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As M/M Reviewers, between us we have read thousands of m/m romance novels over the years and we would like to share our favourites with you, those reads that have been 4+ stars for us. So every Monday we bring you our Quick Bites, short reviews of our recommended reads.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We have four great Quick Bites to brighten up the start of your week from Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban,  Jordan L Hawk, Sara York and Sloan Parker. Don’t forget you can can also enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Kindle eBook of your choice from this weeks Quick Bites.


Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban

51FZmCaiPmL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rating ~ 4 Stars

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Ten years after graduation, Jake "the jock" Campbell and Brandon "the nerd" Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds. When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on Jake's baseball team, they find themselves learning more about each other than they'd ever expected. High school is all about image – even for the teachers. Brandon and Jake have to get past their preconceived notions to find the friendship needed to work together. And somewhere along the way, they discover that perceptions can always change for the better.

Debra’s Quick Bite

This is a sweet, opposites attract (jock and nerd) romance, between two men who travelled in different worlds in high school and now in their thirties they are thrown together when they are both back as teachers.   Jake is the “jock” now coaching the HS baseball team and Brandon is a science teacher at the school.  Both are closeted at work and when Brandon is assigned to help coach the team, the two find out they’re not as different as they thought.

Not a lot of action here, but the two have great chemistry, fun banter and are incredibly sweet together. I liked watching their preconceived notions and stereotypes crumble as they got to know each other.  When the two finally get together it’s definitely steamy!  Their coaching team adds to the fun as the two sneak around and try to remain on the down low.  It took a while to get used to the POV changes but once you figure it out, it’s an easy, no angst, enjoyable read that has become one of my go-to comfort books.


Hunter of Demons (SPECTRE #1) by Jordan L Hawk

51vpde8EJUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rating ~ 5 Stars

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What happens when an exorcist falls in love with the demon he's meant to destroy?

Book 1 in the SPECTR series.

Unregistered paranormal Caleb Jansen only wants a normal life. But when a demon murders his brother, Caleb knows he has to avenge Ben's death, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, his only allies belong to an extremist group who would kill Caleb if they found out about his talent.

Gray is a wandering spirit, summoned to hunt and destroy demons by drinking their blood. This hunt goes horribly wrong, and for the first time in his existence Gray is trapped in a living, human body. Caleb's body...and Caleb is still in it.
Hotshot federal agent John Starkweather thinks he's seen it all. But when he's called to exorcise Caleb, he finds a creature which isn't supposed to exist outside of stories. For Gray is a drakul: a vampire.

Having spent his life avoiding the government as an unregistered 'mal, Caleb can't let himself trust a federal exorcist, no matter how sexy. And he certainly isn't going to give into the heat growing between them and sleep with Starkweather.

Because if Gray gives in to bloodlust, Starkweather will have no choice but to kill them both.

Sally’s Quick Bite

This paranormal is such a treat, and it’s the first of a nice chunky serial of six so there’s plenty more to come. The author builds a world where demons of various kinds exist, constantly threatening the human world, and those humans who have the skills to oppose them are carefully registered, monitored and/or coopted into SPECTRE which is like the spook police, if they are strong enough. Ordinary humans are scared stiff of demons and, because ordinary humans are like that, a good proportion also fear and despise SPECTRE and all those people with even a trace of empathic, telekinetic or sorcerous skill.

Caleb, brave, stressed out and prickly, is a perfect foil for special agent John’s brand of competent, slightly know it all, charm and then there’s Gray, the demon [or is he a demon?] who accidentally traps himself in Caleb’s body and upends what everyone thinks they know about the world of demons. Cue a series of fabulous adventures, each focusing on a different type of entity, with an underlying plot that builds from book to book until it reaches an explosive climax.

If that’s not enough, this first book of the series is a free read on Amazon.

This series is on my comfort read  list and is highly recommended for those weekends when you just want the world to go away.


Sending Jack Off to Jesus (A Southern Thing #2)

by Sara York

61c8ZAMP58L._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Rating ~ 5 Stars

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Jack Miller has more than he could ask for with Andrew as his boyfriend, but it's being taken away from him and there isn't anything he can do. His father knows he's gay, and his mother wants him to have sex with a girl to make sure he's not mistaken. Andrew Collins has found the perfect home in foster care with Cole and Melinda Kemp, but it won't last. The DA thinks his parents have proven they've changed, but Andrew doesn't believe the change will last. Just when Jack and Andrew think it can't get any worse, it does.

