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Release Day Review: Falling, One by One (The Borders War #4) by S.A. McAuley

FOBOTitle ~ Falling, One by One (The Borders War #4)

Author ~ S.A. McAuley

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing 

Published ~ 19th January 2016

Genre ~ Dystopian, Science Fiction, Action/Thriller M/M Romance





Whether Armise lived or died was never supposed to matter to Merq.

As the fight for the kids of the jacquerie begins and the war between Opposition and Revolution heightens, Merq discovers that he may not have as much control over his actions as he thought he did. Further complicating their tangled relationship, Armise may be just as compromised.

Desperate to learn the truth, Merq and Armise put themselves directly in the path of a powerful enemy. They’ve spent fifteen years of their lives on the knife’s edge of trust and loyalty. What they learn about each other’s pasts—and what it means for their future—will bring them together or definitively tear them apart.

Macky’s Review

I've said this once, but I'll say it again...loudly...


And Falling One by One is no exception; deserving of every multi exclamation point and capitolised word I'll no doubt be bombarding this review with, because WOW! I've just finished the long awaited fourth offering from the exceptional Borders War saga and just...Just ...WOW! Once again I'm left in awe of the totally mind blowing imagination, intricately plotted world building and incredible writing skills of S.A. McAuley.

I've recently had the pleasure of re-reading the first three newly revised and re-edited versions. A gripping, unputdownable marathon that only served to remind me just how powerful and affecting the ongoing storyline of this series has turned out to be. Its focal point, the somewhat fucked up but inspired pairing off, of the emotionally stunted Merq Grayson and his mysterious, enigmatic counterpart, Armise Darcan. Two opposing, genetically modified, hard core soldiers whose gritty enemies to lovers relationship has spanned almost two decades. A torturous journey but one hell of a ride! Oh man, Ms McAuley does NOT go easy on these two men!

Falling One by One begins exactly where Powerless left off, so you'll need to be up to speed with the machinations and plot twists that have fueled the series up to now, as this is definitely not a point in the story where you can just jump in and hope to pick things up as you go along. Oh no...there are twists and turns galore and nothing or no one is who or what it seems. Exciting, intriguing, mind blowing, violent, hard hitting, hot and dark in tone...The list goes on but there have also been moments of tenderness between Merq and Armise that have moved me greatly. Emotion might not be something easily shown between them as a couple, but it's never far from the surface making this an emotionally satisfying read.

Because of their dysfunctional 'feelings' for each other, Merq and Armise have ripped my heart out of my chest and had me on the edge of apoplexy so many times. However, it's that raw passion and deliciously contorted conflict that keeps me coming back for more of this unusual love story. And the love scenes? Oh my. Two strong willed males and angry, down to earth, rough sex. Need I say more! The progression of their relationship is not an easy read and there are times when I've felt like I've been put through a wringer, but this couple are an an addiction I can't get enough of! Add in shock revelations, WTF! moments and Sam taking her characters to places others authors would probably fear to tread...and for me this is on page perfection.

Which brings me to the heart stopping ending of this book. I finished with my jaw almost dropping to the floor. Totally discombobulated by where Sam took this. It was a case of...NOOOOO. Holy hell did that just happen? (quick re-read) OMG! It did!!!! I swear, my heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it was going to burst!

Thankfully book five, Strength of the Rising Sun, is now sitting on my Kindle (Yessss!) ready to be read and reviewed, so watch this space, because in about a weeks time these guys will be back fighting for survival (and boy do they have a fight on their hands) and I'll be buzzing all over again. Damn! I love this engrossing, clever series. May it continue to thrill, amaze, excite and astound me, and those lucky enough to also have discovered its genius, for a long, long time.

I can't recommend S.A. McAuley's writing in Borders War highly enough. Click that link and READ THIS SERIES!!!

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