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Book Brief : The Captain’s Men by T.J. Land


Title ~ The Captain’s Men

Author ~ T.J. Land

Publisher ~ NineStar Press

Published ~ 12th March 2016

Genre ~  Erotic Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Menage



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The Prayer and her crew have been lost in space for four years. Thomas is lonely and homesick; Zachery is angry and mutinous; Rick is just terrified. And all of them are really in need of some hands-on time with their captain.
The only thing holding them together is their captain, an aloof, sharp-tongued man whose methods of keeping up morale are unconventional, but extremely effective. But now the captain has a choice to make: do they continue their fruitless search for a way home or try to start a new life in this strange galaxy?
The Captain's Men contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.

Freya’s Book Brief

Among the stars, the captain and his men are adrift. They’d been adrift for a long time. Thank heavens the ship could synthesize what they needed to stay alive. So - twelve people in space. What could possibly occupy their minds? And more importantly, what occupied their time?

The story starts in a rather... um... hands on way and doesn’t stray far from that path. Yes, I know that sentence sounds strange. But, once you’ve read the story, it’ll make sense after.

Each crewmember has their quirk and identifying character. I can’t imagine a more diverse set of people in one place. For example, one likes gardening, another loves engines, and one does the things no one else likes doing. A little fetish is thrown in, too. As for the captain, he is caustic and unforgiving in his rule of the ship. But, damn he’s a handsome brute; attractive to the point where, for many, he is prime spank-bank material.

This is an introductory story to the world of the captain and those on the adrift ship, The Prayer. It wasn’t until I finished this story that I realized there was more under the surface than originally thought. There is something about the captain that is enigmatic, sexy, dangerous and vulnerable. There are also glimpses of backgrounds and events that have the makings of several novellas to come.

The crew are extremely sexual beings, (yes, that includes the captain), and despite plenty of the sexual action being described, I felt a touch cheated when the multi-man tryst wasn’t. Maybe the author thought it was one orgasm too far, or the logistics overwhelming. But, I wanted that scene. I wanted that ultimate romp in the stars.

The Captains Men isn’t remotely anything like Dickens in space or attached to the world of Arthur C Clarke. I could actually understand what I was reading here. This first story is a delightfully sarcastic quirky fuckathon that I found totally entertaining – and it promises more to come – figuratively, physically, and sexually. In fact, thinking about the next story, the word, deeper, comes to mind – it could have many more meanings than the one, some of you naughty minded people may assume.

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