Jack's father sends him to New Life Christian Camp, a program that promises to pray the gay away. But Andrew has it worse, as his father takes out his anger on him, leaving him near death. Both Jack and Andrew are lost to each other, their lives in tatters all because their parents wanted to pray the gay away.

Mark’s Quick Bite

Last week I had book one, Pray The Gay Away as my Quick Bite so this week I’m featuring book two. After finishing book one I didn’t think it could get any better. Then came book two……. OMG!!!! I mean...I mean… like... WOW …erm… WTF!...erm…HOLY CRAP…OMG!!!! ….. If religion and homosexuality is an explosive combination then the first book is only the incendiary device which detonates with an almighty bang in the second book!!! I have just been put through an emotional hell and back! I have run a gamut of indescribable feelings. Sara York packs a punch with this second book and does not shy away from the horrors of being gay in a strictly religious environment.

Sara York doesn’t shy away from anything in this book. The hypocrisy of religious fanaticism, the double standards of liars who profess to doing everything in the name of God’s Will. Yes, this whole explosive cocktail that just went up with an almighty boom in book two was handled masterfully with no watering down of the hard core facts. An emotional read on all levels. If you have doubted starting this series for whatever reason then don’t!!!! You will really have missed out on one of the most compelling stories I have ever read.


Breathe by Sloan Parker

51203cy3nJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rating ~ 4.5 Stars

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Lincoln McCaw lost everything--his home, his job, his partner--after he caused a fatal accident. A year later, he's drowning the guilt and despair in whiskey, but he needs to move on. His sister and her kids are counting on him. Then he meets a man who ignites a passion Lincoln thought he'd never find. Too bad one night is all they can have together. Now he needs to figure out how to turn away from the only person who makes him feel alive...before whoever is sending him threats decides Lincoln needs to suffer more than he already has.

Jay Miller is surrounded by grief and misery until he finally gives in to all those years of sexual fantasies about being with another guy. Realizing he's ended up in the arms of the man who caused his wife's accident, he tries to pull away. But how can he give up a friendship he needs more than anything--a friendship and a love that could save him? He may not have time to make the choice before someone else destroys it all. 

Macky’s Quick Bite

Because of the premise of 'Breathe', I really wasn't sure how Sloan Parker was going to be able to make a romance work out of the ashes of the sort of thought provoking tragedy that connects Lincoln and Jay in this story, but make it work she did and by the time I'd closed my Kindle I couldn't imagine why I’d ever doubted it in the first place!  From the moment they first spy each other outside of a bar, to their first sexual liaison (before realising what they are to each other), through to the books nail biting conclusion...  I was totally immersed in every aspect of the story. There's heartbreak, mystery, suspense, nasty ass supporting characters who will have you gnashing your teeth, soul searching and of course some combustible sexual tension and love scenes hot enough to set the page on fire. In retrospect there were odd questionable moments but nothing that spoiled the flow of the story, so this has remained another well loved, early days favourite and I’ve kept it ever since.



As Hunter of Demons is currently FREE on Amazon then the winner can choose any of the other three books. You know what to do, so GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I'd choose Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban, as I loved these authors way with banter and companionship in the Cut & Run series.
    Thanks for the chance.

  2. Caught Running, I could use an angst free read.

  3. Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban.

  4. I love the sound of both Caught Running AND Breathe. Not read either of those but I have the other two which were utterly fantastic. I can't even think of the amount of times I have read Hunter Of Demons - brilliant! :D
    Elizabeth Marshall (e.marshall@)

  5. I would choose Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban.

  6. I would chose Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban because I've had it on my wishlist for a while.

  7. Breathe by Sloan Parker would be my choice.

  8. Breathe by Sloan Parker. It sounds intriguing.

  9. Caught Running by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban

  10. Breathe. I haven't read anything by this author yet.

  11. My choice would be Breathe by Sloan Parker. Thank you.

  12. Breathe by Sloan Parker. Thanks for the chance!

  13. Sending Jack Off to Jesus! I love this series. :D