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Featured Guest Author: Lynn Kelling Interviews Shea from Loving the Master (with Bonus Commentary from David) Includes Giveaway


Happy Release Day to Lynn Kelling!

We are so excited to have not only Lynn Kelling with us today as she celebrates the release of Loving the Master. But also the two main characters Shea and David. Love this interview!… go check it out.


Lynn Interviews Shea

(with Bonus Commentary from David)

Lynn: Hi Shea, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

Shea: Well, you’re very welcome, Ms. Kelling, and I think we all know exactly how difficult it was for me to be here, given my exceedingly busy schedule. I mean it’s not like all of those comics are going to read themselves. And if I’m not there to obey David in every conceivable way, bad things happen. There’s a lot of clenching involved.

David: Sweetheart, I’m not sure your particular brand of sarcasm is going to translate well out of context.

Shea: Are you actually doubting my ability to be convincingly sarcastic? It’s one of the few things I excel at, along with being able to selectively fact-check other nerds and my skill at following direct commands of a sexual nature. But I wasn’t being completely sarcastic anyway. I take my job very seriously, you know. There was this one time he had to go on a work trip and I couldn’t go with him, so when he got back I could see it in his posture when he got out of the car from four friggin stories up in the air that he was so backed up and frustrated he was going to Hulk out on everyone unless I got him alone and talked him down. And I did, because seducing David is kind of my superpower. Not to brag or anything, because really… who’d have thunk?

David: Terribly sorry, Lynn. He derails quite easily, I’m afraid. Perhaps some introductions to start out with?

Shea: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan, but can I just take a moment to point out that my deeply beloved, control-freak Master has just hijacked the interview? David, you have to let her ask the questions. There’s no point in you asking me questions. Though I’m sure whatever you asked wouldn’t be at all appropriate for Lynn’s audience.

*David smirks wryly at Lynn, who chuckles*

David: Let’s just let him pretend that’s true, or else you’ll never get a single question in. There are tangents waiting for him everywhere with that one.

Shea: You’re still doing it. Lynn doesn’t take orders from you, David.

David: Really? You think so?

Lynn: Okay, jumping in here.

David: Sorry, Lynn. I guess I’ve been spending too much time with him – seems he’s rubbing off on me.

*Shea laughs*

Shea: No, no. Too easy. Keep going.

Lynn: Shea, tell us a little about who you are. Feel free to introduce David as well, since today’s chat is all about you.

Shea: I’m being introduced first? Wow. This may be the first time in the history of times that someone’s going to know who I am before they know David. That’s pretty amazing. Anyway. Introductions. He’s giving me that look, so I know, David, okay? I’ll try to rein it in. I’m a chatterbox. It’s all usually stream of consciousness with me unless he helps me focus. He’s good at that. But I was introducing myself, wasn’t I? And I didn’t. So, this is me. I’m Shea Whittier, blue eyes, light brown hair, normal-ish body shape, former waiter, former terrible high school student, former super boring and hopelessly pathetic terrible dancer guy.

David: You’re much more than that, you know.

Shea: I was getting there, you didn’t let me finish. Start low and aim high, right?

David: But don’t give too much away, you’ll ruin the surprise.

Shea: Oh crap, you’re right. What can I say, then? Huh. Well… I’m currently… acquainted with… David Davenport. Don’t roll your eyes. You’re the one who told me not to give away spoilers. But wait a minute, Lynn is writing this series backwards anyway. They know we end up together. They’ve known that since the first book. It’s not a spoiler.

David: Are you sure?

Shea: Well, now I’m not.

Lynn: Shea, how would you describe David?

Shea: Ooh, that’s an open door if I ever saw one… So, first I’d start with the shape of his ass and the sound he makes when you take two fingers and very lightly—*Shea yelps* Okay, I was kidding! I was totally kidding, I swear. You let me get pretty far with that before you stopped me, though. Very generous of you, Master Davenport.

Lynn: Is that what you usually call him?

Shea: Only when I’m okay with paying for it later, which I am. It’s totally fine. But yeah, he’s my Master. I mean, he’s more than that, but he’s also that, if it makes any sense. And he’s way, way too hot to be with someone like me, and I’m going to start talking very quickly and loudly, because he hates when I say stuff like that so he’s going to want to interrupt, but it’s true and Lynn asked me… something. What did you ask me again?

Lynn: To describe David.

Shea: Like, literally? He’s kind of tall. I mean, he’s taller than me, but he’s not the tallest guy I know. He’s got green eyes and brown hair and he always looks like he just stepped out of an expensive perfume commercial. You know, the black and white kind with sultry moodiness? And he’s a workaholic. Honestly, it’s an actual problem. He’s got the club to run – Manse – filled with all kinds of horny gay dudes who get way out of control sometimes, but that’s what security’s for. David’s got an incredibly terrifying array of human bulldozers working for him, which is pretty effective, but they’re not just for keeping the patrons in line, it’s more of a general paranoia – but I say that in a loving way! Calm down. Don’t give me that look.

