Friday, January 15, 2016

Review : Compromised by Bailey Queen


Title ~ Compromised

Author ~ Bailey Queen

Publisher ~ NineStar Press

Published ~ 11th January 2016

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance.



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Murder in the country.
A one-night stand that refuses to end.
Ghosts from the past that return to haunt.
Special Agent Ben Diggs can’t stand what has become of his life, so much so that he hits the road one night, maybe to crash his bike, maybe to drive off into the night and never be heard from again. But he meets Tanner Bagley, a rancher from rural Pennsylvania in a hick dive bar, and sparks fly. For the first time since everything went to hell, he feels alive again.
Ben runs from his emotions as a rule, and he flees in the middle of the night, trudging back to his dreary life in Baltimore and his failing job as a FBI agent. But then his team is assigned to investigate a murder in that same backwater township in Pennsylvania where he met Tanner, and it’s a different set of sparks that fly when faces Tanner again.
As the bodies start to pile up, tensions flare, and Ben is stuck between teammates that question his every move and a devastatingly handsome rancher whose heart he bruised. The lies keep piling up, and Ben is forced to stake his career – and his very life – on the trembling hopes of his wounded heart.
Deep in the countryside, someone is hunting gay men in Middle Creek, Pennsylvania… Gay men all with ties to Special Agent Diggs’ one-night-stand…

Freya’s Review

Two men, in an emotionally unhappy place, looking to escape, share a night of passion before returning to their lives. Their night is, hard and fast with no problem coming... well let’s just leave that part there – and an early-hours getaway. The men are then thrown together in a case that tests every emotion and resolve that they have.

The writing style deliciously reflects the harsh life depicted, and excellent descriptions gave me a good sense of time, place, and emotion. There are several inconsistencies in the story, minor, but inconsistencies all the same. But, I did read the arc copy and they may have been removed by the time of publishing. For me, too, there was an overuse of the word smirked – gahhhh, a pet hate of all time. The word should be banned.

That being said, the story has some excellent legs. We live through the case as it evolves - new revelations, scene processing and all. Oh and mustn’t forget the sizzle. This has a good heat rating. This story drew me in, and I felt for all the characters involved. The author cleverly gives several suspects none of which is a front runner, too, which adds to its delectableness. Coupled with that was the uncurling relationship between the men - their hard exterior giving way to sensitivity. Ben and Tanner’s true personalities are revealed along with the case.

I was entertained and kept on my toes until the final scenes where everything comes together. And what a final scene it is. Gonna shut up now, else I’ll spoil it.

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