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Book Brief: Truck Me Back to Normal by J.D. Walker

truckmeTitle ~ Truck Me Back to Normal

Author ~ J.D. Walker

Publisher ~ MLR Press

Published ~ 21 February 2016

Genre ~  Contemporary M/M Romance





Joey Choi doesn't think he can have a relationship with anyone because of his PTSD, but Barrimore Lancett sets out to prove him wrong.
Joseph "Joey" Choi has been to hell and back. A war veteran, he was in a bad place for a long time until his brother Derrick got him the help he needed. Joey figures the least he can do is learn how to do things on his own, for a change. His first step is to apply for a job at a farm.
Barrimore "Bear" Lancett, the farm's foreman, is larger than life and seriously hot. And God, those dimples! They both have a "moment," but Joey immediately pushes those wayward, intimate thoughts aside, convinced he's not relationship material, much less with his boss.
That doesn't stop Bear, and after an argument which leads to a fist fight, he gives Joey the kiss of a lifetime. Now, Bear just has to convince Joey to take it one step further, and maybe find his new normal.


Freya’s Book Brief

Joey Choi is a young war veteran with PTSD. Having gone through hell, he begins to emerge from the other side and gets a job at a farm. He’s ready for some things, but certainly not a relationship. Bear Lancett, the farm foreman/owner is a man who is firm with instruction, sparse with praise and seemingly impervious to any form of seduction – not that Joey is looking to do such a thing. Bear though is determined to show Joey that even with PTSD it is possible to move forward.

Recovery for Joey means taking life one small step at a time, and working on the farm seems ideal for that. The atmosphere created at the farm is one of efficiency and family. Though, there is a working distance between the boss and his workforce. Bear is gorgeous in every way, and my heart went out to Joey, whose self-esteem is guarded to the nth degree.

Truck Me Back to Normal is a shortie – only 43 pages long and told in the first person. Therefore the author, wisely, has aimed their writing skills on one aspect in a sea of possibilities. Despite the issue of PTSD, we only get a glimpse into the hell Joey has been through, as this story focuses more on taking another step forward toward a normal life. I enjoyed the banter between the characters. It always elicited an emotion from me, usually smile or laugh. It was natural and flowed well.

I found this to be a sweet feel good story with sizzle, that left me with a fuzzy warm feeling. It didn't stray into superfluous areas of detail and was a good length for the glimpse into this one aspect of the world of Joey and Bear. Encounters, whether verbal or more physical are well timed, amusing and occasionally H.O.T. I wouldn’t mind reading more from the world of these boys.


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