone-deep kind of passionate love in his life. When he receives an all-expense paid trip to Ireland for Christmas, Seamus begrudgingly agrees to go as part of the plan is for him to learn firsthand about the micro-brewery business. What Seamus did not plan on was meeting a sexy billionaire by the name of Bellamy Demir who comes at him like an untamed hurricane, someone who completely throws him for a loop and makes him question everything about himself, including his sexuality.

Bellamy seems to be everywhere Seamus is during his time in Ireland and it is quite apparent that there is some serious heated chemistry between the pair. Seamus can’t get Bellamy off his mind and despite trying to push him away by being a real dick (HE SURE WAS!), the persistent billionaire is not taking no for an answer. There is only so much Seamus can take when it comes to his denial of how much he wants Bellamy. He finally gives in to his to the heady attraction and for the first time lets go of that carefully ingrained self-control he reins in with a tight fist. For once in his life, Seamus is going to act a little “shameless”. However, what happens when Bellamy wants to continue what they share beyond Seamus’ time in Ireland. Can Seamus even take that risk?

I loved Seamus despite the push and pull he was totally responsible for when it came to his relationship with Bellamy. As the pair jumped into the muddy waters of a physical relationship, I could not help but root for them. Both these men were so different with lifestyles that were light-years apart, but when they become involved I loved the fact that the there was so much passion that neither man could ignore. There was this vulnerability that they only shared with one another and that was simply a beautiful thing. They discover just how amazing it can be when you completely let go and embrace the freedom of being with the one person who calls to your soul. Seamus certainly challenged Bellamy and was constantly pushing the man away. After all, he had his children to think about. What would happen with the adrenaline junkie billionaire got bored and moved on? However, as Bellamy inches his way into Seamus’ heart, piece by piece, Seamus discovers that he may be one his heart has been longing for?

Ok, so if you have read the previous books in the series you know that R. G. Alexander writes books that are HOT at a level that could incinerate panties in a split second. I mean, the kind of sizzling sexy that will leave you seeking out ways to cope. Truly. This book is no exception. Enough said. ;)

All in all, Shameless is a fantastic addition to this series which is full of sexy deliciousness and tender-hearted romances. I can’t wait for more!

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