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Book Brief : Crashing Blue by Della Boynton


Title ~ Crashing Blue

Author ~ Della Boynton

Publisher ~ Loose id

Published ~26th January 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense



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Francisco Cabot is an undercover narc for the police. Having lived his entire life on the underbelly of society, he's the perfect man to infiltrate hardcore gangs, gather bulletproof evidence against them, and make certain their bosses spend a lifetime behind bars. He hides a dark secret, though, that causes him to harbor a ravening hunger for revenge that not even his long list of successes can quench. But a man can only live with revenge and the refuse of humanity for so long, before not even his fantasies of innocents and his ideals are enough to light the growing darkness in his soul.
The last man Cabot expects to save him from that darkness is Christopher Caldwell, the son of the biggest drug king in the city and the man Cabot has been sent to destroy. Falling in love with the enemy was never the plan, but when Christopher begs Cabot to leave everything behind to be with him, Cabot finds himself longing to do just that. His life of violence, gangs, and slums can’t be left behind so easily, though; they'll be lucky to make it out alive.
Note: Crashing Blue was previously self-published under the title, Snow. It has been substantially revised and reedited for this release.

Freya’s Book Brief

Cabot is a narc who deals with the underbelly of society. This culture took his family away, and he has nothing else to live for other than to take them out. Cabot is one of the results of the drug lord way of life. Chris is the underbelly’s son, who unexpectedly offers Cabot a get out. But Cabot is on a mission – one of revenge. The question is whether he gets to complete it. His methods mean that, despite handing over the criminals, both the police and criminals hate him.

Totally awesome start to the story, but that’s not where the awesomeness stops. This tale of the seedy gutter, drugs, double-crossing, money, dirty cops and wishes for the fairytale ending had me immediately pegging it with the word, meaty. Every character had their place and was well written. I don’t think there was a scene that I couldn’t imagine from the authors description.

There are a couple of things the beta in me frowned at, such as body parts having minds of their own, e.g. My hands liked to pinch at Chris’s nipples. I’ve been informed many times by editors that, it’s among the thing a writer shouldn’t do. And if readers didn’t frown about it, I suspect, neither would editors. But if the Loose ID editors found it acceptable, then... but it is one of the things I, too, look out for and tut at when I see it.

All that being said, Crashing Blue had me trying to guess who was playing and double-crossing whom. It had my heart in knots and had me reading this story at every available moment. It is a story that I was able to sink my teeth into. I found it meaty, exciting, and the drama kept me on the edge of my seat, right to the end. It is one hell of a ride. If you like crime stories where you aren’t able to guess who the bad guy is within the first few chapters, you will love this.

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