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Release Day Review: Gone Away (Circles #4) by Elizabeth Noble

goneawayTitle ~ Gone Away (Circles #4)

Author ~ Elizabeth Noble

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 6 January 2016

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Mystery/Suspense





Circles: Book Four

Mason Arquette isn’t one for mincing words. In fact, he often rubs people the wrong way—with the exception of Riece Burrell. Riece came with his own set of social issues, but he saw right through Mason’s tough exterior, and they made a perfect couple. Or so Mason thought… until Riece abruptly ended their relationship without much explanation.

Years later, Mason and Riece are thrown back together. As a US Forestry Service photographer, Riece is sent on assignment to the Black Hills, where Mason works. When Mason is tasked with guiding Riece around the territory, old feelings are quickly rekindled.

But nothing is ever easy. Just as Mason and Riece begin to work things out, they’re targeted by people with motives so vile and twisted they defy imagination. In a desperate race for their lives, they must depend on one another and take a big step out of their personal comfort zones to find their way back to safety—and back to love.


Freya’s Review

Agent Mason is a guy who has a tendency to rub people up the wrong way, whereas Photographer Riece is a contradiction on legs with no filter between his brain and his mouth. However, when these men are together, they are perfect for each other. But, they have the past to reconcile.

I know it’s the current form of writing to use the word said a lot more when using dialogue, so the author cannot be held responsible. But personally, I look forward to the fashion moving on. For me, it adds nothing to a scene. There again, it's horses for courses, and I dare say some readers will revel in its use. Other than that and the author’s habit of using the phrase ‘sidelong glances’, I found this story extremely engaging and enjoyable.

Riece’s job is to take some stunning photographs of the scenery, with Mason as his guide. However, what starts off as a sexually charged reunion between Mason and Riece turns into a race for life, when they become embroiled in something entirely different. They have to run from people trying to kill them.

There is constant action in this story, either of the sexual kind or the run for your life kind. Both areas are hot. It’s informative too – not Bear Grylls, but it is good to read and less squeamish on the insides. During the men’s fight for survival, they discover how they’ve changed, and who they have become since their last meeting. Whether they beat the bad guys and end up with their happy ever after is for you to read. But for a story that’s a novella, it doesn’t disappoint.


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