Friday, January 01, 2016

Sinfully Readers Choice Awards 2015: Round One



Happy New Year!

With the start of 2016, it’s time to reflect on all the fabulous books and authors that have so entertained us in 2015. So, lets start 2016 with our favourite event of the year, our Readers Choice Awards. Where YOU our readers get the chance to tell us about YOUR favourite’s of 2016. We here at Sinfully have read, reviewed and brought you just some of the books released in 2015. Now it’s time for YOU to let us know what great reads you enjoyed, as well as those we may have missed.

Was there a book, author, debut author, series, character couple, cover, audiobook, narrator or read of 2015 that just totally WOWED you, made you want to stand on top of a mountain and shout “READ THIS BOOK”?

Well, now it’s your chance, your voice, your vote… so VOTE NOW for your favourites of 2015!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get voting!


Favourite Book Published in 2015

Favourite Author in 2015

Favourite Début Author in 2015

Favourite Series with a Book Published in 2015

Favourite Character Couple in 2015

Favourite Book Cover of 2015

Favourite Read of 2015 NOT Published in 2015

Favourite Audiobook Published in 2015

Favourite Audiobook Narrator of 2015


Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 – List of Rounds

Round 1: – 1st Jan. – 8th Jan.

Nominate your choices to be entered in our Reader’s Choice Awards.

Round 2: 11th Jan. - 15th. Jan.

The top twenty books go through to Round 2. Here you vote for the top ten.

Plus we will be announceing a very special giveaway you will not want to miss!

Round 3:  17th Jan. - 22nd. Jan.

The top ten from Round 2 go through to Round 3. Here you vote for the final ranking.

Announcement of the Winner’s – 24th January 2015

Sinfully announce the winners of the vote.

Winner of the giveaway will also be announced.


  1. Didn't read any audiobook on 2015 so I didn't contribute any votes on those survey. As for others: done!
    2015 was a very eventful year of my reading experience. ;-)

  2. I don't do audiobooks but I answers the others. Here is hoping 2016 is just as good a year.

  3. Well I hoped I help with the survey. There were so many books to choose from...hoping the new year will be just as bountiful.

  4. Thatwas really hard. 2015 was such a good year for M/M books.

  5. Done! I don't do audiobooks and No début author for me during 2015.

  6. I'm completely addicted to audiobooks and can recommend Cardeno C's audio books, plus Mary Calmes :)

  7. Don't do many audio books, but I stand by my other choices.

  8. Don't do many audio books, but I stand by my other choices.

  9. I've just finished it... It was difficult to choose!

  10. I did not get to complete all the Cat--so hate this

  11. Aw crap! I hit enter just before I got to Favorite Book Cover! The rest that I missed didn't apply to me anyway. I guess it's just as well, because I honestly don't think I could choose a best book cover, there's SO many!


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