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Get Hasselled with Santino Hassell with Out of the Five Boroughs: Flip Side – Chapter 1 from Nunzio’s POV – Part Two. Includes Giveaway



Flip Side – part 2

Chapter 1 from Nunzio’s POV

(If you missed Part One, you can catch up HERE)

If I had anything positive to say about David it was that his priorities were definitely in order. As soon as we stepped foot inside my apartment, he had Michael’s shirt ripped off. My best friend’s body was a thing of beauty. Smooth brown skin sliding flawlessly over the bumps and ridges of his hard torso and stomach, and perfect V cuts that had had me jacking it since he’d gained them back in high school.

I’d never forget that moment. He’d spent an entire summer in Puerto Rico and had come back for our junior year looking like a wet dream. He’d shot up to six feet and had apparently spent the summer working out because my mouth had actually watered at the sight of his abs.

A ragged groan jerked me out of my reverie. I locked the door and followed the two lovebirds to my bedroom. Yet again, they’d gotten totally lost in each other’s mouths as they stood at the foot of my bed. I wasn’t sure what their intentions were, but I hadn’t dragged their asses to my home just to watch them make out. That was somehow more fucking heartbreaking than the idea of seeing Michael nail the kid.

I pressed myself against Michael’s back.

“Get his pants down.”

He nodded, and I buried my face in his neck, inhaling deep. God, he smelled so good. And if I parted my lips just a little bit I could taste his sweat. The fact that these things turned me on so badly was probably indicative of me being obsessed, but those concerns had gone out the window years ago.

Michael showed no signs of undoing his own jeans so I helped him out, dropping my hands to his fly. I couldn’t fight a dirty grin as the zipper pressed against his bulge, and I nearly groaned when the tips of my fingers brushed against it. My hands shook. I jerked them away and helped him undress David before everyone realized I was in over my head.

The kid was made for this stuff. He splayed out on the bed naked as the day he was born but a lot more hung. He grinned up at us as his dick dripped.

“Damn that slut wants it,” I whispered.

Michael shuddered, nodding again, and proceeded to pin himself to David. The lack of contact was brutal after the precious moments of getting to feel his body pressed to mine. Watching him worship David’s body was even more brutal, mostly because I wished he was doing it to mine. Or more accurately, I wished he was letting me do it to him. I honestly wouldn’t have given a damn if Michael ever put his hands on me if he just let me kiss him and trace evey line and vein with my tongue once. Just once.

I was getting morose again. Time to go in. Literally.

I marched around the bed, undoing my own jeans and shoving them down, before positioning myself at the opposite side. David’s eyes rolled back so he could see me. The way he opened his mouth and extended his tongue was the best invitation I’d received all night. I tapped my dick against the flat of his tongue and couldn’t fight an answering grin when he immediately tried his best to get it down his throat. With a shock of silky blond hair caught in my fist, I slid deep inside because apparently the kid had zero gag reflex. And I wasn’t gentle. I was practically humping his face, and all he did was make muffled hungry noises.

It was almost too good. I hadn’t received a blowjob this bomb in a while, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the wet heat of his mouth.

“Fuck, his mouth is sweet,” I said.

He moaned, and I jerked him forward, fucking his face with the intent to release in his mouth. Every other thought whited out except the need to get off. I could feel it building in my gut, this slow burn that took my breath, until I was probably being too rough.

But David didn’t complain. He did, however, lose his rhythm and gag for the first time. My eyes slid open just in time to see Michael going down on David.

I slowed my thrusts, relaxing my grip on David’s hair, and stared in awe. It was no lie that we’d watched each other hookup with other people before, but usually I tried to be discreet. Now, I didn’t bother. The spectacle of my best friend giving head was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen in my life. Especially when his eyes opened and he met my thirsty stare. And held it.

It was a good time to stop making it obvious that I couldn’t take my eyes off him, but I couldn’t. And he didn’t stop staring at me. Or letting his gaze slide down to my dick as I slid it in and out of David’s mouth. For one seriously deranged moment, when Michael redoubled his efforts on David while still his eyes remained glued to my saliva covered cock, I pretended he was blowing me.

“Shit, Michael, you suck dick like a pro.” My own words, words I’d said to him so many times in my fantasies, nearly triggered an abrupt explosion. I pulled out of David’s mouth with a gasp. After a second of sharp inhales, I looked at Michael again. “I want to watch you fuck him.”

He sat up, breathing hard, and put his hands on David. “You want it?” he asked the kid.

I turned away to dig in my nightstand and nearly tore apart the box of Trojans with my unsteady hands.

“Yeah,” David whispered. “We could take turns.”

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. What was this kid doing to me?

I forced a laugh and tossed the condom at Michael’s chest. “Nah. Sorry, champ. We’re not about that life. A little touchy, some huggy, but no fucky when it comes to Michael and me. Unless he’s feeling adventurous….”

“Shut up.” Michael’s voice was pitched low as he rolled the condom over his dick.

“Too bad,” David said. “You look good together.” He bent his legs at the knees, spreading them.

I ignored the comment and slipped behind Michael again. “Too many clothes, Mikey.”

He didn’t protest when I ripped his jeans off, and just seemed grateful once I got him naked. The firm round globes of his ass were so beautiful I had half a mind to get on my knees and bite one of them, but I settled for squeezing.

