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Review : Not a Pirate by P J Nevada

not a pirate

Title ~ Not a Pirate

Author ~ PJ Nevada

Published ~ 31st December 2015

Genre ~ Contemorary M/M Romance



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James Polk, down on his luck, involuntary becomes part of the crew of a band of modern day pirates. He soon finds lust and desire cruising along with the crew, until his eyes focus on his captain, a good-looking, stoic loner of a man. But Captain Samuel Baskin makes it clear that love and romance are the last thing on his mind. As James joins the men robbing and stealing along the coast, he does indeed find sex and lust along the way. The crew faces dangers from the authorities and the ocean itself. The big question though is whether James can find his own great romantic adventure on the high seas, or will he just become pirate booty? Arrrgh! (sexually explicit m/m/ material)

Freya’s Review

Firstly, the guy on the cover of this story is delicious and immediately put my brain in a good place to read more. And read on I did, finishing this story in one sitting.

Life hasn’t been kind to James. At the end of his rope, he hires a small boat and rides out to sea with the intention of never returning. Floating on the waves, he is picked up by the Captain Samuel Baskin and his crew. What follows is an adventure that makes James want to live again – especially since he’s been having fantasies about his captain. Will the crew stay in one piece? Will Jamie’s fantasies come to fruition? You will have to read and see.

Jamie is on a boat of sexually diverse personnel; though their activities are restricted by order of the captain, who, for the most part, is focussed on the raids and keeping his ‘don’t fuck with me image’. For all his gruffness, he commands the loyalty of his small crew, and I couldn’t help but be pulled in by his enigmatic personality.

There is something about Pirates and the open seas that lures me in, and this story is no disappointment. The author bills it as erotic, and in that department it certainly delivers. Much like the oceans the crew travels, the story is a ride that has swells and dips. It contains a few phrases that some literary purists will frown at, but at the end of the day, this is an enjoyable story that, if you fantasize about sex on the high seas, may have you wanting to find a ship of your own.

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Meet PJ Nevada



P.J. Nevada, a long time writer, is new to the world of online self publishing and is happy to join the revolution. While happy to have found acclaim and some initial success, P.J. has always found quality erotica to be lacking and wants to share fantasies and stories, to enhance this genre.



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