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Flashback Friday : Saving Kane by Michele Michael Rakes

saving kane

Title ~ Saving Kane

Author ~ Michele Michael Rakes

Publisher ~ Loose id

Published ~ 12th August 2014

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance, Mystery/suspense, non con



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A twenty-something paramedic suffering from PTSD and a failing relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes embroiled in the tragic life of a young, gay man brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead.
Kane Abel can’t help falling for his caregiver, the handsome paramedic who saves his life, but he’s resistant. The one time Kane threw caution to the wind, he was left with a wired jaw and a tracheostomy. He can’t take much more hurt. But with his attacker’s promise to return, Kane lives in a constant state of fear, and with the ever-present paramedic, arousal.
Garrett Young struggles with the question of his sexuality, unable to get Kane out of his mind even as he fights against the demise of his long-time engagement with his girlfriend Amanda. Every day is complicated by his ongoing battle with PTSD and alcoholism, compounded by his fear for Kane’s life.

We all have books sitting in our TBR list, waiting patiently to be read, but sometimes those gems get lost among the ever growing pile!

So, every now and again we will be scouring our Kindles for the books WE haven’t had time to get around to and we’ll be sharing them with you on Flashback Friday!


Macky’s Flashback Friday

From Saving Kane's strong, uncompromisingly raw, pull no punches start, through its shockingly explosive climax, to a surprisingly sweet and tender epilogue; this compelling crime/thriller/romance is a great example of an author not afraid of 'going there' to fully convey the true horror of her endearing MC, Kane Abel's, brutally savage attack at the hands of a really heinous, predatory bad guy and the cronies he recruits to aid his sick plans. A vicious, relentless psychopath whose sadistic assault on the gay bartender with an already shaky past, leaves Kane in a state of near death on the steps of his apartment building.

Throughout the story, via a set of flashbacks he relives (in pretty graphic detail so could be a trigger for some) the violence, humiliation and heartbreaking physical violation that places him in the hands of troubled ex fireman, now paramedic, Garrett Young: a complicated character dealing with more than a few emotional demons of his own.

When Kane enters his life he's in the throes of trying to salvage a rapidly failing relationship with his long term fiancée Amanda; desperately trying to hang on to what (he thinks) they have together. He keeps telling himself that it's Amanda he wants, but struggles to resist the inexplicable physical attraction he's harboring, for the beautiful, psychologically vulnerable young guy who fascinates him. However much he fights the pull, Garret just can't keep away from Kane. Aside from the physical injuries, in a way, he's just as much of an emotional mess as the man he's trying to help heal and protect!

With a multi layered plot that never really lets up as it motors along, and a memorable mixed bag of supporting characters important to the books progression, in the aftermath of Kane's traumatic experience there are plenty of shock moments. Making the suspense and crime side of the book an exciting, gripping read. However, the romantic side of the story and intense attraction happening between openly gay Kane and apparently straight Garrett is just as captivating, and I found myself totally caught up in their growing relationship.

Sensually hot, dramatic, sexually tense and emotionally charged; the chemistry they generated was palpable and balanced the darker subject matter very well. Michele M Rakes intense writing style kept me totally engrossed and I really was loathe to put it down.

If darker, non fluffy romances are your thing, I think these two conflicted men will capture you just as much as they did me. Especially the adorable Kane who spends the majority of the book coping with the type of terrible physical injuries that would put most people down...but bless him he soldiers on like a trooper! I loved them both but because of what he has to go through and his fight for survival, Kane really burrowed his way into my heart.

A couple of personal, minor niggles stopped this from just reaching its full five stars, but overall Saving Kane was a fabulous, sexy, exciting, edge of your seat read and I have no idea why I haven't picked this one up sooner! *Shakes head* I'll definitely be re-reading this pretty soon. Recommended!

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  1. Wow, sounds like a gutwrenching story. I will have to be on the lookout for it. Thanks for the lovely review!