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Release Day Review: The Hardest Fall (Roadmap to Your Heart #3) by Christina Lee

TheHardestFall-DIGITAL_HighRes_FinalTitle ~ The Hardest Fall (Roadmap to Your Heart #3)

Author ~ Christina Lee

Published ~ 23rd June 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





Lee trades country ballads for show tunes in the next standalone book of her Roadmap to Your Heart series.
After licking his wounds from a painful relationship, Tate Sullivan is ready to move back home. He picks up where he left off as drag queen extraordinaire Frieda Love in a West Village bar in New York City. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the mysterious man with the dark eyes who shows up to every single performance—flirtatiously eyeing Tate one second and disappearing on him the next. Why mess around with a guy who is clearly giving him mixed signals?
Sebastian Clark is on a mission the first night he shows up at Ruby Redd’s. He doesn’t anticipate his plan being flipped on its head by the charismatic drag queen and even more so by the mesmerizing man beneath the makeup. But the more he learns about the vibrant and brash Tate Sullivan the more intrigued he becomes. So he pushes aside his guilt about why he sought out the bar in the first place in order to get to know the guy behind the stilettos.
They’re opposites on many levels, but as Tate spends time volunteering with Sebastian at the shelter, he begins to feel good about himself in ways he hadn’t before. For Sebastian, Tate represents a sense of fun and freedom that is completely fresh and invigorating. Before they know it, their easy companionship catches fire, and Sebastian is kissing a man for the first time, while Tate is opening his heart to new possibilities. But Sebastian is still keeping a secret, and Tate will have to decide if he can trust again, or if the betrayal he feels from Sebastian’s confession is too much to overcome.

Lisa’s Review

4 “Dark Eyes” Stars!

“Just a boy loving a boy and wanting everything with him.”

The Hardest Fall is book three in Christina Lee’s Roadmap to Your Heart series. While this book is part of a series, it can certainly be read as a stand-alone. It’s a book that I truly enjoyed reading. This author has proven to me that she can write some seriously wonderful M/M contemporary romance. In my personal opinion, I think that Ms. Lee once again did a great job penning a low-angst and tender-hearted tale about two very opposite men who find their sizzling connection too hard to ignore.

Sebastian Clark is not sure why he keeps showing up at Ruby Redd’s Bar and Grille, a West Village Bar in New York where the main attraction is the drag queens shows. However, he’s a man with a reason to be there even though the lines are getting a little blurred with his fascination with Frieda Love, one of the talented drag queen’s that performs at the bar. Frieda Love is the reason he ventured into Ruby Redd’s in the first place. Sebastian just has to find the courage to actually carry out his plan.

Tate Sullivan is as beautiful as he is vivacious. He is who he is and makes no apologies for it. Tate left New York after a bad break up, but now he is back trying to reclaim his life once again. And, there’s no better way to do that then to transform into his alter ego, Frieda Love. Tate is all about the make-up, wardrobe and flash; however, underneath all that brazen beauty is a boy who is hiding.

Tate is certainly curious about the gorgeous dark-eyed man that keep regularly attending his shows and burning a hole right through him with his intense stare. The curiosity is reciprocated and Sebastian is just as intrigued by the charismatic drag queen who is also a stunning man when the stilettos come off. The pair travel down the rocky path of interest but it does not take long for both men to go from tentative friends to wanting to give in in to their lust-fueled fantasies. Pretty soon the stolen kisses shared between our two protagonists and the sizzling hot passion building between them has Sebastian wishing for things he knows he has never imagined. Sebastian is as equally captivated by the brash Frieda Love as he is the vibrant Tate. The men connect on a level that transcends anything they have known before. Tate and Sebastian are from two very different worlds? Furthermore, there’s a deep, dark secret hanging between them that can threaten the fragile bond that is developing. Will it all be ripped away from them before they even have a chance to truly get started?

I absolutely loved the slow and hard fall that both Tate and Sebastian take with one another. I loved how Sebastian appreciated Tate the man but also loved Tate as Frieda Love, essentially accepting all the parts that made Tate who he is. Tate was a bundle of contradictions and insecurities and had a hard time fully giving himself away. Sebastian chipped away at his armor, piece by piece.Finding their way may not have been an easy venture for either one of them; however, our protagonists discover that what matters in life is often what we have to fight the hardest to obtain. Watching two very different men open up and become utterly vulnerable with one another was beyond beautiful. The wonder and passion of their relationship was explosive as both deal with their insecurities and inner turmoil regarding their profound connection. I loved watching their feelings grow for one another. Both men fell hard and needed to come to a conclusion as to whether they could actually make it work.

The sex in this book was hot, raw, sweaty and erotically passionate. After all, Sebastian has a lot to learn about gay sex and Tate is oh so willing to teach him. When they finally give in to the escalating tension between them... HOT DAMN! Pair these two together you most definitely get fire-inducing sex that would leave anyone with a pulse panting. You get rough, dirty, and passionately scorching sex! The dirty perv in me loved every minute of it. Lol!

All in all, this author has delivered a sweet love story that also managed to keep me intrigued as I rooted for our two sexy protagonists. As they begin to discover one another and explore what they could share, you could unquestionably feel the palpable and profound bond they shared. The Hardest Fall turned out to be an enjoyable read. I can’t wait for more in this series!

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