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Review: The Edge of Control by Lou Kelly

30257272Title ~ The Edge of Control

Author ~ Lou Kelly

Published ~ 1st June 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





When passion pushes David Carlson into dangerous territory will he walk the razor’s edge between life and death in order to be with the man he loves?
As the youngest Chief of Medicine at Southside General Hospital, David Carlson has no business lusting after the most hostile nurse on the ER staff. A professional, hard-working, over-achiever, he’s finally realized his life-long dream of promotion, and the last thing he needs now are complications.
But he can’t help being intrigued by the enigmatic Ian James. Not only is Ian flat-out gorgeous, he’s also mysterious. And he awakens in David a passion that he hasn’t felt since … well, ever.
Unfortunately, Ian James is a man with a dangerous past and an even more dangerous present, and loving him will come at a cost. Can David trust him? Is he willing to put his entire career on the line to protect a man who might be playing him? Is Ian capable of loving and trusting him back?
Discovering the truth will take David into the heart of blackmail, corruption, and scandal. Straight to the edge of control.
The Edge of Control is a stand-alone, full-length novel with NO cliffhanger!

Freya’s Review

A hospital setting, good guys, bad guys, manipulating bastards, adrenaline moments and some man loving is what awaits the reader of Edge of Control.

I have to admit I’m a bit of hospital story junkie. I love them. I don’t know if it’s the upped prospect of angst or drama. But they all are just about guaranteed adrenaline fuelled moments somewhere.

Let me introduce you to the main characters. They include Ian James – a late twenties nurse who is hostile to all those around him. David Carlson – the 40-year-old, new chief of medicine. Caroline - the feisty red head. And, Albert the aging trusted secretary (who is also my favorite character). This story is told in the first person, by David.

Edge of Control is well named because David, not only has to keep control in drama filled situations; but, given his senior position, he has to check his actions (though not his thoughts) regarding one Ian James. David is a loveable character, but he has a tendency to ramble to himself. And although it’s amusing, I found it tested my limits.

As the blurb suggests Ian has a past which affects his future – hard childhood - did what needs must – hint hint. Add a manipulating judge plus David into the mix and the prospect of danger and heartache are assured. But, I’m not going to give any secrets away except to say that there are issues of trust, blackmail and corruption ahead for the couple, which provides some captivating reading.

While there are highs and lows in the story; for me, I felt the explanations were overcooked, and loss of David’s concentration between dialogue, distracting. It interrupted the flow of what was a potentially absorbing section. Also, some of the detail was superfluous to the story. Then again, if knowing a person’s mindset at each turn, every piece of clothing and all they eat, is what you like in a story then you’ll gobble it up.

That being said, when the dialogue is concentrated, it is excellent, engaging and often humorous. I especially liked the use of film references to help in a description or two. When the action got underway, it is a great read. So I guess it comes down to what you prefer in a read. If you aren’t a fan of waffle, steer clear.

There are many highlights in this story too, the press conference for one, I can’t tell you anything about it, except to say for me it was the making of the novel. It was emotional, high-octane, it had my temperature rising and my eyes glued to the page.

Overall, I ran hot and cold about Edge of Control. I realize that I haven’t said much about the story itself, but on this occasion, I feel that if I did, the rest wouldn’t take much working out, though there is the odd surprise. The nuts and bolts of the story provide an excellent drama and angst-filled read. Nonetheless, I found it about 10K too long. Then, on the one occasion, filled with high-octane drama, where I wanted more detail, there was a jump in the timeline. I nearly yelled at the page. You’ll know the part should you decide to read it. While I am an advocate of explanations and providing an all round picture; in this novel, I feel less would have been more, making the read punchier. Had the waffle been strictly edited, it would be scoring a 5.

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