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Review : Convincing Arthur (London Legal) by Ava March

convincing arthur

Title ~ Convincing Arthur (London Legal)

Author ~ Ava March

Publisher ~ Samhain

Published ~ 12th January 2016

Genre ~Historical M/M Erotic Romance



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A holiday in the country to indulge his wildest fantasies…

London Legal, Book 1

Arthur Barrington knows exactly what he wants. A practical man. Someone who values discretion. Commitment. In other words, someone like himself. His old friend, Leopold Thornton, an overindulged son of a wealthy viscount with a reputation for vice and debauchery, couldn’t be less of a good candidate.

Yet when Leopold extends an invitation to his country estate, Arthur agrees. Perhaps a holiday with the sinfully beautiful man will help him get over a recent breakup. Then he can return to his thriving London law practice and resume his quiet life.

Ten years ago, Leopold learned the hard way that patience doesn’t always have its rewards. Now that he has Arthur all to himself, he isn’t going to let a second opportunity pass him by. And he certainly isn’t above using pleasure to tempt Arthur into his bed.

Leopold has only a few days to open Arthur’s eyes to the possibility that he’s the man Arthur is looking for. That his love is genuine—and he’s worthy of Arthur’s heart.

Warning: Includes a gorgeous bad boy who’s been in love with a conservative solicitor for a decade. Indecent acts in a forest between two hot men. Angst. More explicit sex. And expectations turned upside down.

2nd Edition

Sally’s Review

Another Regency offering from Ava March, this one a re-release of a novella published some years ago with minor editorial changes. And the first part of a series.

This book concerns the as yet unrequited passion that Leopold Thornton, whose name is a by-word for vice, cherishes for staid and moral solicitor Arthur Barrington who has recently been brutally dumped by his long term boy friend. Poor Arthur is heartbroken that his lover has decided to take a wife. Leopold’s invitation to a short country retreat should take his mind off his loss even if it offers no further benefit. The problem is, at the beginning of the story at least, that Leopold has been waiting for hours and it appears that Arthur isn’t going to come.

Well, not coming isn’t really an option in Ms March’s books so Arthur does put in an appearance but not until Leopold, who is far more sensitive than his awful reputation might suggest, is in a complete strop, has thrown supper out and is on his third whisky – a very chancy drink in the 1820s. He is delighted to see Arthur and, warmed by the spirit, gets straight down to business, seducing his weary guest almost before he’s got his coat off.

And this is where the other problem arises. Arthur is a sensible man, straightforward and loyal, who is looking for a life partner. He remembers Leopold as he was before he was spoiled rotten with affection but now can’t quite bring himself to refuse a good time when offered by what he now knows to be a beautiful and charming wastrel with no real substance. Leopold will do for a few days but is most definitely not a long term proposition. Leopold, on the other hand, only embraced a life of debauchery because Arthur was unobtainable and is absolutely determined to mend his ways with Arthur’s help – but will he be able to convince Arthur of that?

Ms March packs a lot into this quite short novella and I think her fans will be pleased with it. The protagonists are well described and attractive yet both have considerable flaws that make them more interesting. There are plenty of the trademark sex scenes, though no BDSM on this occasion, and plenty of breast-beating, soul-baring and angst. As a short entertaining erotic novella I think it fulfils its brief very well, if one likes that kind of thing. However, there wasn’t enough other business to keep me emotionally on edge and interested in the story. I wanted to see more of why Leopold is so quick to assume the worst and so incredibly self destructive when he does. Heck I just wanted more than there was in the book. Here’s hoping that their story is filled in a bit in the next episode.

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