Thursday, October 13, 2016

Featured Guest Author: James Lee Hard on his Recent Release Breaking With His Past. Includes Guest Post


Today we welcome James Lee Hard to Sinfully to talk about his recent release Breaking With His Past and what his stories are about.


People always ask me what my stories are about. I thought it was hard to give an answer because I had this idea they were all about different subjects, but I recently came to realize there’s an underlying theme to them: love, happy endings but mainly second chances. In all my books I end up having this love story where despite everything, every obstacle, there’s this idea that everyone deserves a second chance to be happy, to do things right, to make amends. I think this is because real life can be so challenging I end up building this happy place where at least I know I can give my characters the happiness they deserve and my readers a couple of hours of refuge in which they can forget about everything else.

For my latest book I wanted to write about the idea people have about you versus the real you. That evolved into a book where the main characters have to deal with the perception they have of themselves, shaped by what others think of them.
The main character, Logan, has just come out of jail and is trying to start over. During his youth he made some mistakes that he regrets and now fears people can’t see past them. Kyle, on the other hand, has always tried to be straight and spent many years in denial and burying his true sexuality. But now he can’t keep doing it anymore and decides to go away, to deal with his own problems to try and be a better man and a better father. He fears that he’s becoming someone that’s not good enough for Ryan, his toddler son.

Logan and Kyle meet on a small town, each one battling their own fears: one thinks that he’s never going to be more than an ex-convict, someone who’s been in jail. The other thinks he’s a terrible father for trying to be happy. I think that sometimes we also lose track of what’s important in real life while we attempt to be the people we think others expect us to be. We create this persona we have to display in public on account of what people might say or do. Logan and Kyle have suffered too much in life because of that, and now they have to deal with that and try to navigate their feelings and be true to themselves.


Breaking With His Past

James Lee Hard


Published ~ 3rd September 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



After serving five years in jail, Logan is ready to start over and forget all about his past. But things are not that easy, especially when people can’t see past the ex-convict, and getting a job is harder than ever.

Meanwhile, Kyle has finally come to terms with his own sexuality and does the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life: getting a divorce from his wife, Jessica, with whom he has a toddler named Ryan. He leaves both behind in a bid to rebuild his life and to become the father he dreams of being to his son. It’s in this hurricane of life-changing events that Logan and Kyle end up meeting each other by chance in a small town far away from their previous lives. The spark between them is immediate and strong, but they both try to fight it, coming up with excuses not to pursue it.

While their friendship evolves, they find themselves even more attracted to each other. But will Logan trust he can find love with another man while his past is still so present? And is Kyle ready to invest in his first gay relationship at the same time as he’s fighting for his son’s custody?

Set in a small town with quirky characters and all the peculiarities that only a small town can offer, Logan and Kyle embark on a journey that could change their lives forever. But will they feel free to follow through?

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Meet James Lee Hard

jlhJames spends most of his time looking at his computer screen, trying to summon the magical words that make the ingredients for a great story. He dreams about being able to move people and becoming a great writer one day.
He writes contemporary gay romance and erotica but he wants to write about much more. His mind is filled with sci-fi gadgets, swords, wizards and dragons and he has trouble trying to choose one theme. Maybe one day we’ll read something starring sinewy heroes battling giant dragons in tight pants. But the romance will always be there. And the abs. And the happy endings – James is a sucker for them.
James draws inspiration from everyday life, books, movies, songs, pictures and much more. Almost everything can ignite his desire to write but not all will end up on his stories.
James is an indie author who relies on friends and a growing base of lovely beta readers to help him with his stories, ensuring that each book is better than the previous one.




  1. A great article thank you
    A fabulous book, I loved it <3

  2. I won a copy of your book in a Facebook party. I just noticed that it was published on my birthday. :-) I look forward to reading it.