“God, your ass was wasted on your fucking ex.” I grabbed a tube of lube from my dresser. “He didn’t know what he lost out on.”

And he’d had no idea how lucky he’d been to have Michael. My Michael. For two fucking years he’d fucked the man I love mostly every night, and had rubbed it in my face so often that there’d been a time when I’d actually considered keeping my distance. Staying away. Saving my sanity because there was only so much a man could take. But I’d decided to be patient, convinced one day I’d get my shot.

Yeah, some shot. Now I was sharing with some blond baby gay.

I buried my face in the crook of his neck once again, and reached around to slather lube on his rubbered dick. He cried out, and I released an answering moan. I’d never touched him like this before, never felt the iron length of his heat in my hand. Never expected him to thrust up into my curled fingers with obvious need.

“You want this little twink’s ass, not my hand,” I said. “Right?”

Michael groaned. David grinned.

“He talks a lot.”

“It’s part of the charm.” I ground my own throbbing dick against the seam of Michael’s ass. “Rail this motherfucker while I jerk off on you.”

There was barely a pause before Michael impaled David on his dick and promptly went to town on his ass.

“Oh shit,” David cried out, arching his back and clawing at the bed.

Michael responded by thrusting faster, angling deeper, and making sounds so gorgeous that I was on a constant rollercoaster of about-to-bust before the feeling receded. No matter how tight I gripped my dick, how frantically I pumped it, I couldn’t hit my peak.

I nuzzled Michael’s ear, panting in it before nibbling at the tip, and rutted against him. He ground against me before grabbing the back of my thigh. My heart did a cartwheel which nearly sent me into cardiac arrest.

“Don’t tempt me, Michael. Don’t fucking do it unless you want it.”

What I really wanted to say was don’t fucking tease me. Don’t fucking wreck me anymore than you already have. But I didn’t. It would kill the mood. Which would have been a shame since Michael seemed hellbent on giving me ideas far beyond splattering him with my cum. He rocked back against me on each thrust while his sweaty hand guided me against him.

“Fuck. Maybe this was a bad idea.”

“Shh,” Michael breathed.

He slowed down from frantic fucking to purposeful thrusts. Our sweaty bodies glided together, and the smell of him surrounded me. He was so close to me. Close enough to be mine. But he still wasn’t. A point that was illustrated when he leaned down to kiss David again. The jealousy that shot through me was so violent, it manifested in me grabbing a fistful of his hair. I jerked Michael back against me and attached my mouth to his throat, sucking a bruise into his neck. I didn’t want to share any more than I had to.

Even though I was watching him stretch out someone else’s ass, the rest of his body was mine to touch. To taste. And I got it in every way I could until we were dancing on this boundary that kept inching back with every graze of my sticky cockhead against his ass.

“So hot.” I grabbed Michael’s jaw and spoke directly into his ear. “Give him that big dick, Michael, and make him fucking come.”


His voice was so low and ruined that I slid my hand over just enough for my fingertips to graze his lips. I wasn’t prepared for him to let them into his mouth, or for him to cover them with his hot saliva. Sucking on them like he would have done to my dick if only David had picked tonight to stay his ass at home…

Michael’s head rolled to the side so that our eyes could meet even as I fucked his mouth with my fingers. He was inside David but focused on me. Only me.

“Jesus Christ.”

I bumped my hips against his to get the right position, and shifted so I could angle my dick into his ass. My thoughts blanked out, and my head was filled with white noise and the gallop of my heartbeat. I clutched at him, brows twisting up and mouth dropping open, as we became one. Just for that single delicious moment.

The intensity shattered with David crying out, Michael slamming back on my dick, and my body desperately scrabbling for release. It came after two hard thrusts into Michael’s body, and then I was coming so hard it felt like I was drowning in sensation. In emotion. Fuck, my body was so shaky and overwrought that maybe I’d die on the spot.

With my mind short circuiting, my body kicked into autopilot. I reached around to jerk David off while still plastered to Michael’s back, and blindly watched as everyone got each other messy. It was probably one of the hottest things to ever happen to me, but I was blind to them touching each other. I didn’t give a damn about anything except the half a minute that should have never happened. More than I’d ever gotten, would ever get again, and it wasn’t nearly enough.

Michael listed forward, but I held him in place with a sticky hand.



He crashed down to the bed and instantly curled up with David.

I had literally never felt more fucking abandoned.

My stomach hollowed out, but I forced a smile. “Adorable.”

Neither of them responded. Why would they? They were on cloud nine, in full-on cuddle mode, and I wasn’t needed for that. I hadn’t been needed at all. I’d invited myself.

Swallowing my bitterness, and a fair amount of self-loathing, I stretched out behind Michael. The golden brown stretch of his back was too tempting to resist, so I inched forward until I was spooning him. It felt good.

“I’m sorry,” I said again.

Michael didn’t respond, but he relaxed against me. When I found his fingers with my own, he instantly intertwined them. I wondered if he knew I wasn’t sorry at all.


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Santino is an author of gay romance that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences. His new book, FIRST AND FIRST, is the third in the Five Boroughs series and will be released on April 18, 2016. It is a standalone with a HEA ending.








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