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Review: HOME (Home #1) by Donna McIntosh

home-donnamc-coverTitle ~ HOME

Author ~ Donna McIntosh

Publisher ~ Wayward Ink Publishing

Published ~ 25th March 2016

Genre ~ Science Fiction, Thriller, M/M Romance





LAPD Detective Sean Hennessey has one person he's repeatedly tried to arrest and bring to justice: his nemesis, Mitchell Yates.

Yates has been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of LA’s underbelly; however, Sean can never pin anything on him.

But one night all of that changes.

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of arresting Yates, Sean is rescued by him and taken to Yates’ home—a satellite high above Earth. There, Sean discovers a world he thought possible only in Science Fiction.

Everything he believed he knew about Yates is turned upside down, and Sean must make a decision: to remain with the LAPD or join Yates and work toward intergalactic peace.

* This new edition contains all the material from the previously published Home and The Missions books, plus material from a previously unpublished 3rd volume and much, much more.


Freya’s Review

Exciting Start

Yates/Yana belongs to a group called the Peace Keepers and lives in a city in space. Sean is a detective and has no idea such a force is possible, let alone exists as a satellite to Earth. Sean is convinced Yates is ‘dirty’ and desperately wants to pin something on him. So, he gets a shock when Yates saves him from an assassination attempt and takes him HOME.

For me I found HOME to be somewhat like – Star Trek meets Dr. Who, with an added twist. Only the tales are being told from the POV of one of the civilizations they visit, rather than from the Enterprise or Tardis. It is also a book of two parts. The first part concentrates on the revelations of HOME, and the relationship between Sean and Yates (aka Yana), the second half is mission orientated. At which time, we are treated to a view of what else is ‘out there’. Some of it is scary. Some of it is erotic. It comes down to personal preference on action vs. romance as to which anyone will favour.

HOME has a good cast of varied individuals, from cute little Evie, and the best friend - Aaron, to a diverse range of aliens. I have to admit, Aaron was my fav.

As with most books, there are highs, lows and everything in between. And yes, some missions left me with questions, but how much detail a writer goes into is one of the choices an author has to make. Science fiction can be a minefield of tangents. Also, I’m no technical expert, so can’t comment on what is theoretically possible, all I know, is, what is believable, and HOME didn’t have me heading for Google. Damn, I so wish it was real to have a lover who could appear out of nowhere to be with me at my time of need. Oh and the possibilities of avoiding traffic jams. At that part, I was officially jealous. The sex is hot too – Sean is a pro at giving head.

I love science fiction, but, for me, a highlight was seeing Sean at his day job, it added some grounding and reality to the proceedings. However, once Sean and Yana go on missions, situations get dicey, to the point where their faith and trust in each other is tested.

HOME has a lot in it and reading it was like reading the series movie and following episodes. By now, you guys know I don’t do spoilers. What I will say is that HOME contains lizards, a pleasure planet, capture, jealousy, heartache, two stubborn foolhardy men, harvesters, family issues and a host of situations. If that sounds up your street, beam this to an electronic device near you.


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Meet Donna McIntosh

DONNA McINTOSH was born in Elmira, New York, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, married a Texan and has lived all over Texas for the last thirty-plus years. Donna has four children, ran a Day Care Center for many years and has written fan fiction since she was thirteen.

Donna loves long walks so her mind can ramble. She loves reading and her tastes run from Historical novels, to Sci-Fi, Westerns, Classics, all the way to WWII and biographies. In short, anything that catches her eye.

Donna loves total quiet, very little TV, occasional movies, wildlife, beaches, birds, cats, newborn babies, flowers, and great big smiles. Oh, and hugs!

She hates flying, total darkness, people who talk endlessly about themselves, intolerance, and bigotry.

Donna’s biggest asset?  Her wild and endless imagination.

Her biggest flaw? She’s a Libran and simply cannot make a decision!

DONNA McINTOSH can be found at her website:

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