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Release Day Review: Bombs and Guacamole by BA Tortuga

BombsandGuacamoleLGTitle ~ Bombs and Guacamole

Author ~ B.A. Tortuga

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Published ~ 6th May 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





ER doctor Dusty Lowry grew up in a conservative rural Texas family that has never quite forgiven him for staying in New Mexico after his stint in the Army. Paramedic Nate Miller, Dusty’s best friend since their early Army days, has a hippie momma, a tiny apartment, and is in lust with his buddy. When their other Army friend, Kyle, gets married, they start thinking about settling down. In fact, they both know what they want: each other. Too bad they’ve never shared that goofy little fact.
A trip to visit Dusty’s family in Texas changes everything, and Dusty and Nate aren’t sure where to go from there. Good thing they’re smart guys, and between a series of bombings that target first responders, their friend Kyle’s wife getting pregnant, and more than one bowl of guacamole, they begin to figure out how to have a relationship.
But as the bombings get closer to home, Nate and Dusty must navigate love and commitment before they lose their chance.

Molly’s Review

I love stories about hot alpha males and this one was so good. Military buddies Doctor Dusty Lowry and paramedic Nate Miller each have a secret that they haven’t told anyone. We know their secret and the chemical attraction between these two hotties is evident to everyone except them.

Bombs and Guacamole has action, dangerous situations and a smoldering romance that began even before the two confessed to each other that they were gay and so hot for the other.

The story begins at the wedding of their good friend and other military buddy, Kyle. It’s so funny how they’re trying to get the other one to dance with a girl, or date women and neither wants that. It’s totally understandable, being military; they never wanted their sexuality to get out, but they are civilians now, and neither are getting any younger.

Dusty gets guilted into coming home to Texas for his parent’s fortieth anniversary and he doesn’t want to go, because they’ll goad him about settling down and having babies, but he ends up inviting Nate to come with him. The sexual tension between these two is yummy, and the encounter which reveals their secret to each other is spectacularly delicious.

Nate’s mom’s a hoot. She’s an old hippy, and very insightful. Nate thought he’d kept his secret pretty safe from everyone, but mom calls him on it when he mentions that he knows she wants grandkids, and she replies, “When you meet a nice boy, you can adopt. Unless he already has kids.” Cat out of the bag. Go mom. Then she guesses who his crush is and gives him advice on getting his man, or at least finding out if Dusty is gay. That’s the kind of supporting parent I love in a story, and she has character too.

These are two very busy guys. Dusty is an ER Doc who works all the time, and Nick is a paramedic who works even more. So, what's lacking in their relationship is sex; which is a shame for us. There are just a couple of scenes where they explore each other, which is nice and kinda hot, but I wanted more.

I love the way their jobs are fully meshed into this story. There is a bomber who is targeting emergency personnel and first responders. Nick’s bus is hit just after the two men discover each other, and it gets scarier for them as the story progresses.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves hot military guys, doctors and paramedics and likes a bit of action in their romance, and of course guacamole.

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