Lynn: What does David do besides run the club?

Shea: He’s also the head Master guy there. He runs the local BDSM community, so that takes up a lot of time, too, but he includes me in that part so it’s fine. You know, I’m seriously thinking having him here was a bad idea because my ass is going to be sore in so many kinds of ways later for all of this stuff coming out of my mouth right now.

David: Do you really think I’d let you do this without me here?

Shea: Are you kidding? You have to be kidding, because I know you’ve met you, and you know I’ve met you. You barely let me go to the club even when totally incognito or alternately surrounded by your army of Colossus wannabes, and this is an actual interview, going on the public record, that all kinds of people will read.

David: I’m also the CEO of Davenport Properties.

Shea: I was getting to that. Yes, Lynn, he’s also that—CEO, business guy extraordinaire.

Lynn: What’s your favorite quality about David?

Shea: Hmm…I’d have to go with… his loyalty. It’s kind of amazing, really. Once he decides someone means something to him, or needs his help in some way, or is otherwise deserving of benefitting from all of this weirdness that constantly surrounds him, he’s right there and he stays there. No one can tell him otherwise. I seriously think that out of everyone on the whole planet, he’s the guy you want as your friend. But my second favorite quality is that look on his face right now. He really doesn’t know what to do with himself when I say this kind of stuff about him. It’s like he’s so grateful and embarrassed that his whole body tries to implode. It’s adorable.

Lynn: Does anyone else talk to David like you do?

Shea: You mean with my charm and inability to give non-rambling explanations? No, I’m pretty sure for everyone else their intimidation of him or respect for him gets completely in the way during their conversations. Luckily for me, and David, I have no ability to let that stop me. Never have. It’s kind of a what you see is what you get kind of deal, but he knows I love the pants off of him, so he forgives me when I’m less than servile with him. I mean, I know some Doms are just in it for having their asses endlessly kissed, but David can smell a motive from a mile away and he hates that.

Lynn: How would you say life is different than comics?

Shea: Much less spandex, which is both a shame and a blessing. I think we’re all better off without having literally all of our body’s contours on full display. It would be kind of hilarious though. But no, I’d say… Life takes a lot more patience and hard work than it does in comics. Things don’t always work out in a handful of action-packed pages. Sometimes the good guys lose in big ways and the only way it makes sense is if you try to find the lesson in the heartache. That’s what I’ve always tried to do. But the way it’s just like the comics is that you can’t ever give up. Not even when you’re at your lowest and feeling like the whole world’s against you. Fighting to keep going is always worth it. Trust me, I know.

Lynn: Thank you Shea, and David.

Shea: No, thank you, Lynn. And thank you, Master, for your official permission to ramble.

David: You’re both very welcome.

Shea: Aww, come on. Bring it in. Hugs for everyone!


Loving the Master

Lynn Kelling


Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing

Publication Date: February 9, 2016

Genre: Contemporary BDSM M/M Romance

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Billionaire Dominant David Davenport needs a break from the loveless isolation imposed by wealth, responsibility, and the stress of running the Manse, his private gay club. While at lunch with an old friend, David finds himself enchanted by the charming and submissive nature of Shea Whittier, their young waiter. David offers to help the young man out with his personal troubles, never suspecting the danger he’s putting them both in. (M/M)

For additional details, including content labels, see imprint story page:


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Manse Series

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Brayden Clare never wanted to return to small town life. Blond, athletic, and struggling with his sexual identity, a casual relationship on the beach in Florida suits him much better. When a family emergency calls him home, he is forced to trade his personal freedom for a job as a bartender in a town where everybody thinks they know who he is, and nobody has a clue—including Brayden. Jenner Parrish is the owner and operator of Parrish Pub, the social hub of Robertsville, Pennsylvania. Jenner is charming, dominant, and popular since they were both in high school together. Brayden finds his new boss intimidating, and is daunted to find that turns him on. Jenner finds his new recruit intriguing but mustn’t dare to ask an employee to submit to him. The two men find what they’re seeking at a masked BDSM ball in the next town over, and are startled to discover their desires rest much, much closer to home. (M/M)



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Meet Lynn Kelling

Lynn Kelling began writing in order to tell stories that aren’t afraid of the dark, don’t hold anything back and always strive to be memorable, forging lasting attachments between character and reader. Her inspiration comes from taking a closer look at behaviors and ideas lurking at the fringes of life—basically anything that people may hesitate to speak of in mixed company, but everyone wonders about anyway. Her work is driven by the taboo in order to expose the humanity within it. Lynn is an artist, designer and lover of any form of creative self-expression that comes from a place of honesty and emotion, whether it's body art or opera. She has had multiple novels published, has written over seventy works of erotic fiction of varying lengths, and always has several novels in progress. email: lynn@lynnkelling.com







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  4. I have read alk your books Lynn and I'm looking forward to reading this one!

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