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Review : One More Time (Love, Vegas Style Book 3) by Ethan Stone

one more time

Title ~ One More Time (Love, Vegas Style Book 3)

Author ~ Ethan Stone

Published ~ 25th February 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Love, Vegas Style, Book 3
Small town cop Will Jacoby is comfortable in his life, or so he thinks. When he realizes that Brannon Frost, his neighbor and friend, has grown into a handsome young man, he’s confused by his interest. Things get even more messed up in Will’s head when Brannon kisses him.
A man would know he’s gay before the age of thirty, right?
When Brannon’s father dies, Will steps up and becomes the friend Brannon needs. Soon Will is no longer able to deny his feelings for the young man, even though it could damage his carefully constructed life and career.
This story was formerly part of the multi-author anthology Uniform: A Man in Uniform MM Bundle.

Molly’s Review

One More Time, is a sweet tale about small town cop, William Jacoby. He's a self-proclaimed heterosexual man who is confused by thoughts he's having of his just turned eighteen year old friend and neighbor, Brannon Frost. When the kid's father dies in an accident, they become closer and Will has to deal with his feelings.

I loved the opening line. "Yes, Ma'am, I understand you're not very happy with your husband, but that doesn't mean you can attack him with a weasel." It was a nice hook that brought you in. I really like this writer’s style, it’s kind of fun, and made me laugh. The next scene was funny too, where Will sees a naked man running and follows him. It's humorous, and gives us a little insight into Will and his place in the community. He’s a good guy, smart, and sort of reminds me of Sheriff Andy Taylor, from the Andy Griffith Show.

Will and Brannon’s relationship starts out just as a friendship and slowly develops as Brannon confesses his feelings towards Will, and Will has to process his hidden feelings for the younger man. I liked how this all played out, it wasn’t rushed, and the author really let us inside Will’s head as he figured all this shit out. It wasn’t all of the sudden; he really took us on a journey, Will’s journey.

While Will is still confused about his attraction to Brannon, he dreams of his friend from summer camp when he was fourteen years old. He can’t remember why he and Efrain aren't friends anymore, but later he recalls what happened between them, and how the guy rejected him the next summer. Then he realizes that he blocked out the fact that he's gay.  I could see him denying his feelings and not trusting male relationships, but not completely forgetting that he was gay. It's like it's a surprise to him. That didn’t feel very realistic to me, but in any case, he’s now ready to move forward, which made me happy, and Brannon too, of course.

I like Brannon. He’s a sweet kid, and apparently smarter than Will gave him credit for. He could tell that Will was attracted to him, way before Will was ready to accept it.

Will and Brannon finally make love and it’s very sweet. The sex isn’t necessary hot and steamy, but it’s the first time for both of them, having sex with a man, so I think it’s appropriate. Will gives us his emotions while he discovers Will’s body and realizes he loves him.

This is a short and sweet romance with a happy ending. A good read on a lazy day.

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Connect with Ethan Stone

Ethan Stone doesn’t write your typical boy meets boy stories. With a combination of love and suspense he makes his characters work hard for their HEAs. If they can survive what he puts them through, then they can survive anything. He enjoys Romance with an Edge.

Ethan has been reading mysteries and thrillers since he was young. He’s had a thing for guys in uniform for just as long. That may have influenced the stories he writes.

He’s a native Oregonian with two kids. One of whom has made him a grandfather three times over; even though he is way too young.


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