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Review: Broken (#Hashtag Book 2) by Kady Hunt

brokenTitle ~ Broken (#Hashtag Book 2)

Author ~ Kady Hunt 

Published ~ 14 April 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary, New Adult Romance





Teague Connolly has a secret.
It’s a secret that has the potential to destroy him.
Add to this the fact that Mia Pearson, the love of his life, is having second thoughts about being in an exclusive relationship and it makes up for a deadly combination.
How will Holden deal with the new information released about Daniel and Jamie? And how accurate is this recent piece of news?
Sebastian finally meets the person who has been sending him the letters. Is he doing the right thing or making the biggest mistake of his life?
In this episode, the friends find out that some secrets can hurt.
#hashtag is a New Adult Romance about a group of friends who become trapped in a world of Lies, Sex and Deception. But when their love lives get tangled in the mess, they must find a way to fight the danger that surrounds them without hurting the person they are really, truly in love with and sometimes that means making sacrifices.
When you don’t know who’s lying and who isn’t, and when the lines of good and bad start to blur, will the friends be able to bury their secrets before the secrets bury them all?
How will they survive the online tabloid magazine #HASHTAG that seems hell bent on divulging the very secrets the friends are trying to protect? No one knows the true identity of the person they call #HT but it seems as though they are a little too obsessed with scandalizing the friends and revealing these secrets at the most inopportune times.

 Freya’s Review

At the start of this book, there is a ‘Story So Far’ chapter which brings the reader up to speed with anything missed or forgotten in book one – which had some excellent reviews. This book is part of a series (and isn’t the last one) so if you don’t mind hanging onto life between books then buy now and read on. This extra chapter at the start also allowed me to read book two as, effectively, a standalone.

Broken is a story of friendships, and the twists and turns in life that can make or break them. Thus far we have been introduced to Teague (Male), Mia (F), Holden (M), Jamie (F), Daniel (M) and Sebastian (M). I give the gender as I got a little confused at the start (I hadn’t read book one) and some of the names can be male or female.

Teague and Mia are together. Teague seems to have appointed himself Sebastian’s protector. Holden is in a bad place after his best friend (Daniel) and fiancĂ© (Jamie) share a night together. But, Holden continues to care for Jamie. So, we have a love triangle. Daniel loves Jamie. Jamie loves Holden. And, although Holden loves Jamie, he’s hurting over the betrayal. All that, and the love trio isn’t even the main plot in this instalment.

There’s a lot of baggage around for a bunch of friends who are young and at the start of their lives. Holden discovers his family has secrets, and he wants answers. Then again it seems that everyone in the group is keeping something from someone.

Enter Liam Delaney – successful entrepreneur who offers Sebastian a business card and an appointment. His inclusion leads to a subplot that is delicious and creepy.

This story has multiple POV’s, and you need your wits about you when reading. I’m 99% sure that if this story were produced by a publishing house instead of self-published, there would have been a recommendation that it be written in the 3rd person. But, that’s the freedom of self-publishing. While the different points of view give the story a good sense of realism and ‘in the moment’, I occasionally found the constant changes a bit much – especially after a seventh POV was added. Then again the POV’s give the story a raw element. So, I remain on the fence on that.

What, on the face of it seems like a bunch of friends trying to cope with life is, in fact, something much darker. Broken is a story that involves cage fighting, modeling, a drugs empire, and stalking in a series of main and sub-plots.

Broken, is a bloody good read. But, as already stated this is a series, and it isn’t all M/M. In fact, for the majority, it is M/F. So, if you are looking for a read that is heavy on the M/M, this isn’t it. The M/M element doesn’t start until 55% of the way through and only dominates the story for a portion of the rest of it. The only reason why I am reviewing this story is because it has a gay element – emphasis on the word element. All the sex scenes are M/F too. I guess for someone like me, who enjoys reading M/M and M/F stories, I’d call this a compromise book. A type I’d like to see more of in the future, but, with more equal proportioning.

Anyhow, there are twists, turns, and secrets on every page. Some secrets get revealed and solved some don’t. As already said, there are plots and sub-plots. Some of the characters are deliciously evil and self-centered. There’s not an innocent amongst them. Unfortunately, there are couple of spelling mistakes and a case of character confusion – Vince is used when it should have been Liam.

As I am reading this for a Gay Romance review site, I was torn with how to mark it. Overall this story rates a 4* because it is a good story, with a good plot and good characters, and the ending did give me a lump in the throat. However, the M/M element is minuscule compared to the M/F. Therefore, I felt as though I should give it much less due to lack of gay content. But, I know you guys are a broad minded bunch, so I erred on the side of good story.

There are pretty detailed M/F sex scenes whereas the M/M, on all but one occasion, stops at kissing. And when it did go further, it didn’t include the sex act itself – not even the thought of a blow job. Don’t read this believing it’s the gay book of the series. Although, I have to say the things Sebastian goes through spoke to my emotions far more than the M/F relationships. For me, I found the gay element secondary to the main plot of Teague and Mia, and there are some parts of the story I’d like to have seen resolved before the end. There were enough questions and plot tendrils to keep the reader guessing and hanging on for the next in the series.

If you are a person who prefers reading M/F who doesn’t mind an injection of M/M, then this is perfect. If you are a person who prefers your reading to be primarily M/M with a mixed supporting cast, then you may end up frustrated with it.


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